Thursday, December 13, 2012

When Squirrels Attack

Yesterday, I was outside taking my pictures, when I was attacked by this squirrel:

That’s right, that little beady-eyed, venom-fanged menace tried to kill me.

He snuck up on me along the retaining wall, and when I screamed and ran away, he rushed me:

If you look closely, you can see the shank he has hidden in his tail.

Witnesses believe I was targeted because the squirrel didn’t like my outfit: 

I think that’s ridiculous because my outfit was awesome, but maybe he didn’t like the combination of burgundy cords (Banana Republic, here), lemon yellow sweater (Gap, here) and cherry red belt (Macys, similar here).  Or maybe he hates houndstooth (Old Navy via Goodwill, similar here). 

Whatever the reason for the attack, I think we can all agree that the squirrel is a menace to society and needs to be stopped.  

So, please take a good look at that horrifying face of evil, and if you see that razor-clawed ninja squirrel, please perform a citizen’s arrest.  We must keep the world safe for the children.  But, be careful.  He’s both fluffy and dangerous.

Happy Thursday, All!


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  1. HA! What a cute story. Don't get me wrong. I'm TOTALLY glad you're safe from your harrowing experience. :)

    Totally love your outfit, esepecially the HOUNDSTOOTH shoes. :)


  2. Bloody squirrels. They look all cute and bushy-tailed and adorable, then they TURN. I was feeding one some peanuts in the park, out of the goodness of my heart, and it nipped my finger, little bugger. And they gnaw through any and every bird feeder I have ever had in the garden.
    And they clearly have NO fashion sense.
    You look bright and bushy-tailed yourself, Gracey. Certainly not subdued, and certainly not squirrel fodder! xxxx

  3. He's a jealous wannabe fashion blogger! Or perhaps I sent him to steal your gorgeous red belt?!

  4. He's soooooo cute. I wanna feed him. I mean arrest him. No, feed him. Darn his grifter charm.

    He probably just wanted to high five you for such a brilliant color combo, or ask you where you got your sweater.

  5. Too funny. Love the outfit
    K at

  6. Oh, thank goodness you escaped the fluffy grey fanged peril with life and limb and super-fabulous outfit intact!!! And without rabies. The style blogosphere would essentially collapse under the weight of my melodrama. It would have been a tragedy of epic proportions. But no!! Here you are, safe and saturated after all, hooray!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Love the color combo, I cannot wear yellow without looking jaundiced. But it is so sun shiny and bright on you. As for Squirrels, no one believes me when I say they are the spawn(s) of Satan. Seriously those little buggers are EVIL. I have one that sits on my fence by the back door and chirps angrily when ever I go that way, he's probably the same one that got in my house and made me call the police because i though there was an intruder. Yup true story.

  8. Maybe he thought the cherry red belt was a food item (note berries in background.) My Harry would get that squirrel for sure!
    You do look fabulous in this outfit. The color of the pants is so right on.

  9. That squirrel obviously doesn't know good taste when he sees it! Clearly a menace to society!

  10. Thank you for that afternoon giggle! I really needed that. Love all the color in your outfit. Glad the squirell didn't get away with it.There are some seriously brave squirells in the Boston Common. They're especially brave if you happen to be eating a granola bar on a bench.

  11. HAHA! We had a very similar ninja-esque squirrel near my work last summer. Little buggers are frightening!

    P.S. I need your shoes.

  12. Hee! Squirrel! Squirrels are totally bold little buggers.

    LOVE the color combo. The red belt is totally a perfect pop of color. Red and yellow can be hard to pair together, but this looks perfectly chic.

  13. Oh, man, when my King the Cat lived outdoors, he would've taken care of that gangster asap. Nothing left but a squirrel suit : 0

    Love your bright sweater with the burgundy cords!

  14. i love your color combination
    i hate squirrels
    we have an over abundance in our yard and they are nothing but a menace
    my sons old air soft rifle comes in quite handy

  15. Well, that squirrel OBVIOUSLY has no taste at all if he doesn't like your outfit. Seriously ;) haha, glad you survived the attack! That vicious little bugger.I love these colors together-and especially on you!

  16. What a bratty little squirrel.
    I love the outfit.

  17. City squirrels are gangsters. Nothing like our shy country squirrels. I think your combinations is wonderful.

  18. I hope someone captures this squirrel and puts him behind bars. I won't rest until I see that little squirrel mugshot. Cute outfit, btw! Love the cords!


  19. Squirrels and I have a very combative relationship. I hate the little blisters. And now I can add "no fashion sense" to my list of grievences against them. Humph. You look great.

  20. Evil little tree rodent!!!

    I love the lemon yellow and burgundy together!

  21. *snort* You never fail to make me laugh!

  22. Squirrels are evil, viscous creatures. (This beast was mostly smuggling an AK-47 and some napalm along with the shank in that tail.) A squirrel once beat the living daylights out of my dog and one attacked me as a kid, so I see past their cute furry ways for the evil little masterminds that they are. (Granted, our dog is a wuss, but the squirrel took a huge chunk out of his butt, he still has a dimple from it.)

    Err, that aside, I really like these colors together! I have burgundy cords like yours and I never thought of pairing yellow with them, but now that I see how awesome they look together, I'm going to have to give it a try!

  23. lmao this post cracked me up!! How could he not love your outfit? It was fabulous. Or maybe he was a camera whore and wanted to get in on the action? #fashionbloggerproblems

  24. That rat bastid! (Well, rodent bastid.) I have the elements to recreate this outfit (aside from the shoes), so if and when I do, I'll keep a sharp eye out for furry tails...

  25. Give him a peanut! That's all he wanted! Love the colors in this outfit...very smart. Dawn suitcase vignettes


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