Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Boy’s Club

Alternately Titled: Gracey Wears Khakis

These are the only khakis I own.  I have had them for years and if I’ve ever worn them, I don’t recall.  They just aren’t really my style.  I know a lot of women wear khakis, and with great success, on a daily basis, but to me, they feel like menswear, which I do NOT know how to style so I usually avoid borrowing from the boys.   Today, though, I thought I’d give it a shot:

Is it truly androgynous?  Probably not.  But, it’s a level of androgyny I feel comfortable with.  And I really do feel like the looser fit of the pants, the neutral color palette and even the tie-neck blouse are a nod to menswear.  I paired the pants (Gap) with a semi-sheer black sweater (Target) layered over a cream bow blouse (Old Navy).  I also added black suede heels (Me Too via Nordstrom Rack).  I could have gone with flats, which may have been more authentic, but that would have put this outfit way outside my comfort zone and I am not that adventurous.

This outfit is actually a result of my heading back into the Valley of the Duplicates in The Giants Closet.  I have these same pants in grey also and have this same sweater in beige.  I’ve worn the grey pants at least once before, but am not sure I wear either pair enough to warrant having/keeping two pairs.  As for the sweater, I wear the black version fairly frequently, but don’t know that I’ve ever worn the beige version.  Because it’s beige.  I’m just sayin’.  But, I’ll try to wear both of the other pieces this week and decide if I really need all four pieces or just one pair of the pants and one of the sweaters.   Or any of the pants and sweaters.  So many decisions…

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!



  1. You look great in khaki and "menswear"! I've never found a pair of khaki pants I really liked, so I don't own one. I can understand feeling like they're not your style. Have a great day!

  2. I have never worn khakis except for a brief stint my first month at Starbucks before I realized all black clothing was the smarter bet. I don't expect that to ever change, haha. I like your creative nod to menswear!

  3. I love your outfit! The tie-neck blouse certainly girly's up your chinos. It's a good menswear-womenswear balance. And I LOVE the black and white on top and your shoes, too. I know what you mean about khakis. I avoid them, too, and am not entirely certain why. You look great!

  4. Hey nice blog here, I've just found it and love your outfits!
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  5. Yep. That's wicked cute! Love it.


  6. Oh, man, khakis, chinos, whatever the heck they're called. I would like to be a person who pulls off that casual/prep/pulled-together look well, but I don't think it's in the cards. I blame the cut.

    I like your take on menswear, though!

  7. I got a little confused with how many of what you have, but still voted you Best Khakis Post Ever. This look rocks. And it has a bow-tie blouse in it which may have influenced my vote ever so slightly.

    Last year I bought a pair o' BR khakis on sale, mostly because I thought I should give khakis a chance. Ugh. Wore them once. Hated 'em. Actually, I think they hated me.

  8. This is one item that I own multiples of! I have three pair of "khakis"--one is a fairly polished, well-fitting pair. One is very traditional. And one is a drawstring pair! I suspect that I like the androgyny a bit more than you.

  9. Love the shapes of this outfit. You look great.

    Don't ask me about menswear...

  10. That bow is a fun way to add some oomph to the neutral colors!


  11. I don't wear khakis either, but I didn't even register these as khakis when I saw them on you. It might be the capri cut to them that makes them work.

    This outfit overall is really great; you did a great job with using color-blocking (with neutrals, no less!) to break up the silhouette nicely, highlighting your height in a confident way. Just a wonderful flow to it all, and the thick-strapped black shoes are the perfect accessory. I love you in prints, but this is perfection.

  12. You are so cute, I love your big smile, it always puts a smile on my face! I so hear you re duplicates. I mainly do it with J. Crew T-shirts because I wear them so often, but I have a few pairs of their khakis that I wear all summer. And I also have at least 6 cardigans, but that is a key part of my look and every one of them is different so I never feel bad about having so many, I wear all of them. If you have a Chanel-inspired outfit you want to put together, Adrienne (of The Rich Life on a budget) and I are doing a post going up Aug. 1. Email me a picture, we'd love to have you join us! XO, Jill

  13. I'm also not a fan of khakis but in the long run you'll get use to it. Anyways, it looks good on you.

  14. I love it! The heels and sheer sweater keep it girly enough. =)

    I used to wear my khakis all. the. time. Like literally two or three times a week. lol But I don't think I've worn them in nearly a year, now that I think about it. Weird. lol

  15. i always think of target when i think of khakis...i suppose that's not a bad thing! =) i love how you just went with it and did the whole tie and everything. you look adorable and 100% woman!!


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