Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Go Chic or Go Home Giveaway Winner

Well, folks, we have a winner, but first, lets see a photo diary of the journey, shall we?

First, I put all the names in this hat:

Then I shook the hat around and prepared to pull a name:

I drew out a name…

(Is the suspense killing you yet?)

And, the winner is:

Melissa of Wear Something Bold Today.  Congratulations, Melissa!  GCOGH will be contacting you about your gift card.

Feeling frowny and down that you didn’t win?  The fabulous Catherine of Not Dressed as Lamb is holding her own GCOGH gift card giveaway this week so you can take another shot at it.  Even if you don't want to enter, you should visit Catherine's blog.  She's a gorgeous blogger with great style, so pop by and visit.  And if you do want to enter her giveaway, the rules of entry can be found here.

Congrats again, Melissa!  And thank you to all who entered!



  1. wow. congrats for the winner

    love your blog
    following you
    hope we can follow each other


  2. Congrats Melissa!!!


    Don't forget to enter my giveaway:


  3. Congrats to the winner!

    I just "discovered" Catherine recently and I'm so excited I did. :)

    The Suburb Experiment


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