Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Leopard and Lace

This is the most basic of outfits:

The thing is, by this time of year any creativity I have in regards to my summer clothes is completely exhausted and I'm just waiting for it to be cold enough to layer.

So, today, it's just pants, a shirt and flats:

Top: Marshall's  Pants: LOFT  Shoes: Nine West

Basic.  But, not boring.  The pants add a bit of color, the lace top adds a bit of texture and the leopard flats add a bit of fun.  I like to think that this outfit is proof that even the most basic outfit doesn't have to be boring.

Or, another way to put it: when it doubt, wear leopard and lace.

Happy Wednesday, All!


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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Jolly Blue Giant

I'm dressed like the Jolly Blue Giant today:

Jeans: Gap (similar)  Tee: LOFT (similar)  Sandals: Kork-Ease

In retrospect, perhaps the combination of double light-wash denim & four-inch heels wasn't a good idea.  Except that I like this outfit.

I know that you're supposed to mix shades of denim when you do double denim, but I've been feeling pretty matchy-matchy lately.  Obviously:

But, hey, if being matchy-matchy is a crime, lock me up; I'm already wearing my prison blues.

Actually, I was hoping the layered necklaces kept this outfit from looking too institutional:

I'm not sure if I was successful in that endeavor but I am pretty sure I don't care.  Seriously, I know this outfit is reminiscent of prison, of scrubs, of Britney & Justin at the VMAs, all of it, but I'd still wear it again.

Matchy-matchy for the win:

Happy Tuesday, All!


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Words, Glorious Words

Every once in awhile as a blogger, you get invitations to review some pretty cool stuff from some pretty cool companies.  Uncommon Goods is just such a company.  They're headquartered in Brooklyn, New York and specialize in featuring designs and handcrafted gifts that are created in harmony with the environment "without harm to animals or people."  The result is that they pay their lowest-paid seasonal works starting at 50% above minimum wage, half of what they sell is made by hand and "about one-third of their collection incorporates recycled and/or upcycled materials."  And, they also donate $1 of every purchase to various non-profits.

As you'd expect, Uncommon Goods has some wonderful, and uncommon, stuff.  And they have a lot of them to choose from; you can find unique gifts for nearly anyone, including some wonderful personalized gifts, here, as well as some stupid cute baby gifts, here.  I, being a scarf fanatic that cannot wait for fall, went straight for their gorgeous of collection of scarves.

The scarf I chose is the Literary Scarf, in Alice in Wonderland, and it's wonderful.  It's printed with the White Rabbit and The Doormouse as well as passages from the book:

They also offer Jane Eyre, Dorian Gray & Wuthering heights; you can see them all here.

As soon as I received my scarf, I squealed and then immediately planned to wear it with my Library Stamp tee from Out of Print clothing.  The result?  The wordiest outfit I've ever worn:

Scarf: Uncommon Goods  Tee: Out of Print Clothing  Skirt: LOFT  Sandals: Moorea Seal

And, possibly, the nerdiest.  And I love it.

I actually wore it last Friday when I was still battling my summer cold.  (Brief aside: summer colds are the dumbest colds; who gets a cold when it's 85 out?!).  I need to be cozy and comfortable and this outfit did the trick.

It was honestly like wearing pajamas.  Delightfully nerdy pajamas.

Happy Wednesday, All!


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Drop It Like It's Hot

I'm not usually a fan of drop-waist dresses as they tend to hug my tummy more closely than I am comfortable with.  But, then eShakti went and made a drop-waist dress and it was so cute that I hemmed and I hawed and then I bought it:

And I'm glad I did because I just love it; I love the flouncy hem, and the color and the abstract print. And I went up a size so that it skims my belly instead of trying to get all handsy with it.

I honestly think that sizing up made all the difference in the world; I was completely comfortable in this all day:

Dress: eShakti  Vest: Old Navy  Sandals: Jeffrey Campbell

I paired it with a cargo vest for a cooler morning and come fall and winter will add more and more layers.

I'm trying to get better about buying clothes that can be worn all year long, especially if I buy them retail and not at a thrift store. And I think this dress is perfect for that.  It's great for summer and think it'll be great in the dead of winter layered with tights, boots and a blazer.

Happy Tuesday, All!


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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Back in Black

The temperature finally dropped some here in Oregon and I was like "yes, I'm wearing black.  And layers.  I'm wearing black layers!" because apparently I'm overly ready for fall.  Not that this outfit is remotely fall-like:

But, it is black and it's layers and I was thrilled to be wearing it.

Not least because I love the sort of boho chic vibe of the duster (actually just a button-front dress worn open) and the necklace:

Boho chic is one of those aesthetics that I love but that I don't do very well.  I'm afraid I'm a little more straight-laced than the  style requires.

Still, I think this is pretty close.  Or at least as close as I'm probably going to get:

And I'll take that.

Happy Thursday, All!


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