Monday, October 31, 2011

I’ve Got This: Ponchos

Alternately titled: Pretending with Giants

So this isn’t really a poncho; it’s more like a sweater pretending to be a poncho pretending to be a cape.  And wearing it allows me to pretend to be on trend:

I layered the sweater (BCBG) over a short knit dress (Nordstrom) which in turn was layered over a long-sleeve tee (Gap), leggings (INC via Macy’s) and wedge booties (Nine West “Peekaboo” via Piperlime).

I like to shop.  Nay, I love to shop.  Mostly thrifting, but I’ve been known to tear through Nordstrom like mad as well (that darned Anniversary Sale gets me every time).  But, even I can admit that while I may love to shop, I don’t need to shop.  My closet(s) are pretty well stocked and I often even have on trend items on hand without shopping.   Like this sweater, for example:

I have had this sweater for years and while it’s not exactly a poncho, its close enough for me not to feel like I have to go out and buy an actual poncho just to be on trend.  Which is why I’m linking up over at 260 Days, No Repeats for “I’ve Got This” Week.  Although it can be very tempting to shop when you see new trends in stores and magazines, it’s not always necessary to shop to be on trend.  Sometimes just looking in your closet will allow you to say “I’ve got this” about a trend.

How about you all?  Do look for on trend items in your closets every season or do you just give into the lure of your favorite retailer?

Happy Monday, Everyone!


P.S. You all know that I love me some Sal from Already Pretty, right?  Well, this weekend she gave me even more reason to love her (not that it was needed) when she showcased Fashion for Giants in a Recommended Reading post.  Needless to say, I am ridiculously flattered and just want to say thank you again to Sal.  So, thank you, Sal!!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Super Casual Girl

First, and foremost, I’d like to apologize to the bactrian camels of the world – just because you have two humps doesn’t mean I wanted to offend you yesterday either.

Second, I’m basically dressed like an off-duty super hero today:

Like Super Girl in her casual duds.  Super Casual Girl, if you will.  But, hey, it’s Friday, I’ve had a rough week at work and all I could muster up is essentially jeans and a tee.  But at least they’re brightly colored jeans, right?  I paired my red skinny jeans (Old Navy Rockstar) with a striped, blue-gray tunic (Caslon via Nordstrom) and brown boots (Target).

Third, I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  We have plans to attend a harvest festival at a local winery but I may just read and sleep all weekend as that sounds infinitely better to me at this moment.  Maybe Zumba tomorrow morning will perk me up though; either that or make me angry – it’s still a toss-up at this point with that class.  So, yeah, I have no idea what I’m doing this weekend.  But, whatever you’re doing, I hope it’s fabulous.

Happy Friday, Everyone!


Thursday, October 27, 2011

No Offense to the Dromedaries of the World

No offense to the dromedaries of the world, but I’ve realized that camel is not for me.  It makes me look washed out and sad.  But caramel, caramel is a color that makes me happy.  I mean, look how happy I am in this caramel sweater:

I thrifted it last weekend with my friend, Alex, and can you believe that she was skeptical when I pulled it from the racks?  I know it looks like a plain brown sweater, but it’s not.  It’s caramel and I plan on wearing the heck out of it this fall and winter.  Starting today, where I paired the sweater (Land’s End, thrifted) with a cream crocheted skirt (vintage, thrifted), black tights, black booties (Nine West via Piperlime) and a black silk tie (Brooks Brothers, thrifted).

Today’s Takeaway?  Camel = sad but caramel = happy.  And, of course, a jaunty bow never hurts.

Also, because today is Thursday and I like parties, I’ve linked up over at Spunky Chateau for the Thursday’s Are for Thrifter’s Link Party.  Stop by and join the fun!


P.S. Here is a close-up of the knit of the skirt just in case you were curious:

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Shamelessly Shapeless

With my size (currently a 14) and build (broad shoulders and rebellious thighs) I usually try to avoid shapeless clothing as it can make me look bigger than I am which in turn encourages my thighs to make a bid to be recognized as an independent nation by the UN.  Usually.  Today, however, I am shamelessly shapeless:

And I like it.  I’m not sure if I like it because it works or because it’s so comfortable, but I think it works.  If it does, it’s because the two bottom layers (a Gap maxi dress under a thrifted Gap shift dress/tunic) are quite slim which helps keep the bulk down and allows for a thicker top layer (Jones New York sweater via Ross).  I also added over-the-knee socks (Nordstrom), blue suede booties (DV Dolce Vita “Wyatt” via Nordstrom) and an infinity scarf (Steve Madden via Macy’s). 

Today’s Takeaway?

Try OTK socks under your maxi dresses instead of tights.  I’ve found that tights under maxi dresses can be a bit clingy and frustrating, so to take your maxi dresses and skirts into fall, try OTK socks instead; I didn’t have half the problems with static cling with the socks that I usually have with tights.

Happy Wednesday, All!


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I Am Not a Genius

I only mention this because when I left the house this morning, I thought I might, in fact, be a genius.  My skirt today is slightly too big for me and I thought it would be smart to safety pin the waist of my skirt to the waist of my tights so it didn’t fall down.  As you can see, it didn’t fall down:

So, yes, I thought I was pretty smart.  But, as it turns out, I’m not smart enough to figure out how to use the restroom when I’ve pinned my skirt to my tights.  I’m so used to pulling my tights down and my skirt up that when I went to use the restroom and I couldn’t do that because they were pinned together, I was absolutely stymied.  Stymied, I tell you.  I actually ended up unpinning the skirt from the tights before I could go.  And it wasn’t until my second trip to the restroom that I realized I could just pull them both down.  Did I mention that I am not a genius?

Thank goodness I can take solace in my outfit.  It’s perfect for our increasingly cold but still sunny weather.  I wore a vintage pleated skirt (thrifted) over black tights (Spanx Tight End Tights via Nordstrom), a cream cashmere sweater (Forte via Ideeli) over a black turtleneck and black suede boots (Naughty Monkey via Nordstrom).  I added gloves and a cashmere scarf for the ride in and was a comfy, cozy non-genius all day.

Happy Tuesday, All!


Monday, October 24, 2011

Take Four: Cardigans and Chunky Knits from Coast to Coast

Chunky knits, cardigans or otherwise, are big this fall.  But, how do you keep this big trend from making you look, well, big?  Here at Fashion for Giants, we put a belt on it:

I layered a chunky, dolman-sleeved cardigan (Kensie via Nordstrom) over a long-sleeve tee (Gap) and then I belted the heck out of it with a studded belt (Michael Michael Kors via Nordstrom).  I also tried to balance the bulk of the sweater by keeping it slim on the bottom with skinny jeans (Bandolin via Macy’s) tucked into riding boots (Born Crown “Sosie” via Nordstrom).

Now, perhaps you are thinking “This outfit is okay, but I’d like to see some other options on how to wear chunky knits this fall and winter.”  Or, perhaps you’re thinking, “That’s all fine and dandy for giants, but what about for non-giants?”  Or maybe you’re thinking, “Sure that works for sunny-yet-cold Oregon, but what about my region of the country?”  Well, folks, I can help you with that.  Or, rather, my new friends can:

That’s right; I’ve made some new friends, y’all, and we’ve started a little blogging group we call Take Four.  Take Four is an opportunity for we four friends, who met by chance through blogging, to get together and support each other in a collaborative blogging project.

The idea is simple: one or twice a month, we will post four, unique interpretations of a selected trend.  And in each post, we will provide links to each other’s blogs, so that you, our readers, can find a look and style that suits you, your closet and your budget.  We hope you enjoy the series and, as always, we love feedback, so feel free to get in touch with any of us!

Trust me, folks, take a gander at the other lovely ladies of Take Four; you’ll like what you see.

Happy Monday, Everyone!


WeeCap: Thriftin’ and Fishin’

Sadly, my weekend this time around didn’t include any fuzzy goats (or goats of any kind, which sucks) but it was still fun.  On Saturday Alex and I went to Zumba and then thrifting.  I found a new pleated skirt (yes, I needed a new one), a new clutch (also in dire need of a new one of those) and a vintage men’s cardigan by Janzten.  It’s very Mr. Rogers.

For the past week or so, we have had the most gorgeous fall weather, and Sunday was no exception so we took the opportunity to go fishing:

We caught grasshoppers for bait and while I was doing so, I stumbled upon a rather large praying mantis:

We also picked some apples from this tree:

And we fished in this pond; sadly without any luck but it was gorgeous:

Sunday evening, we carved our pumpkins.  Here is the before shot:

And here they are after:

Very scary, no?

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend as well!


Friday, October 21, 2011

My Friday Pants

Yes, I wore these exact same pants last Friday.  They are My Friday Pants (capitalization makes it official) and today is Friday so I am wearing them:

Last Friday I wore these jeggings (Gap) with a coral tunic.  Today I wanted to try tonal dressing so I paired them with a tunic (via Ross) and cardigan (a.n.a via JC Penney) in hues that are similar to the jeggings.  I also layered the tunic over a dark taupe camisole (Stem via Nordstrom) and added low brown boots (Target).

Aside from that, I am just very, very happy it’s Friday.  I don’t have any big plans for this weekend - no fuzzy goats or Frisbee golf.  For those who asked, Frisbee golf is like real golf in that you “tee off” (i.e. throw the Frisbee real hard) and “putt” (i.e. throw the Frisbee less hard) but there are no greens and the “holes” are baskets.  But, it’s not a completely boring weekend either.  Saturday I have Zumba and thrifting with Alex and then a birthday party for my niece.  And Sunday we’ll be carving the pumpkins we got last weekend.

How about you all?  Any big plans for the weekend?

Whatever you have planned, I hope everyone has a Happy Friday and a fabulous weekend!


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Muted Florals and Violet Tights

Every time I wear these tights I want to describe them as violent tights.  But, these are violet tights, not violent tights.  Trust me, if these tights, or any others, tried to get violent, my thighs would squash that insurrection posthaste.  My thighs do NOT mess around.

So, yes, I’m wearing muted florals and violet tights today:

I love this dress.  I wore it once this spring but I think the muted colors lend themselves a bit better to fall.  Or I just like this outfit better.  Today I paired the dress (vintage) with my civilly obedient violet tights (DKNY via Nordstrom), a thin brown belt (Gap), taupe cardigan (Gap) and my riding boots (Born Crown “Sosie” via Nordstrom).

To sum up, love the dress, love the tights and love that my thighs strong-arm unruly undergarments.

Happy Thursday, All!


P.S. Today is Thursday and Thursdays are for thrifters but because I’m not wearing any thrifted items today I’ve linked up to Spunky Chateau with yesterday’s thrifted dress.  And if you have a thrifted item you’d like to showcase, you should link up too!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Dress Speaks for Itself

If this were a court of law, this dress would be representing itself:

And it would tell the court not to adjust its monitors because, yes, it is that hot of a hot pink, and yes, that is a pleated skirt and, in case the court was curious, it’s made of a lightweight sweatshirt-like material.  Oh, and it would also want the court to know that it was only dollar.  And then it would rest its case because it doesn’t have anything more to say on the matter.

The rest of the outfit, though, had to hire me for representation, so I’ll tell you that I paired the dress (thrifted with the tags (Terri Ellen & JC Penney) still on) with suede boots (Naughty Monkey), a straw and patent belt (via Nordstrom), black and turquoise bracelets (thrifted, gifted and Macy’s) and silver and turquoise earrings (handmade by Mom).

And that’s all I have to say on the matter.

Happy Wednesday, All!


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Common Sense vs. Fashion Sense

My common sense (and my friend Ferge) tells me that this skirt and top don’t work together:

But, my fashion sense insists that they do, even if I can’t explain exactly why.  I mean, even I can objectively look at this floral skirt (via Ross) and this ocelot print top (via Nordstrom) and recognize that no matter how cute the booties (Miz Mooz via Nordstrom) or how awesome the earrings (wood, via Alberta Street vendor) those pieces don’t seem right together.

And while I realize that it doesn’t seem right (and perhaps it’s not), it feels right.  At least to me.  And, as I’m the one wearing it, I’d say that’s all that matters.  It’s like this pattern-mixing outfit from this summer – I recognize that it’s not for everyone, but darn it, I really like it.  Which means I have confidence in it and I’m able to wear it like I mean it and I'd say that makes all the difference in the world.

Today’s Takeaway?  Wear what you like and you’ll have the confidence to wear it like you mean it.

Happy Tuesday, All!


Monday, October 17, 2011

Fall Floral

I love a good fall floral, but they’re not always easy to find.  However, I was lucky enough to find this skirt this summer:

I think the colors are just perfect for fall and with the black background I think I’ll even be able to wear it into winter with tights and sweaters.  Today, though, it was fairly warm so I wore the skirt (thrifted) sans tights, with a plum-colored blouse (Target), camel cardigan (via Ross) and my riding boots (Born Crown “Sosie” via Nordstrom). 

Other than that, today is very much a Monday and there isn’t much more to report on that front.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  If you’re interested, I posted a weecap of my weekend here (it includes fuzzy goats, people!).

Happy Monday, Everyone!


WeeCap: Frisbee Golf and a Pumpkin Patch

I know I’ve been a little remiss in my weekend recapping (or, weecapping, if you will) lately, but I’ll try to make up for it today.  Not only did I do stuff and things all weekend, but I remembered my camera and was able to document the stuff and things I did.

On Saturday, FB, the FC and I all went to Adair Park in Albany to play Frisbee golf.  I wore this:

INC Leggings (Macy's), brown tunic (NY&Co via Ross), men's chambray (Gap, thrifted), low boots (Target) & orange cashmere scarf (Nordstrom)

I haven’t played Frisbee golf since the eighth grade, so my playing skills are nothing to write about, but the course itself is.  It’s absolutely lovely.  The course isn’t just out in the open – it goes through the woods and up and down hills, so there is so much to see as you’re playing.

For example, I saw this:
View from the second tee

And this:

You play right through these woods

And this:

Banana slug!

And these:

I have no idea what type of mushrooms these are, but I think they're lovely.

On Sunday, we were supposed to go with my family to the pumpkin patch, but my sister wasn’t feeling well so it was just the FB, the FC and I once again.  We went to the Airlie Hills Farm pumpkin patch in Monmouth, Oregon, and once again, it was just gorgeous.

We rode the hay ride:

J & T (the FC) on the hayride

Saw this awesome fuzzy goat (goaticus fuzzius):

Awww.  So fuzzy!

Went through the corn maze:

We were in there for over an hour!

And bought some pumpkins:

Cream/tan striped tunic (Old Navy), black leggings (Hue via Nordstrom), blue scarf (H&M) & low boots (Target)
All in all, it was an absolutely fabulous Fall weekend!


Friday, October 14, 2011

Pinky Melon Coral

I thought this tunic was more orange and therefore more appropriate for fall.  Instead it appears to be a pinky melon coral color, but I wore it anyway:

I paired the tunic (Pleione via Nordstrom) with blue green jeggings (Gap), a metallic cuff (thrifted), coral and raw opal earrings (Crafty Wonderland vendor) and peep-toe leopard print mini-wedges (v. old).  I bought both the tunic and the jeggings this summer but it was too hot to wear either piece.  The jeggings were especially a no go as my thighs were all angry and sweaty this summer and not in the mood to be confined by pants, even pants in a pretty color like these.

Today though, it’s nice and cool without being too cold and rainy.  And hopefully the weekend stays the same.  If it does I may just keep wearing these pants – they are pretty darned comfortable.  But, even if it does rain, we’re going to the pumpkin patch this weekend which should be fun.  I'll be sure to get some pictures to share.

Happy Friday, Everyone!  Have a wonderful weekend!


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Two Dollar Oscar

The amazing Sal of Already Pretty periodically posts about looking to thrift stores to score a season’s top trends.  She is absolutely right (but you knew that).  One of the big colors for this fall is emerald and a couple of weeks ago I thrifted this emerald blouse.  And then it photographed teal:

You’ll have to trust me that it is, in fact, emerald.  It’s also vintage silk Oscar de la Renta and I got it for a mere two dollars.  I paired it with navy cropped pants (Banana Republic), my new tasseled booties (Seychelles “Clue” via Nordstrom) and a few gold bangles (thrifted, Nordstrom and Banana Republic).

Emerald is not a color I usually gravitate towards and actually wasn’t even on my list of trends I wanted to try this fall.  But, I think this blouse is lovely and for two dollars, why not give it a shot?

Today’s Takeaway?  Listen to Sal.  And try thrift stores to get current trends for less.

Also, today is Thursday and Thursday's are for thrifters, so I've linked up with other thrifters over at Spunky Chateau.

Happy Thursday, Everyone!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

All the Sense in the World

As many of you know, I have often written about my confusion over the place of short-sleeved sweaters in the world.  And yet, add just a little more sleeve and all of a sudden I can’t get enough.  That’s right, folks, short sleeve sweaters confuse me but three-quarter sleeved sweaters make all the sense in the world:

I wore one yesterday, I’m wearing one today and I’ll probably wear one tomorrow.  Today’s is a cropped navy and white striped sweater (Boston Proper, thrifted) that I layered over a black dress (Target).  I added my other Born boots (Nordstrom), a couple of bracelets (local artist and Macy’s), pink drop earrings (Alberta Street vendor) and a fuchsia scarf (v. old, Macy’s).

I think my love of three-quarter sleeved items, sweaters and otherwise, is a holdover from my high school days when nobody carried “tall” clothing for women and I was forced to either push my too-short sleeves up or buy three-quarter sleeved tops.  Now quite a few places carry “tall” clothes, but I still like a good three-quarter sleeve for nostalgia’s sake.

Today's Takeaway?  If you want to try one of the season's cropped sweaters without showing skin or having the wind get fresh with you, try layering one over a dress.  It adds more coverage and more coverage, if you know what I mean.

Happy Wednesday, Everyone!


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Charcoal and Yellow

I was out sick yesterday with a cold, and am still feeling a bit under the weather, so I’m afraid I don’t have much to offer you all today in the way of words.  I do have pictures though:

I am, admittedly, still sick, but I rather like this outfit.  Last time I wore this skirt (Eileen Fisher, thrifted), I wanted to try it with gray so today I’ve paired it with a charcoal gray sweater (Tulle) which I layered over a white tank (Gap).  I also added my ever-present riding boots (Born Crown “Sosie” via Nordstrom) and a few bracelets.  And yes, I know I wear these boots with everything, but, they go with everything so, really, I just take advantage of that fact.

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!  I hope you're all having a good week so far!


Friday, October 7, 2011

Positively Peacockian

It’s chilly and wet and I’m fairly sore from Wednesday’s Cardio Step class so today’s outfit is all about comfort:

And color.  Peacockian color, to be exact.  Yes, I did just totally make that word up, but I’m convinced it works.  I’m also convinced that this outfit works.  I’m wearing riding leggings (Vince Camuto via Nordstrom), a jersey tunic (silence + noise, thrifted), an open, jersey cardigan (Target), riding boots (Born Crown “Sosie” via Nordstrom) and a cashmere scarf (Nordstrom).

So comfortable.  And if not positively peacockian, then mostly peacockian.  I’m aware that the burnt orange scarf may not exactly fit the peacock color scheme, but 1) it’s my favorite scarf and 2) it’s orange and orange goes brilliantly with both olive and teal so I couldn’t not wear it.  Right?  Right.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!