Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Bright and Paisley

Although I generally prefer my paisley in more subdued tones, especially for fall, I can't resist this bright paisley dress:

Especially because I thrifted it for a mere $7 (maybe $8).  I mean, I'd be a fool to pass that up, right?

It's just so bright.  And happy!  And red.  I don't wear a lot of red (I have exactly two red dresses) but I love me some red paisley.  The red is the perfect background for the amoeba-like shapes of the paisley.

Dress, Belt, Shoes - all thrifted

Red.  Amoebas.  Thrifted.  Seriously, can a dress get any better?

Happy Wednesday, All!


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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hot Pink & Houndstooth

There is something about this navy houndstooth skirt that makes me want to pair it with the brightest brights.  Last time it was chartreuse.  This time, it's hot pink:

And I do mean hot pink.  It's basically neon in the right light:

But, it's also silk and it was thrifted and so was the skirt, so, aside from the shoes, this outfit cost me next to nothing.  Pretty good for next to nothing, huh?

Happy Tuesday, All!


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wearing My Heart on My Sleeve

Well, it's not my heart, it's a lot of hearts and I'm wearing them on both sleeves:

Shirt: Gap  Skirt & Sandals: Thrifted

The big news there is that I'm wearing sleeves.  It's funny, because in spring when the weather gets to 75, I'm breaking out the sundresses and sleeveless tops.  But, in fall, when the weather gets to 75, I break out the button-downs and start layering.

So, why this shirt, other than the fact that the temperature dropped below 80?  Well, today's challenge pattern is hearts so I figured this heart-print blouse was both seasonally-appropriate and challenge-appropriate.

Although, Friend Ferge says the shapes look more like the letter L than like a heart but I told her L was for love so it's basically the same thing:

Shirt: Gap   Earrings: Made by my sister

Right?  Right. (By the way, I love that I can always count on you all for agreeing with my hare-brained logic.)

In addition to my abstract heart/L print blouse, I also wore a denim skirt and my Rieker huaraches:

And it was the perfect outfit for our momentarily fall-like weather before it climbs back into the 90s.  Ugh.

Happy Wednesday, All!


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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Black, Blue and Bikes

Today's post is all about black, blue and bikes.  Not the bikes you ride, the bikes you wear:

Or, more specifically, the bikes you wear and laugh like a loon in:

The laugh-inducing bikes I wore because the challenge print for today was a conversational print and I think the bikes are a good conversational piece. Especially since I ride a bike and all.

The black skirt and blue shirt I wore because I thought they'd be a nice, simple background for the bike scarf:

And they were.  Unfortunately, for an outfit dedicated to bike riding, this one wasn't very good to ride in.  The skirt just didn't quite have enough give so that attempting to get on my bike was rather pathetic.  Pedaling went okay, but getting up there was not pretty.  At all.

Which is too bad because I otherwise really like this skirt.  It's the perfect length for me:

Scarf: ModCloth  Tee: LOFT  Skirt: Thrifted  Sandals: Steve Madden

And it was thrifted so, you  know, win-win.

Happy Tuesday, All!


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Friday, September 5, 2014

Star Child

I'm dressed like a child today.  A giant child with mutinous thighs, but a child all the same:

Tee: Gap  Jeans: Old Navy  Boots: Nine West

I think it might be the red pants.  There is something, in my mind, inherently childlike about brightly colored pants.  Or, perhaps I just feel like a child because I'm pretty sure I would have rocked the hell out of this look as a child.

I don't think pairing my bright red jeans with a star print tee helped matters much either:

But, I had to wear this tee.  Because today's pattern for the Behind the Leopard Glasses Daily Pattern Challenge is stars and this is the only star print item I own.  

And I had to pair it with these earrings because when else are you going to wear star earrings if not with your star tee and your kinder pants?

But the pants.  Did I have to wear these pants?  Well, no, I guess not.  But, school started this week and I think the abundance of small children in their bright pants influenced this look.  Yes, that it.  It's the children's fault.

The children made me do it.

Pro Tip: When in doubt, blame the children.

Happy Friday, All!