Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Blushing Rose Quartz Linen

I can't remember what this color is called this year:

Is it still blush?  In Spring 2013 Pantone called it Linen.  This Spring, they called it Rose Quartz.

I've decided to split the difference and call it Blushing Rose Quartz Linen:

Yes.  Blushing Rose Quartz Linen, paired with cream and leopard:

Cardigan: thrifted (similar)  Blouse: LOFT (similar)
Skirt: thrifted vintage (similar)  Sandals: Kate Spade New York

That totally explains this look.

Happy Wednesday, All!


Monday, July 25, 2016

Drapes Like a Dream

It probably won't surprise you to know that I'm wearing another shirtdress today.  But, what may be surprising is that this one is just plain navy:

See?  Nothing fancy.

But, I like this one because it's a different silhouette than most of my shirtdresses.  And because, as far as navy blues go, this is a pretty blue:

Dress: thrifted (similar)  Sandals: Dune London 'Ivanna'  Earrings: Modcloth (similar)

Oh, and, it drapes like a dream.

Happy Monday, All!


Sunday, July 24, 2016

Shopping for Giants: The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

As many (most? all?) of you know, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale started on Friday.  One of the reasons I love this sale is because it's a chance to get next seasons clothes now and at a good price.  It's not last seasons mark downs that you buy because of course you need yet another bathing suit cover up in spite of the fact that you haven't been in a suit in 3 years, but it was only $5.99.  No, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is chock full of goodies that you will actually wear (as soon as this damn heat lets up).

Now, of course, Nordstrom doesn't carry "tall" clothes, but that doesn't mean that the sale doesn't have some pieces that will work for us tall ladies.  Below are some of my favorite finds.

Sleeveless Layering Pieces

My beloved, vintage sleeveless wool jacket has finally given up the ghost, so I'm in the market for a new sleeveless layering piece.  These three are my favorites.

1. Halogen Long Merino Wool Blend Sweater Vest - This one is most like the piece I'm replacing and therefore I know it'll be perfect for fall and winter layering.  As you can see, it's more than long enough for my giant self and is on sale for $44.90 (originally $68).

2. Halogen Sleeveless Turtleneck Sweater - Given my well-documented love of turtlenecks, it's no wonder I'm considering this piece.  I basically just want to wear this turtleneck over another turtleneck.  As for the length, a 5'10" reviewer says that it is more than long enough for her.  Also on sale for $44.90 (originally $68).

3. Halogen Knit Zip Vest - This one I love because it's basically a long cape.  In addition to turtlenecks, I also love capes and think this one would be perfect on someone with a taller frame.  It's also available in gray and is on sale for $59.90 (originally $98).

You Say Dress, I Say Tunic

You see that tunic?  Yeah, that's being sold as a dress.  I know, I know, I laughed too.  But, once I stopped laughing, I realized that would work as a tunic for my tall self.

1. Halogen Long Side Slit Cardigan - I love the speckled yarn in this sweater (also in solid colors) but what I love most is that a reviewer who says she is over six feet tall purchased this sweater and says that the arms are actually long enough!  If you're in the market for a long-line cardigan, give this one a try.  It's on sale for $49.90 (originally $78).

2. Leith Dolman Dress - Again, I'm skeptical of this piece as a dress, but I love it as a tunic.  It's also available in black, olive and coral and is on sale for $38.90 (originally $58).

3. SARTO by Franco Sarto 'Garfield' Bootie - I don't need any more black booties, but if I did, it would be these.  I love the low shaft and that oh-so-walkable heel.  They are available up to size 13 and in four different colors - on sale for $79.90 (originally $128.95).

All the Color!

I like to wear more than black and grey during the colder months, so I was very, very encouraged to see all of the colorful fall clothes and shoes available this sale.

1. Diane von Furstenberg 'Aiden' Silk Blouse - A colorful, printed tie-neck silk blouse that's long enough for tall women?  Yes, please!  It's a splurge, to be sure, but one I think is totally worth it.  On sale for $178.90 (originally $268).

2. Halogen V-Neck Lightweight Merino Cardigan - Colorful cardigans are basically my jam (is that still what kids are saying these days?).  And this one is fabulous.  I purchased it on presale in red and can personally attest that the arms are plenty long enough.  In addition to red and mustard, it's also available in 7 other colors and 4 prints.  On sale for $49.90 (originally $78).

3. Sam Edelman 'Reyanne' Spike Rand Flat - Speaking of color, how gorgeous is the color of these flats?  They're also available in fuchsia as well as black and camel.  I love the spike detail on the heel and the fact that they're available up to size 12.  On sale for $69.90 (originally $109.95).

Chestnut and Navy

If you're not into brights for fall, that's weird, but I've got you covered as well.  Can I interest you in some chestnut and navy?

1. Madewell Plaid Scarf - Gorgeous and cozy, this wool scarf is deconstructed in places so it's also cool.  These oversized scarves are perfect for tall ladies because we have height enough to keep from being overwhelmed.  On sale for $38.90 (originally $59.50).

2. SARTO by Franco Sarto 'Jolette" Penny Loafer - A penny loafer!  In plaid!  And available up to size 13! I absolutely love these for fall.  On sale for $69.90 (originally $108.95).

3. Halogen 'Owen' Pointy Toe Ghillie Flat - Whether you call them lace-up flats or ghillie flats, there is no doubt that these shoes remain very on-trend for fall.  I love this chestnut color, but these are also available in 4 other colors and a snake print.  Available in up to size 12.  On sale for $59.90 (originally $89.95).

Awesome Accessories

These pieces have nothing to do with being tall and everything to do with being awesome!

1. Nadri 'Crescent' Linear Hoop Earrings - In the market for some hoop earrings that aren't your average hoop earrings?  Me too!  And that's why I love this pair.  I think they are so interesting and kind of tough.  I'm definitely adding these to my list.  On sale for $39.90 (originally $60).

2. Phase 2 Double Banded Wool Fedora - I was never a hat person until I moved to Pittsburgh where it is freezing (literally) in the winter and that tends to encourage the wearing of hats.  This one is wool, it's a gorgeous color and the brim isn't so big you can't still watch where you're going (important for walking on icy sidewalks).  On sale for $19.90 (originally $38).

3. Nadri 'Liberty Ear Crawlers - I love the ear crawler trend (even though they do make me think of The Wrath of Khan every time), but I've had a hard time finding a pair that works for me.  I have sort of small ears so the crawlers that go the whole length of the ear don't work for me.  But, these I believe will work, so I'll be giving them a try.  On sale for $37.90 (originally $58).

Now, remember, the prices on all of these items and everything else on sale as part of the Anniversary Sale go back up to the original prices on August 8th.  Also keep in mind that even if something is sold out, they may get more, or it may be returned, so keep an eye out.

How about you, Reader Friends?  Are you shopping the NAS?  Any good finds so far?

Happy Sunday, All!  And Happy Shopping!


Wednesday, July 13, 2016

It's Not Polka Dots, It's Whales

I like shirt dresses.  And I like printed dresses.  But I *love* printed shirt dresses.  Like this one:

It's not polka dots, it's whales:

And it's adorable.

It's also blue and white, so I paired it with red:

Dress: eShakti (see similar below)
Belt: thrifted (similar)  Sandals: Fidji V623

Because, of course.

Happy Wednesday, All!


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Monday, July 11, 2016

Flat Pleats Are Good Pleats

Today I'm wearing one of my favorite silhouettes:

The pleated midi.

Pleats can be hard to wear, and so can midi skirts, but I still love this style of skirt.  If you love them too, I recommend looking for flat pleats, like those on this skirt:

Flat pleats help keep the volume down, which is important because too much volume in a skirt can make it look like you're smuggling throw pillows on your hips.  Even if you *are* smuggling throw pillows, you don't want to look like it because that's not very sneaky and smugglers need to be sneaky. #wordtothewise

I paired my flat-pleated skirt with a textured sweater:

Because everything is better with texture.

So, what did we learn today?

Skirt: thrifted vintage (similar)
Sweater: Nordstrom (cute option)  Sandals: Kork-Ease (similar)

We learned that smugglers need to be sneaky, everything is better with texture, and flat pleats are good pleats.  All important things.

Happy Monday, All!