Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hot Rumpled Mess

I’ve decided my new aesthetic is hot rumpled mess.  I tried it out today and I feel like I nailed it:

What did I wear to pull off this look?  Well, I wore some navy cords (Gap), tucked into my Born Crown riding boots (Nordstrom), topped with a blue blouse (thrifted) and a brown cardigan (Old Navy). I accessorized with a thin brown belt (Gap) and my blue scarf (H&M, not pictured).

I wish I could say that I look like this as the result of a long, stressful day at work, but I actually left the house looking like this.  It’s true that today was long and stressful, but it’s also true that I’ve given up on brushing my hair or ironing.  Not that I did much of either before, but now I’m embracing my natural state of dishevelment.  See how happy it makes me?

In other news, it’s raining in Oregon, Jazzercise kicked my heinie last night, and I haven’t even started packing yet for New Mexico.  It’s not unlike me to wait until the last minute, but I always forget something because I do wait.  I’m trying to get better at planning ahead.  So far, I haven’t made in progress with that goal.

How about you all – are you planners when it comes to packing for trips?  Or do you throw some stuff in a suitcase the night before, and hope for the best?

It’s Thursday, All, we’re nearly there!



  1. Ironing is overrated anyway!
    I love the blues and browns together.
    As for packing, I plan ahead. And then re-plan, and then plan again. If only I was so organized in every area of my life....

  2. You are too cute, I am stealing hot rumpled mess as my new phrase...I do not think you look a hot mess at all!!

    I am such a to try on all my outfits and get it all planned out before going...I have to pack for a trip over a week away and I am already planning outfits in my head!!

  3. Too funny! I don't think you look like a mess at all either! It is all in the attitude and that great smile of yours. However, I know that when I don't feel great internally (stress, etc.) - it is easy to feel like a mess even when it isn't really true. Enjoy New Mexico. Hopefully whatever you forget you can get there - maybe as a reminder of your trip...

  4. You make hot rumpled messes look great! Have a good trip.

  5. Yes you nailed it! You look fabulous!

  6. Go with it! This, from the girl who's hair came entirely undone about ten seconds after her last outfit photo, and who was TOTALLY rocking last night's eyeliner. GROSS, right?

    Did it rain like the frickin' dickens where you are? I thought I would die running from my back door to my car this afternoon!

    I plan my suitcase meticulously weeks in advance, color coordinate everything, and make comprehensive lists. Then I freak out the night before and just throw a bunch of random stuff in my bag and end up with nothing I need for the whole trip. Yay!

  7. love that blue top! you look fantastic. you are so not a hot rumpled mess...unless of course that's a good thing :)

  8. Oh hesh up Gracey, I think you look fab! Chic and sleek and utterly darling.

  9. haha you do NOT look like a mess you look put together! love the caridgan and i whole outfit is cute!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  10. Ridiculous! You look hot! (And maybe a lil rumpled, but definitely NOT a mess!) I never iron either, but I do pack ahead of time, with lists and everything. Of course, my room is a complete pig pen...

  11. Pshaw! This is a cute outfit, flattering, nicely defined waist. If this is hot rumpled mess, I am signing up!

  12. I've already started an outfit list for my vacation, and it's still 3 weeks away. So yeah, I guess I'm a bit of a planner.

    Also, I'm a huge fan of things that don't need to be ironed, so I like this outfit! There's nothing messy about it.

  13. @Allison - I feel about planning the way you feel about ironing - completely overrated!

    @Emmy - I've heard others mention they try outfits on prior to packing, and it sounds like a great idea, but I doubt I'll ever be that organized.

    @Alison - You're probably right - it's been such a stressful week I just assume it's spilled over into my style. And thank you, I'm very excited for my trip!

    @Terri - Thank you, Terri!

    @GretchTM - I totally nailed it, right?! lol.

    @Rose - Yes, this rain is killing me! I'm going to blame it for my rumpled-ness and I'm pretty sure it IS to blame for my hair.

    I love that you're a planner, but you're also not. That's hilarious to me.

    @Claire - I think the color of the top saved me - it's such a pretty blue.

    @Marella - thank you, Marella@

    @Sal - awww, thanks, Sal!!

    @Steffy - thanks, Steffy - it's good to know that even in my rumpled state I can look put together.

    @Erin - seriously? Lists? I could never. But, I do love lists, so maybe...

    @cwhf - ah, but see, that was the plan. make sure the waist is defined and people will ignore your overall rumpled-ness. devious, no?

    @Anne - Really? All ready? I can see maybe a week ahead if it's a long trip, but three? I have got to get more organized.

  14. This is a hot rumpled mess? I should look so hot, rumpled and messy. I love the pairing of brown and blue, although usually I'm pairing a pastel-ish blue with brown, and I am intrigued and inspired by your use of a darker, richer blue in this outfit.

    I'd like to think of myself as someone who carefully plans and then executes a perfectly packed suitcase, but that would be delusional of me. I always get it wrong.

  15. @Ana - I don't know why I prefer a richer blue with my brown, but I always have. I think probably because I don't feel like I look as good in pastels.

    I'm finally packed, for the most part. Now I just need to close the suitcase and stop throwing stuff in (I just randomly added a hot pink tunic).

  16. Great outfit! I love cobalt blue and brown together!

  17. @Courtney - thank you, Courtney! It's one of my favorite combinations to wear.

  18. What a cheery umbrella!

    I pack for others well, but for myself...not so much.


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