Friday, May 29, 2015

Just for Fun

Like a shamefully large portion of my wardrobe, this top was thrifted just for fun:

I didn't buy it because it's practical, or terribly flattering.  It's not a particularly versatile piece and even I have to admit that it may be overly bright.*

But, it makes me happy.  I love the bright colors:

And the big pockets:

And the sort of 70s-dashiki-on-acid vibe it gives when paired with flared jeans and platform sandals:

That's my serious 70s face.  Pretty good, yeah?

Basically, I love it and I'd thrift it all over again given the chance:

Top: Thrifted (similar 70s feel)  Earrings: vintage, Lil' Gypsy (similar)
Jeans: Gap (similar)  Sandals: Franco Sarto (save, splurge)

Because it's fun.

So much so, that I'm linking up over at Fashion Should be Fun for Fun Fashion Friday!

Happy Friday, All!


*Hahaha, I'm just kidding, there's no such thing as overly bright!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Chambray and Plaid

The other day I was reading Messages on a Napkin, which is one of my favorite blogs for inspiration on mixing modern and vintage pieces, when I came across her post on styling a pinafore.  Look number 8 was my inspiration for today's outfit:

Layers can be hard in summer.  Personally, I tend to default to layering a cardigan over something and calling it a day.  But, when I saw the sleeveless collared shirt layered under a vintage pinafore, I couldn't wait to try it.

And I'm so glad I did.  I love this look:

I honestly don't think I would have thought of this on my own either.

Dress: vintage, thrifted  Shirt: Nordstrom Caslon (similarSandals: Kork-Ease (similar low heel) (similar high heel, up to size 12)

But, that's why I read blogs like Marlen's; I can always find something to inspire me!

Happy Thursday, All!


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Tropically Speaking

I wouldn't say these shoes match my vintage tunic, but tropically speaking, they seem to go pretty well:

The grass and palm motifs work well together and the pieces have some colors in common too:

Tunic: vintage  Pants: LOFT (full length)
Shoes: Sam Edelman "Carol" Slingbacks

Basically, they have enough in common that I thought pairing them would be a good idea:

You know, tropically speaking.

Happy Tuesday, All!


Thursday, May 21, 2015

Pop of Non-Color

I'm not a big fan of white shoes.  They tend to remind me of nursing shoes.  Or, if they're sandals, of bandaged feet.  Or, if they're pumps, the 80s.  You know I love the 80s, but I never could get behind the brightly color-blocked outfits paired with white pumps.

But, what I can get behind are speckled white flats:

I just think they're more interesting than a black shoe would be with this outfit:

And more palatable, for my tastes, than a white pump would be:

Top: LOFT  Skirt: vintage, thrifted  Shoes: Steve Madden (savesplurge)

It's not that either of those choices wouldn't work, it just that I like these as my pop of non-color.

Happy Thursday, All!


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Literary Stylings #18: Scent of Triumph

If you guessed I'd be basing today's outfit off of Scent of Triumph, give yourself a hand.  It really was the obvious choice though.  It's the only book I read last month that I really liked and the 1940s fashions described throughout were truly inspiring.

And they provided the perfect context in which to wear my 40s-inspired wiggle dress:

I love that this dress has the classic "wiggle" shape, but the print is completely modern:

Now, I think a true wiggle dress would be quite a bit more fitted, but this one suits me and my need to work in an office.

I completed the look with t-strap sandals:

Dress: ASOS (similar)  Sandals: Camper

And now it's your turn.  If you were sartorially inspired by something you read last month, please link up below!

Happy Tuesday, All!


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