Friday, April 11, 2014

Coral, Olive & Taupe-A-Dots

My new FRAAS scarf is taupe, with polka dots:

FRAAS "Dottie" Scarf

Of course, I immediately began referring to it as my "taupe-a-dot" scarf.  Because I am ridiculous.

But, this scarf isn't.  For a color that really isn't much of a color, I find that taupe is working well in my wardrobe.  Like this outfit, with coral and olive:

Scarf: c/o FRAAS  Jacket: thrifted  Tee & Jeans: Gap  Flats: Old Navy

Of course, if taupe polka dots aren't your thing, the scarf is available in bright, spring-y colors too, such as turquoise, yellow and pink.  I'm a bit surprised that I didn't pick one of the brighter colors when I was offered a sample, but I really do love the taupe so far.

Happy Friday, All!


Get the Look
FRAAS "Dottie" scarf (call 212-575-0191 to order)
Similar coral skinny jeans
Similar Gap tee
Similar olive jacket
Similar pewter flats


  1. Taupe-a-dot = favorite new fashion word. You look fab!

  2. this is so gorgeous! i love the coral pants and the neutrals on top!

  3. Taupe-a-dots! That's adorable! And so is the scarf! I love the neutrals with these pretty coral pants!

  4. LOLOLOL! Thank you for my Friday funny! And can I say that you are the only person I know who can rock taupe so close to your face. In the eternal words of Napoleon Dynamite: lucky!

  5. Those pants! What a great color.

  6. So whenever you get a chance, you should pop on over to my blog today. No obligation to do anything; just know you're appreciated!

  7. Yes! Taupe-a-dot is a term now. It's official. :D

    I never thought of combining olive and coral before, but they look great. You are the master of both the bright and the neutral.

  8. I think taupe becomes a million times more appealing when it's called "oatmeal." Or are those actually two different colors? Either way, I guess "oatmeal-a-dot" isn't as cutesy, so it's a moot point here and now. You look great!

  9. This is a winner! I'm going to copy this look.

  10. I love dots and I really like the color combination of your grey and white scarf and those pants! Awesome! Definitely a great Spring look. You look so fresh and it is such a simple, but cool outfit! Nice!


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