Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mauve and Mock Dots

This blouse looks like polka dots from far away, but is actually a teeny, tiny floral print:

I love polka dots, but I love the idea of mock dots too.  In fact, I like pretty much everything about this blouse.  The only reason I don’t wear it more often is that it’s fairly short.  I know, I know, crop tops are in.  But, I can pretty much guarantee you that the bare midriff trend is not one I’ll be participating in.  You’re welcome for that.  Also, midriff is a weird word.

In order to avoid baring my midriff (sadly, repeated use doesn’t make it less weird) today, I paired the top (thrifted) with my mauve skirt (vintage, thrifted).  This skirt was originally a rather awkward length, so I hemmed it above the knee which allowed me to wear these ankle strap flats (Hive and Honey via Piperlime) that I can’t seem to stop wearing now that I’ve rescued them from The Giants Closet.  I also added a vintage Sarah Coventry double pendant necklace (via Red Fox Vintage).

Because this top works well with skirts with a higher waist and I have quite a few of those, I’d say it’s definitely a keeper.  And so is this particular skirt; it’s actually proven to be a pretty good closet workhorse for me, especially now that it's shorter.

Happy Wednesday, Everyone!



  1. I love this whole look. Smaller girls are always warned off ankles straps, but its a look us giants can really pull off. Fabulous. Xx

  2. Honestly I think cropped tops are perfect for high waisted skirts! I hate when extra fabric from my shirt bunches up at the waist! I love your top and skirt pairing!


  3. I will not be participating in the bare midriff trend, either. I've been disappointed a few times lately when I pick up a cute top and it's super short! Good to remember I could still pair it with a higher-waisted skirt.

  4. cute top and i love the small floral print x

  5. Bare midriff trend: yeah, NO. I do have some use for cropped tops as layering pieces, or with high-waisted skirts, as you say, but not so much with the bare.

    I, too, like the mock dots. Very cute!

  6. Midriff, midriff, midriff. Can't get that word outta my head now :(

    Mock dots rock, as does mauve, and anything with ankle straps.

  7. I'm glad you keep wearing those shoes - they're super cute!

    And I have quite a few short shirts that I only wear with high-waisted items, because showing my belly to strangers does not appeal to me :)

  8. That is a great top! And the navy and maude are very warm and fuzzy together... in a summery way.

    More Charming In Person

  9. It's amazing what small alterations will do for an item! Love the skirt.

    I must admit that I do love cropped tops...but I always layer them over tanks, Asian style. My tummy is too white to show to the world. Ha!

  10. The mauve is so pretty! You look adorable.

  11. I really adore this look. The dainty floral print is super cute and looks great paired with the mauve skirt. Crop tops are hard to pull off for a lot of ladies, but I love the idea of pairing them with a tank or a high waisted skirt or pair of shorts. Little extra coverage makes the trend a lot more wearable for us who didn't get the supermodel bodies. :)


  12. I've been trying to wear cropped tops like... well, cropped tops, but it's hard because I am weirded out to show belly skin, still, haha. I like this combo!

  13. I need more dots and mock dots in my closet. And I also need mauve. I have no mauve.

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  14. Lynne stole my idea! I was going to say midriff three times. It is a weird word.

    I'm with ya on keeping ours covered. When I was a teenager, I scandalized my school by showing my midriff with a short floral shirt -- and I was a boy! -- but that was long ago and my tummy is best kept concealed these days.

  15. So- wicked funny that we both talked about our midriffs today. I did show mine though. It is a weird word. On par with "cupboard." Just think about it. Cupboard...?

    Hannah Tattoos and Pearls

  16. i love a cute floral print, and the new length on the skirt definitely improves it.
    Chic on the Cheap

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  18. Hah, I love prints that look like one thing, but are really something else up close! Love, love these colors together, Im such a huge fan of muted colors mixed together, the navy and the mauve look so good! (And those ankle strap shoes are so pretty on you!)

  19. What a great outfit! I like the mock dots, the skirt you perfected, and these great flats! Good job, Gracey! Also, I love you a little extra hard today because you read and commented on my article. THANK YOU!

  20. Gracey, hi! I love the color of your vintage skirt and the fit is beautiful. We have been playing so much that I have been a bad blogger. I finally figured out how to add peeps to my front are next. You look slim, fit and sexy! dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  21. Ugh, I hate having the too-short shirt problem. My long torso means that many regular shirts are nearly crop-tops, so I'm not too into the trend. It's uncomfortable to bend over and have that little window of skin exposed! I like the way you think, though; high-waisted is the only way to really make them work, and you've done so stylishly.


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