Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hello, Lovers

That is, in all honesty, what I purred to my boots today as I pulled them from their box.  It wasn’t exactly cold today, but it definitely wasn’t warm either.  And that was just enough of an excuse for me to pull out my much-loved, oft-worn, all-time-favorite boots:

I didn't realize my belt was wonkers until after the photos, but I can't say I'm surprised.

My affection for these boots cannot be overstated.  I've had them for a few years now and wear them almost constantly throughout the fall and winter and even much of the spring.  Oregon was slow to get warm this summer and though I railed against the continuing cold weather, I was secretly glad to have a reason to continue to wear my beloved boots.

And today, although I’m tempted to complain about our mere two months of not-very-hot summer weather, I’m mostly just excited to be able to wear these boots again.  I paired the boots (Born Crown “Sosie”) with grey leggings (Target) under a floral “dress” (Gap, thrifted) and a grey cardigan (525 America) along with a thin brown belt (Gap), my watch and a blue and white bracelet.

What about you all?  What item, new or an old favorite, are you excited to wear this fall?

Happy Wednesday, All!


P.S. Yesterday’s linen skirt wants to thank you all for your support – we’ll be staying together for a bit longer at least.  And I wanted to thank you all for your outfit ideas – I’ve already got another outfit planned with the blue booties!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Yesterday and Today

I am, once again, a day behind on my posting, so I’ve combined yesterday’s and today’s outfits into a single post to get caught up.

Yesterday it was sort of chilly much of the day and even a little misty in the morning so I took the opportunity to wear something with sleeves for the first time in what feels like ages:

I paired a tunic (Gibson via Nordstrom) with black skinnies (Gap) and black snub-nose mini-wedges (Jessica Simpson via Nordstrom).  I added hot pink drop earrings (street vendor) and probably should have added a bracelet or three, but I was running late.

Today was chilly again in the morning so I decided to break in one of the pairs of new shoes I bought for fall:

I love blue shoes.  I read somewhere that if you like red shoes, you have a fiery spirit.  Does my love of blue shoes mean that I have a damp spirit then?  If so, that’s okay – I’ll take a damp spirit if it comes with blue shoes.  Today I paired my new blue suede booties (Dolce Vita DV “Wyatt” via Nordstrom) with a tan linen skirt (Jones New York via Macy’s) and red and white striped tee (J. Crew Outlet).  I felt sort of sporty (spice) so I kept the accessories to a watch (for timing my sporty activities) and gold hoops (surely the sportiest of all earrings).

Although I love these shoes and all of the elements of this outfit individually, I’m not sure it works.  Or, rather, I’m not sure it works for me.  I don’t think I’m a very sporty gal in spite of having played three sports all through high school.  Or maybe it’s just this skirt – I don’t think I’ve ever styled it in a way I really liked.  I like the skirt itself, but I can’t seem to style it for anything.  I’d give it a couple more tries, though, before donating it. 

So, if anyone has any suggestions for styling the skirt or the booties (which are not on the chopping block, I just want to wear them every possible way), I’d love to hear them.

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!


Monday, August 29, 2011

Bonus Footage: Mama Mia!

On Saturday, Alex and I went out to dinner at the Veritable Quandary in Portland and then to see Mama Mia.  It was an awesome evening - VQ is one of my all-time favorite restaurants.  It's so pretty and the food is soooooo good.  And Mama Mia was so much fun!  But, best of all?  Alex and I decided to dress in our finest 70s wear in honor of Abba.

I wore this:

I bought this handmade floral maxi dress at a thrift store months ago in the hopes that I might someday have a reason to wear it.  For Mama Mia, I paired it with black and gold bangles, black and gold platforms (rummaged), a black cocktail ring (Nordstrom) and vintage black leather clutch (thrifted). 

Oh, and big hair and big make up:

And Alex wore this:

It's fabulous, right?  I had actually loaned it to her for the show, but we decided that the teal color looked so good with her fair skin and fiery red hair that she should keep it.

If you're from the Portland area and have never been to Veritable Quandary, you should definitely try to go.  And you should definitely try to go during the summer and sit outside.  The outside seating area at VQ is just gorgeous.  We sat underneath an oak tree next to a hydrangea and a fuchsia hanging basket and it was just lovely:

I hope you all had a lovely weekend as well!


Friday, August 26, 2011

Viva Los Orphans

I’m still in a “Holy crackers, it’s too hot and I can’t find anything to wear” sort of mood, in spite of the fact that we had a lovely thunderstorm last night which relieved at least a little of the heat.  When I’m in this mood, I’m completely dissatisfied with most of the clothes I usually love (except for these shoes, apparently) and find myself looking more towards my closet’s orphans.  Yesterday I wore an orphaned yellow skirt.  And today I’m wearing orphaned grey pants:

Yesterday’s orphan acquitted itself rather well, and I think today’s orphan is too.  These pants are years old and, like yesterday’s skirt, I think I’ve only worn them once.  Today though, I decided to pair the pants (Gap) with what appears to be my favorite white tank (Design History via Ross) and my increasingly ubiquitous blue platforms (MRKT via DSW).  I finished the look with some blue and white jewelry, including these earrings:

I didn't notice the rust before I posted this, but, I still like them.

I have no idea why I never wear these pants.  I even have a khaki version that I never wear either.  I think that they maybe used to be a little big for me?  Or I thought they did funny things to my thighs?  I don’t know.  They seem to be okay today though, so maybe I’ll give this pair another shot and maybe even try the khakis (maybe; they are khaki, after all).

I’ll end with my usual Friday advice: have a good weekend!  And also, try to stay cool and if you’re on the East Coast, stay safe!

Happy Friday, All!


Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Skirt Likes Leopard

Yesterday, Kelley, of Threads and Buttons, rescued one of her closet orphans and I remembered, “Hey, I have closet orphans – they might like to be rescued.”  This skirt is the orphan I decided to rescue today:

I actually have a great fondness for all of my closet orphans; I’m just not fond enough of them to wear them regularly.  This skirt is no exception; I like the color and the length and the fullness but I never wear it.  At first it was because it used to be a little big in the waist.  So, I took it in.  And I still never wore it.  But today?  Today the yellow linen skirt has been liberated.

I paired the skirt (thrifted Eileen Fisher) with a knotted white blouse (Banana Republic) and leopard mini-wedges (v. old via Ross) because the skirt hinted that it liked leopard.  I figured “who doesn’t” and added the leopard wedges and some bracelets (Mom-made) to tie them in.  And I liked it.  I just don’t know how versatile this skirt is going to be for me.  The skirt would like me to point out that the fact that I don’t have the imagination for multiple pairings isn’t it’s fault.  And that’s true – I should probably try harder before just giving up. 

To that end, how do you all think this skirt would look with grey?

Happy Thursday, Everyone!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Waist Not, Want Not

I have no waist today and I can’t care:

The fact of the matter is that it’s hot (relatively speaking) and I have nothing to wear (even more relatively speaking if it’s possible to qualify that phrase).  So once again I went with loose layers; a sheer blouse (Olivia Moon via Nordstrom) layered over a black dress (thrifted) with platform sandals (MRKT via DSW) and minimal accessories.  I didn’t even pretend to wear a belt today, backwards or otherwise.

This is another outfit that I think is better in the wearing than in the photographing.  It’s very comfortable and nice and cool which is about all I can worry about these days.  I do wonder though if I should think more about how outfits will photograph when I select them.  I probably won’t, because that’d definitely be more than I can handle, but it’s still a thought (I have so few thoughts these days, I like to point them out when they occur).

Question for my Blogger-Readers: When you select an oufit, do you all take into account how it will photograph?

Happy Wednesday, All!


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Polka Dots & A Backwards Belt

Although sometimes I like to insist upon my originality, sometimes I just blatantly copy other bloggers.  Today is one of those days:

Sometime back, the gorgeous Kendi of Kendi Everyday wore a similar belt, from Target, backwards; today I am wearing my belt, from Target, backwards.  What can I say?  Tuesday’s aren’t my days for originality (I save it for the third Thursday of every month).  In addition to a backwards belt, I wore a linen skirt (Jones New York via Macy’s), a polka dot tee (Gap), nude platform sandals (Target) and self-made drop earrings.

This outfit is only okay for me.  I think it’s the proportions.  The skirt is so full that I probably shouldn’t have gone so slouchy up top.  But, it’s finally getting really warm here in Oregon (high 80s, low 90s every day) so I shy away from wearing anything too close to my body.  And this top has polka dots, which in my book count for something (possibly everything).

Today’s Takeaway?  Wear polka dots.  They are going to be huge this fall (according to Marie Claire) and they hide a multitude of sartorial sins (according to me).

Happy Tuesday, All!


Monday, August 22, 2011

Tunic and Skinnies

While I wouldn’t say that I have a uniform, per se, a tunic and skinnies is probably as close as I get:

It’s just a really easy look for me on days when I need easy, but don’t necessarily feel like wearing a dress.  Today was one of those days, so I paired a dolman-sleeve tunic (Angie via Ross), layered over a lace-trim cami (Old Navy), with “regular” length Flirt skinnies (Old Navy) and a pair of wedges (Bamboo via TJ Maxx).  I added a watch and a bracelet and I was done.  Not the most inspired look, perhaps, but I think the tunic adds enough interest so that it’s not the most boring look either.

Now, I’d like to say a word about dolman sleeves.  I love them.  I have several pieces with dolman sleeves (my dress from this weekend, for example) and they’re just great.  Especially for someone with my broad shoulders – a dolman sleeve gives my shoulders a bit more room to move around, which I love.  I hate feel constricted in my clothes so these really work well for me.  Also, as my bloggy friend Erin has pointed out, they have a fabulous sense of drama.  And what girl doesn’t love drama, right?  Right.

Today’s Takeaway?  If you don’t already love dolman sleeves, crawl out from under that sartorial rock and give them a shot.  They’re comfy and dramatic.

Happy Monday, Everyone!


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bonus Footage: Gracey Does Stuff

Plucky Maidens Junk Fest

On Thursday, I went with my trusty partner in crime, Alex, and her daughter, Sophie, to the Plucky Maidens Junk Fest at McMenamin’s Edgefield in Troutdale and I wore this:

It's (hopefully obviously) not what I work to work.  I changed out of Thursday's too-big pencil skirt into olive green shorts (Old Navy), a floral tank (Old Navy) and flat sandals (Target).  I brought along my trusty vintage patchwork bag (gifted from my mom - thanks, Mom!) and a couple shopping bags for anticipated treasures.

Alex and I got off of work early, picked Sophie up and headed up to the Portland area for a smorgasbord of vintage wares on the grounds of McMenamin’s Edgefield which is an absolutely beautiful, untraditional resort east of Portland.  Edgefield was built in 1911 as the county poor farm so the grounds are huge (70+ acres, I think).   It was renovated for use as a resort by McMenamin’s and has several restaurants and pubs, a huge lawn for concerts, gorgeous gardens and vineyards and even an onsite glass-blower and potter.  Edgefield is easily my favorite McMenamin’s facility (they have several) so I was very excited to go.

I am a fool for a veranda and Edgefield has several.

One of the vineyards - I think there may be more than one of these as well.

And it did not disappoint.  There were around 50 vendors of vintage goods of all sorts, arrayed under the trees by the main building.  There was food, music and large quantities of McMenamins wines and ales and the crowds weren't too big.  We had an absolutely lovely time.  I didn’t buy much, but it was a fabulous way to spend a summer afternoon.

Vendors beneath the trees

Girl with raccoon tail - I think this is a thing now?

Beach Wedding

On Saturday afternoon, my gorgeous friend, Jodee, and I drove up to Cathlamet, Washington, along the Columbia River to attend a wedding of some friends of Jodee's.  And I wore this:

I had never heard of Cathlamet, but it was absolutely gorgeous:

And hot.  The wedding was right on the beach, in the middle of the afternoon and I'm pretty sure it got up into the mid-90s.  It was a lovely wedding though, just simple and pretty:

I hope everyone else is having a wonderful weekend as well!


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Terra Cotta and Turquoise

I think I “borrowed” this color combination from either Ana at Better in Sepia or Dotty from Dash Dot Dotty.  Or it’s evidence of the collective conscience of personal style bloggers.  I saw we go with the latter because sometimes I like to keep up at least a pretense of originality.  In which case, I came up with this all on my own today:

Genius, no?  Well, perhaps not genius, but I think it’s a rather lovely color combination, however the idea came to me.  For this possibly-genius look, I paired my terra cotta jersey dress (Target) with a thin turquoise belt (Target), turquoise beaded necklace (rummaged), flat sandals (Target), Timex watch, a charm bracelet (Banana Republic) and a beaded bracelet (made by Mom).

Today’s Takeaway?  If you can’t remember where you got an idea, just cite the collective conscience of personal style bloggers.  It's (possibly) a real thing.

Have a lovely weekend, Everyone!


Friday, August 19, 2011

My Kingdom for Some Belt Loops

Daily Outfit for Thursday, August 18th

Okay, so I don’t have a kingdom*, but, if I did, I’d probably give at least some of it up for a skirt with belt loops.  Because, once again I was sorely feeling the lack of belt loops:

I paired my belt loop-less skirt (vintage, thrifted) with a silk blouse (Nordstrom, also seen here), cognac belt (Old Navy) and leopard wedges (Tahari via DSW).  Once again I wore this blouse backwards because it has what has to be the lowest cut keyhole neckline ever.  Seriously, this blouse doesn't even try to be work appropriate; but, the colors are so pretty I don't want to get rid of it.  I actually loved  all of the colors in this outfit but it wasn’t very comfortable because my belt kept sliding everywhere. 

It’s sort of my fault (only sort of, though) because this skirt is a size too big.  But, it’s such a pretty color and it’s vintage Neiman Marcus and did I mention how much I love the color?  And, as demonstrated with the blouse, I will keep something just for the color.  Unfortunately, the skirt is too big so not belting it is not an option, but when I do belt it it’s a hot damn mess.  Really, the practical thing would be to just get rid of the skirt, but practicality is not my strong suit, so that probably won’t happen.

Also, you may have noticed (and if you didn’t, that’s okay too), but I am a day off on my posts.  I didn’t have time yesterday to post this because I was in a meeting all morning and at a smorgasbord of vintage wares all afternoon and evening.  So, I’ll post today’s outfit sometime tonight or early tomorrow, and post pictures from yesterday afternoon and tomorrow’s wedding maybe Sunday?  Or something like that.  Don’t worry, we’ll get it all sorted.

You may have also noticed that today is Friday (I’d be a little concerned if you missed this one), so I hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

Happy Friday, Everyone!


*Outside my head, at least.  In my head, it’s the Balkan kingdom of Gigantistan.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Silver Flowers on a Blue Field

I’ve always liked that flags and coats of arms are described as having a design element on a “field” (like a red lion on a green field).  I just think it’s both a lovely and effective way to describe them.  So it made me quite happy to be able to describe the "blouse" in today’s outfit in a similar manner:

Here is a close up of the aforementioned print:

The background looks black here, but it really is navy.

The “blouse” on this outfit is actually a tank dress (Gap, thrifted) that is a bit too short for me to wear as a dress but that I love the print of.  I decided to try it today as a top, paired with my blue high-waist skirt (vintage, thrifted) and navy platform sandals (MRKT via DSW).  I added a thin belt (Gap), watch and blue and white bracelet (local craftsman).

I’m always hesitant to layer dresses under skirts because my hips have threatened to join my thighs in rebellion if there is too much volume.  However, I think the thin fabric of the dress works well under the thicker, stiffer fabric of the skirt in this instance.

Today’s Takeaway?  When layering, pay attention to the thickness of the fabrics involved – it can be the difference between looking sleek, and having to fight off an attempted coup by volume-hating body parts.

Happy Wednesday, All!


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

T-Shirt and Skirt, T-Shirt and Skirt

I have become mildly obsessed with wearing T-shirts and skirts over the past couple days; so much so that I practically wore the same thing two days in a row.

On Monday I wore this:

I paired my vintage poppy pleated skirt (thrifted) with a grey tee (Target), my increasingly ubiquitous cuff (thrifted), vintage “fringe” earrings and black platforms (G by Guess via Piperlime).

And, today, this:

This pose is so ridiculous, I had to include this picture.

I wore a blue vintage circle skirt (thrifted) with a black and white striped tee (Old Navy), a silver necklace-as-bracelet (gifted, I think) and black sandals (White Mountain via Macy’s).

They’re not exactly the same, but they have a similar feel to them.  A feel that was prompted by some advice in the latest In Style to pair pleated skirts with a casual sweater and boots.  I love my pleated skirts, but never thought to dress them down and was excited to try a new way to wear them.  I tried it Monday with my favorite poppy-colored pleated skirt, tying the tee at the side both to help define my waist and to add to the casual feel.  And I really liked it.

In fact, I liked the look so much that I decided to try a variation on the theme today.  Today’s skirt isn’t pleated, but it’s very full and a length that, like with the pleats, tends to make me want to dress up instead of down.  But, today, I paired it not only with a tee (this time tied in the back to define the waist), but with flat sandals.  And again, I like it.  I know the proportions are a bit tricky, but for some reason, I think it works. 

Could I be delusional?  It’s possible.  Maybe I’m sun-addled from the trip to the beach.  But, for whatever reason, I like these looks and will probably continue wearing variations on this theme for awhile yet, you lucky ducks.

No takeaway for today, instead I wanted to let you know that I and several other bloggers, are showing the world our shorts over at Fabienne’s blog, The House on the Clouds, today.  So, get your minds out of the gutters and go take a peek!

Happy Tuesday, All!


P.S. Ferge and I tried to take a picture of me twirling to show off the skirt, but it did not work.  At all.  It just made me dizzy and sort of nauseous and this is all we got:

Again, yes, it's ridiculous, but it's all I've have to show for all our efforts.

Gracey Goes to the Beach!

As promised, I finally made it over to the Oregon Coast for the first time this summer and it was as fabulous as always.  We went to a small beach a little north of Nye Beach and it was just perfect.  It was a little overcast when we first arrived, but it turned out to be gorgeous.

What I Wore

Because the day did start out a bit chilly, I layered a chambray tunic (Old Navy) over my striped tank (Target) and floral shorts (Loft Outlet).  I thought I’d be wearing my jorts (hee!) at the beach but I figured if a girl can’t wear short shorts at the beach, when can she wear them?  Right?  Right.

What I Saw
On our way:

One of the many fabulous things about going to the Oregon Coast is the drive over through heavily wooded passes.

A view from the top:

Views from the bottom:

Back towards the road.

Out towards the ocean and lighthouse.

Yaquina Head Lighthouse (I think):

What We Did

Frisbee was played:

Ollie the Octopus Kite was flown:

And surf was played in:

This is one of the few times I wished I cared just a little bit more about being a better photographer because I’m afraid my pictures aren’t doing this trip justice.  If you ever get a chance to visit the Oregon Coast, I encourage you to do so – it really is amazing.

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend as well!