Monday, November 24, 2014

#dearsally Holiday Wish List

I'm not currently working here in Pennsylvania, so I have a lot of spare time on my hands.  As a result, I've been doing a lot of reading, sleeping in and virtual window shopping.  As sad as I am to give up actual shopping because, well, no job (and really no need for clothes, if I'm honest), window shopping is pretty fun.

Especially at Long Tall Sally.  It is truly wonderful to see an item and know that it will, in fact, be long enough in the arms.  No more scrutinizing the model to see if maybe, just maybe, those ankle-length pants will be ankle-length and not mid-calf.  It's heavenly, I tell you, heavenly.

Here are some of my favorite pieces:

#dearsally Holiday Wish List

Because I'm an optimist (and I enjoy cat sweaters), I've created both a Workday Wishlist and a Weekend Wishlist.

On my Workday Wishlist I have an appropriately aloof cat sweater, a plaid skirt and an A-line midi, as well as tights and double-zip ankle boots.  I selected two skirts because I'm not sure how conservative my new work place will be and, because I think they're both fabulous with this sweater.

And on my Weekend Wishlist, I have an awesome mixed media, gradient houndstooth sweater coat, that I'd wear over either a black over-sized sweater or a cream sweater dress.  And I added heavy jersey leggings, waterproof boots and leather gloves that will actually fit my giant hands (I know!).  These pieces would be fabulous for cold days spent exploring Pittsburgh.

What about you, Reader Friends?  What's on your holiday wishlist?

Happy Monday, All!


Thursday, November 20, 2014


That's right, I'd like to talk about tobacco today.  No, not the cigarette filler, the color.  The color of this scarf:

Now, personally, I'd call that caramel, but, for some reason, retailers are calling it tobacco this season.  And whatever it's called, I love it.

Especially paired with chambray and black:

Scarf: Old Navy  Top: Nordstrom  Jeans: Old Navy  Boots: Born Kyndra

If this looks familiar, that's probably because you recognize it as the outfit I wore under my Long Tall Sally coat.  I just liked it so much I wanted to do an individual post for the outfit:

And to talk about tobacco, of course.

What do you think, Reader Friends?  What are your thoughts on this color?  Would you wear it?

Happy Thursday, All!


Get the Look

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Leather Look

I am not wearing this today:

I wore this while I was still in Oregon and still had my very most favorite photographer friend Ferge to take my pictures.

No, today, I am sitting home watching the Pennsylvania weather decide if it wants to rain or snow.  Oh, goody, it's decided on snow.

But, that's enough talk about the weather.  Let's talk about the outfit:

Leggings: Long Tall Sally  Sweater: Free People  Boots: Splendid (similar)

I usually shy away from "leather look" leggings for a couple of reasons.  And both of those reasons are my thighs.  They like to stretch these types of leggings so far that the "leather" appears to crack.  But, these leggings, from Long Tall Sally, have so far proven to be resistant to my thighs' shenanigans.

Now, the sweater is not a "tall" sweater but you wouldn't know it to look at it:

Free People sweater via Nordstrom

Most over-sized sweaters are just "sized" on me, but this one is well and truly over-sized.  I can't imagine it on a less tall person; it must be a dress!

To lighten up my gloomy-but-cozy look, I added citron earrings:

Kate Spade New York earrings via Nordstrom

Because nothing cheers up a look like some neon citron.

Happy Tuesday, All!


Sunday, November 16, 2014

I've Moved!

No, not my blog.  Me.  My physical person is no longer in Oregon!

I'll give you some time to absorb that.

Okay, ready?  Yes, it's true, I've moved away from my beloved Oregon and my even more beloved family.

How do I feel about that?  Like this:

How do I look like I feel about that?  Like this:

Because, of course.

Now, I'm sure you have questions, like, why did I move?  Well, I got engaged and his job moved to Pennsylvania, so we moved to Pennsylvania.

And questions like, what?!!  Pennsylvania?!!  What are you going to do in Pennsylvania?!!

Well, the first thing I'm going to do is buy some leg warmers.  I'm kidding, I already have leg warmers!  But, I might buy some more.  And then I'm going to cut the necks out of all my sweatshirts.  And then I'm going to get a job in a steel mill but, because I am wholly unqualified for that line of work, I imagine I'll have to supplement my income by figuring out how to do this:

Of course, I'll only do that until I'm able to get a scholarship to the performing arts school of my choice.  Wish me luck!

And don't worry.  In between my imaginary steel mill working and flashdancing, I'll still be blogging.  It'll probably be sporadic (more sporadic?) at first as learn how to take my own pictures and how to look cute under my steel mill coveralls.  But, I will be blogging so I hope you'll all stick around as I try and figure out tripods, remotes and the optimum amount of water to douse myself with. 

Happy Sunday from Pittsburgh!


Friday, November 14, 2014

Long Tall Coat

As most of you know, I've long been an advocate of thrifting everything I can possibly thrift.  I don't thrift undergarments or swimwear because I'm squeamish like that, but pretty much everything else is fair game, including coats.  But, there are pros and cons to thrifting coats.  Pros: they're inexpensive, the evening coats are in great shape due to minimal wear and you can find plum capes with plum mink collars.  Cons: they often have tissues, pills and the occasional "if I die my husband did it" notes in the pockets and, worst of all, they are not sized for modern giants.

While I love, love, love my thrifted coats (especially the aforementioned cape),  not a one of them works as a true winter coat for me.  They're either too fitted to wear anything but a leotard under (which is unfortunate because during the winter you need to wear more than a leotard!) or they're too short in the arms (and sometimes the torso too!).

Happily, Long Tall Sally is here to rescue us modern giants by offering true winter coats that truly fit.  This is the one they sent me:

Faux fur-lined parka c/o Long Tall Sally

I chose this coat for several reasons.  One, it's olive and I'm obsessed with olive this year.  Two, it has a hood; I love hoods to help keep the rain/snow off my glasses:

Three, it's long enough both in the arms and the torso to keep me fully covered and warm.  Four, this coat has a removable lining so I can wear it now when it's 34 degrees and later when it is, for some hellish reason, less than 34 degrees.

The best part about this coat though is that I ordered it in my regular size (US 14) and it's roomy enough that I can layer under it without feeling like Randy from A Christmas Story:

No way I won't be able to get up if a bully pushes me down.

Now, if you are really, really lucky, perhaps you'll find a Tall coat at a thrift store.  But, rather than hold out for that and possibly freezing to death due to winter leotard wearing, may I recommend Long Tall Sally?  They have a great collection of coats from true winter coats (here's mine (currently on sale!) and I love this one), as well coats for more mild winters (this one is fab and also on sale!) and great dress coats (my favorite).

Happy Friday, All!