Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Worn Two Ways: Citrus

I'm kind of obsessed with citrus-y hues like citron and grapefruit lately.  And I'm even more obsessed with wearing them together.  So much so, that I've recently worn them together two different ways:

The first outfit was for a Sunday brunch:

Top: LOFT (similar)  Skirt: thrifted (similar
Earrings: via Crafty Wonderland (similar)
 Shoes: Lollipops (similar)

Changing the look up for work required more grapefruit (because of course), so I added the cardigan. I also swapped out the earrings for a less dramatic pair:

Top: LOFT (similar)  Cardigan: Target
Skirt: thrifted (similar)  Shoes: Lollipops (similar)

To be honest, I liked both looks equally.  The colors pair well and, I think, look so fresh with the white.  But, what about you, Reader Friends?  Which outfit is your favorite?

Happy Wednesday, All!


Monday, May 23, 2016

Book Review: In the Name of Gucci

I was recently offered a copy of Patricia Gucci's new memoir, In the Name of Gucci, and knowing nothing about Gucci other than that I can't afford it, I thought it would be an interesting read.

And it was.  I wasn't sure what to expect.  I thought it might be more of a history of the company and all of the scandal surrounding it at the end of Patricia's fathers' tenure.  But, it wasn't.  It was far more personal than that.

In the book, Patricia talks about not only her relationship with her father, Aldo Gucci, but her mother's relationship with Aldo.  Patricia's mother, Bruna, was Aldo's mistress for over 30 years, starting when she was merely 20 and he was a long-married 53.  Oh, and, not only was she young and he married, but she was also his employee and resisted his advances repeatedly, for all of the above reasons.  The author tries to spin it as a love story, but from my modern perspective (these events took place in Italy in the 1960s), it didn't quite fly.

Another attempted spin that didn't quite fly for me was Aldo's arrest and subsequent incarceration for tax evasion.  The author, again, tried to paint her father in the most positive light, but, again, for me, it was a hard sell. Aldo Gucci was the head of Gucci and was very hands-on according to everything else Patricia wrote; and yet, when it came to this, he was suddenly the victim someone else's ineptitude.

The spinning aside, the book is very interesting.  It looks at Patricia's relationship with both her mother and father as well as how their relationship impacted her.  I sometimes got the impression, while reading this, that Patricia felt like a sort of third wheel with her parents.  Her father was gone and her mother was depressed much of the time, leaving Patricia to be raised by a nanny.  In fact, Bruna only really cheered up the one week a month they were visited by Aldo. And when he'd arrive at their home in England he'd pat Patricia on the head by way of greeting and then her parents would send her to her room so they could be together.

For her part, Patricia clearly loved her charming, handsome, absentee father, without know that much about him.  For example, she didn't find out that her parents weren't married and that her father was, in fact, married to someone else until she was nearly 10 years old.  That was also when she found out that she had three half-brothers, all grown men with children of their own.  From what she wrote, this didn't seem to impact her negatively at all; she was just excited to finally meet her brothers.  (Spoiler: they did NOT feel the same about her).

And, when it was all said and done, it was Patricia, and not any of her three half-brothers, that was named as her father's heir.  The story, of Aldo and Bruna, of Aldo and Patricia, and of Patricia and Bruna, to get to that point, is an interesting one.  And one worth reading.

If you'd like to read it, the book is available on Amazon; or you can learn more about it on Patricia Gucci's website.

Happy Monday, All!


Monday, May 16, 2016

They're Elephants

On my skirt, I mean:

They're elephants:

I'm also wearing hearts and polka dots.  But on my skirt, they're elephants.

Specifically, they are thrifted, vintage, pleated elephants:

Skirt: via Vintage by the Pound
Blouse: LOFT  Shoes: Via Spiga "Nalo" Wedges

And I think they're adorable.

Happy Monday, All!


Friday, May 13, 2016

Five for Friday: Multi Stripe

Earlier today I posted about one of my favorite Spring trends, the Multi Stripe trend.  I love that this trend is fun and colorful and bold.  And, also surprisingly versatile; multi stripes can be worn in a variety of pieces, all of which pack a definite punch.

Here are some of my favorites:

1. Melody Multi Stripe Midi Dress - I love the mix of colors in these stripes and the length is even long enough for my tall self!  It's a perfect representation of this trend and a perfect piece for summer.

2. LOFT Strappy Cami - Don't let the strappiness of this top put you off. I have a couple of these types of tops from LOFT and they're very wearable and easily layered for work.

3. Topshop Deckchair Midi Skirt - The mix of chevron stripes and vertical stripes adds even more interest to this pretty skirt.  I'd pair it with a simple black silk blouse and chunky sandals.

4. Ralph Lauren Sofia Striped Scarf - This is such a cheery scarf, I absolutely love the color scheme.  It's the perfect piece for an overcast Spring days.

5. J. Crew Underwire Halter One Piece - Like the dress, the mix of colors in this suit is unexpected but perfect.  And the variation of the width of the stripes has a surprising slimming effect.

Happy Friday, All!


Trend to Try: Multi Stripe

One trend I'm super excited about this season is the Multi Stripe trend.  You can also call them Bold Stripes or Rainbow Stripes.  It is, of course, not a new trend:

But, it's a great trend, and I, for one, am super excited that it's coming back around.

I first noticed it with the Valentino 2015 Resort Collection, which brought us pieces like these:

Images from

Magic, each and every one.

Of course, Valentino isn't the only line to send brightly striped looks down the runway:
Balmain Spring RTW 2015                             Gucci Resort 2016                      Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2016

The Balmain, Gucci and Hilfiger looks were less candy-colored than Valentino, but still bold and bright.  You can do the multi-stripe trend in pastels or even more muted tones, but I personally prefer them in the brights shown in the 60s, 70s, and today.

Like the trend but not sure how to wear it?  Here's some inspiration:

Top: Fashion for Giants and Who What Wear
Bottom: Atlantic Pacific and The Werk! Place

I paired my brightly striped cardigan from Lands' End with a bright skirt because I figure that two brights make a right.  But, you don't have to go bright; in the look from Who What Wear, a striped vintage skirt is paired with a leather jacket.

Tiffany, from The Werk! Place, mixes bold and neutral stripes in her outfit, finishing it off with neutral accessories.  And Blair Eadie, from Atlantic Pacific, pairs her rainbow striped Gucci sweater with skinny, dark jeans, letting the sweater and her perfect red lip do all the heavy lifting.

So, how about it, Reader Friends?  Are you into bold, bright, multi stripes?

Happy Friday, All!