Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Girls Night Out: Feathers and Fire

On Sunday night, I went to dinner and a pole dancing exhibition with my friends, Jodi and Erica, for the first part of my birthday celebration.*  I wore feathers:

Thrifted top, Juicy Couture necklace & Gap blazer.

And watched stuff get lit on fire at El Gaucho: 

Flaming sword of meat.


Bananas Foster in the making

But, let’s get back to the feathers.  Although you can’t see it very well in the photo above, I wore a feathered headband fascinator from Dorfman Pacific:

Image via Hartford York

When I was offered a chance to try one of these fascinators, I was a little worried I wouldn’t have any place to wear it.  And that I wouldn’t know how to style it.  But, a fire-filled dinner and a Christmas-themed pole dancing show seemed like the perfect place to wear it; and I paired it with more casual pieces, like jeans and a blazer, so that it still felt like me.

Thinking about a fascinator for yourself?  Here are my pros and cons.

It was very comfortable.
It stayed in place even as I demonstrated some very vigorous booty-shaking to my friends.

Not the best thing to wear in a windstorm.
You have to pay attention to overhead clearance; especially if you’re already tall.
Your friends may mistake your feathers as someone eavesdropping on your conversations.
Your cat will try to eat it.

As you can see, the pros far outweigh the cons, so I strongly recommend fascinators for everyone.  And I recommend the Dorfman Pacific fascinator.  They have all sorts of different types, from the simple yet effective model I wore, to those with full on veils and silk flowers.  If you are interested in a Dorfman Pacific fascinator, you can find them here, at Hartford York.

Happy Wednesday, Everyone!


*Little known fact, tall people celebrate their birthdays for at least three days.


  1. Gracey, I LOVE your outfit and the headband is kind of amazing. Im sort of lusting for headbands now that Gossip Girl is over. oh and one other thing...

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! woot! and I can side with you in saying that tall people really DO celebrate for 3 days!


  2. How cool! I've been fascinated with fascinators since the Royal Wedding. Feathers! Fire! Great post!

  3. Happy birthday! And that fascinator is... well, fascinating (and adorable). And I dig the cat eye ;)

  4. I love me some feathers! You look just radiant in the first photo.
    Happy Birthday to you.

  5. Happy Birthday!!! Love the fascinator!

    P.S. How did I not know about this tall people birthday rule!? 15 years of being 5'10, and I'm pretty sure I've never cashed in on this deal. Dang. Well, better late than never I suppose. It's starts this year! At 30!

  6. You look so nice with the headband!

    XO Arezu

  7. It's true! 3 days, minimum!

    Happy birthday, awesome fascinator, and flaming sword of meat ftw!

  8. Adorable fascinator for an excellent night out! How incredible that restaurant must be. I hope the food was as good as the show.

    I always wind up celebrating my birthday for about a week because I can never get my friends and family together to do one thing. The one benefit to having a birthday at a busy time of year - it's like having a birthday Hanukkah or something.

  9. Wow, Gracey, you are a total stunner as usual. I love the fascinator. But I also know that Sasha Jane, my baby kitten girl, would have eaten it she'd been left alone with it for 30 seconds or less. That kitteh adores feathers.

    Happy, happy birthday! I think I missed something, but that's not unusual these days :/

  10. Love the fascinator! Like Lynne, I have a kitty that would enjoy it as a tasty treat : > Happy, happy birthday, and party on in your glorious fashion.

  11. Happy Birthdays, dear Gracey!!! :) Sounds like a fantastic celebration, and what a gorgeous vintage feel to your outfit and feathers! And fire! Just perfect.

  12. Happy Birthday Lovely! You look great.

  13. I LOVE that fascinator! I have 4 and they are AMAZING! ♥

  14. Gracie....I love the fascinator. I must have one.

  15. The fascinator is adorable! I actually really like how subtle it is! And this looks like SO much fun! How can you go wrong with both feathers AND fire, unless of course they get too close to each other...

  16. The fascinator is so pretty, and so are you! What a great night out, happy birthday to you, and I did NOT know about the law of extended birthdays for tall people. I might deserve an extra day and a half, I am 5'8".
    I have a feather fascinator which the cats are not allowed anywhere near, they seem to think it is some flightless bird which needs attacking. xxxxx

  17. Happy birthday, Gracey! I love the fascinator and how you paired it with a more casual outfit. I've been looking for a feathered headband for a while ... I've run across lots of black ones, but I want a white one because I think the dark ones get lost against my hair. I think yours had enough loft and fluff to stand out, however!

    p.s. My first giveaway ends tomorrow, so please stop by and enter if you like what you see! I have Haitian Bead jewelry up for grabs - it's beautiful jewelry for an amazing cause. :)

  18. Happy birthday!!! And I love the fascinator on you...I am seriously in doubt that I could ever pull one of those off but you look majestic.

    Courtney ~

  19. Happy Birthday, darling! I love fascinators, they're so theatrical without being over the bridge to crazy-town.

  20. i usually celebrate my birthday all week, so...anyways, we haven't visited in a while, so sorry! happy belated birthday and celebrate as long as you want, you deserve it. you look stunning in that first picture. i love your feathers and your makeup looks flawless!

  21. Happy Birthday Gracey!!!
    You look gorgeous in your feathers!!

  22. I love the fascinator!!! So cute :) I'd totally wear one. Kinda looked like a bow scarf you wrapped around a first which I do from time to time.


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