Friday, December 21, 2012

Day 3: Birthday Cake and Hobbit Thoughts

Day 3 of my Birthday Extravaganza-Fest was definitely more low-key than Days 1 and 2.  There were no sequins, no feathers, no champagne and only a minimum of fire.  But, there was cake (yay, cake!) and there were thoughts on hobbits (yay, hobbits!).

The low-key nature of Day 3 meant, of course, a low-key outfit:

Especially since I had to go to work – yes, they made me work during my Birthday Extravangaza-Palooza; can you believe that?!  I wore jeggings (Bandolino), a striped tunic (Old Navy) layered under a caramel sweater (Goodwill) and riding boots (Born Crown “Sosie” via Nordstrom).  I also wore my new glasses, from Firmoo, but I'll post more on that later.

After work, I had dinner with my family and I had cake.  This was my cake:

The candles are a joke; I'm not 33.

It was a homemade chocolate Bundt cake drizzled with white and milk chocolate and it was delicious.

And, after cake, my brother-in-law and my nephew took me to see The Hobbit.  Here are my thoughts:
  1. Aw, the Shire.  I still totally want to live there.
  2. Wow, someone spent a LOT of time styling those dwarves’ head suits.
  3. That lead dwarf is sort of sexy, you know, for a dwarf. 
  4.  Orcs are gross. 
  5.  Was Saruman really always such an ass? 
  6.  What’s with all the slapstick comedy? 
  7.  Yes, but why were the stone giants fighting? 
  8.  The Gollum scenes were pretty great. 
  9.  Orcs are gross. 
  10.  Not bad, Peter Jackson, not bad.
What about you Reader Friends?  Have you seen The Hobbit yet?  Any thoughts?  None?  Well, then how about any thoughts/comments on cake?

Happy Friday, Everyone! 



  1. totally out of the loop on the hobbit, but sure looks like a pretty and delocious cake! happy birthdaypalooza!!


  2. Haven't seen the Hobbit yet, but I want to! My husband wanted to go on Wednesday, but when we looked up times, we had just missed the 7:30 showing, and the next one was at 10, which seemed unwise on a weeknight. Maybe we will go this weekend!

    My thoughts on cake are pretty easy. I'm for it!

  3. No thoughts on the Hobbit, but the cake looks delicious! Happy birthday!

  4. Hiya Gracey! I enjoyed the Hobbit. Read the book to my boys when they were little, so it was fun to see the movie version! Happy Birthday!! And I love your boots and sweater! xoxo Lynn

  5. Happy birthday lovely lady, and Merry Christmas since I'll probably not be online again before the big day. x

  6. Would you want to be a hobbit in the Shire, or would you be the fashionable giant of Hobbiton? :D

  7. I almost didn't want to read this post because I won't get to see the Hobbit until Sunday. I am so looking forward to it though.

    Your cake looks incredibly delicious. Yum!!

    Also I have a similar color sweater I have yet to wear this winter. Need to bring that out!

  8. Cake. CAAAAAAAKE. That cake is loads prettier than the (still-unassembled) pie I attempted to make last night for book club. Compliments to whoever made it, just on the visuals!

    Happy extravaganza-palooza and birth month, Gracey!

  9. Oh my goodness, when I saw the picture of your cake before I read the description I thought, "What?! There is now way she is 33!" haha. I love that this outfit is cozy and casual, but you dressed it up with some lovely earrings and a pretty updo. Love it!

  10. Happy Birthday! What a fantastic cake!

    Love your chic and casual outfit.

    Hope you're celebrating throughout the weekend too.

  11. Cute outfit and your sweater coordinated with your cake!! (YUM)

    I want to see the Hobbit--I love Martin Freeman (he's Watson in Sherlock)

  12. love your layering with the sweater! My kids and I read the Hobbit and then saw the movie! We loved both! The movie seemed a little long in the fighting scenes to me, but the boys loved it!

  13. I've heard #3 from numerous people - I wouldn't have expected a dwarf to be sexy! I wasn't planning on seeing the movie (even though I'm a huge Tolkien fan), but now I may have to just out of curiosity for the sexy dwarf :)

  14. Great stripes and sweater combo. And cake - mmm. Even after a day filled with mostly, well, eating - that cake still looks scrumptious. And homemade cakes are always awesome. :)
    p.s. Your comment about working made me think of comedian Jim Gaffigan's bit on birthdays. :)

  15. I know 'cause you're way YOUNGER'n 33, right? I like the comfort and simplicity of this outfit. Your cake looks yummy. I'm mad at The Hobbit because they stole all the hottest English and Irish actors for YEARS of production. Martin Freeman is the hottie lead dwarf. I suppose I must go if I want to get my Aiden Turner fix...

  16. @Lynn
    Er, Martin Freeman is Bilbo, the Hobbit, not the hottie lead dwarf. And he is FABULOUS as Watson in Sherlock.

    Not having seen the movie yet, I can only imagine the hot dwarf is Thorin, as played by Richard Armitage, and who is ridiculously hot in North & South (the Elizabeth Gaskell story from the BBC...not the American Civil War series). Seriously, check him out:

    Happy birthday, Gracey, you look marvelous!

  17. Amazing cake!!! I love how your Birthdays have room for a whole range of celebratory states and activities.

    We saw The Hobbit and wondered why the mountains were fighting too - action sequences are fun, but seemed piled up to the exclusion of everything else. On the other hand, incredible scenery, and I'm sure I have Hobbit somewhere in my family tree, given my giant feet and love for staying home and not having company, lol.


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