Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Tumbleweed Aesthetic

Daily Outfit, 3/30/11

In honor of my trip to Santa Fe (photos are forthcoming, I swear) I am renaming my wrinkle-flaunting, comb-flouting Hot Rumpled Mess aesthetic to the Tumbleweed Aesthetic.  I’m even wearing a tumbleweed-colored cardigan for the debut of the new name:

Accompanying the cardigan (Old Navy) is an appropriately wrinkled silk tunic (Banana Republic), wide-legged jeans (also Banana Republic), boots (Kenneth Cole Reaction) and a multicolored-striped scarf (???).  I have wanted to try hot pink and brown together ever since I saw model Dree Hemingway wearing it – I like it, but I think it’ll be even better paired with a tomato red skirt like she did.

Sorry it's such a short post - I had a sleepy and distracted day today.  The first day back from vacation, even a short one, is always a bit weird for me.  I am putting together a longer post, with pictures from New Mexico, that I’ll put up as soon as I finish.

Happy Wednesday, All!



  1. Welcome back! I hope you had a great trip :) I think pink and brown look great together, and the wrinkles just add character!

  2. Love your cardigan.
    Hope you had a nice trip!

  3. i love the pink tunic! if that is wrinkled.. you dont even want to see my clothes! so happy you're back, it felt like something was missing without reading your posts every day!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  4. Yay, you are back to the blogging world. I really like your pink top! And the way you tied that scarf is adorable!

  5. I like tan and hot pink together - it's a great combo! Hope today is less sleepy :)

  6. @Allison - thank you, I'm glad to be back. And yes, character. That's what we're calling it.

    @JustLikeJasper - Thank you, it was definitely fun. And I wear the heck out of this cardigan, so you'll probably see even more of it!

    @Steffy - Aw, thanks, Steffy. I missed reading your blog too while I was gone!

    @GretchTM - thank you, Gretchen! I think the color of the top and the scarf probably saved this outfit. Sort of. :D

    @Anne - Much less sleepy today, Anne. Thank you!

  7. wow! great color combo - & i'd love to see you try it with tomato too! ah, i love tumbleweeds.....welcome home! steph

  8. I must be blind because I am missing all those wringkles. More crumpling required, you're failing if you're going for wrinkly ;)
    Awesome outfit. I love the crease in those jeans :)

  9. @tinyjunco - Thank you, Steph! And these colors are awesome with tomato, trust me. I'm very excited to try it!

    @Stef/Diversions - What if I were to tell you those were creases, but just artfully placed wrinkles? Very, very long wrinkles? Would that get me some wrinkly street cred?


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