Saturday, July 28, 2012

Saturday Stuff and Things

Sorry about the lack of a post yesterday.  I didn't work and while I intended to still post, I didn't even log in.  Instead I got some sun, ran some errands, broke the washing machine and pinned a bunch of crap to Pinterest. You can follow me on there, if you're interested, by using the button on the right.

And now on to the Saturday Stuff and Things.

Last Saturday I went to a Jazz Concert at Cathedral Park in North Portland.  I had never been to Cathedral Park but I wanted to go after seeing the lovely pictures Stacey at Gray Skies takes there.  And it was as cool as I'd hoped.  The St. John Bridge has lovely Gothic, cathedral-like construction:

The park is right under the bridge and it was the perfect setting to listen to jazz on a hot summer's day.

On Sunday, I went to see Florence + the Machine at Edgefield and it was the best concert I have ever been to.  Her voice is even more magical in person and she is a great performer too.  One thing that surprised me was how personable she was.  Funny even.  For example, she told us all about her Portland adventures saying she got the "whole Portland experience" because she went to Powell's Bookstore (where she bought a 90s copy of Virgin Suicides), went to Voodoo Donuts and in a coffee shop heard two men with full sleeve tattoos discuss where to get the best line tattoos.  And when her hair fell from dancing, she borrowed bobby pins from the crowd to pin it back up.

Anyway, this is Florence:

Sorry it's not a great photo; I was mesmerized by her voice.

And here are some pictures of The Machine:

Seriously, best concert ever.

Although, I anticipate the concert I'm going to today will be pretty fun too.  We're going to a music festival of 80s cover bands.  Yes, it's pretty much my dream music festival.  We're going to see Journey cover  band Stone in Love, Bon Jovi cover band Steel Horse, and, for the first time, Guns and Roses cover band Appetite for Deception.  So excited!!

Finally, I am obsessed with the new song by The Killers, called Runaways.  Please to enjoy:

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!



  1. i LOVE Powell's Books! It's always our first stop anytime we're down in Portland and Cathedral Park is so beautiful. (You got such a great shot of the bridge!) Portland's such a cool city. :)
    It sounds like such an amazing day, how cool that you got to go see Florance singing, she has such an amazing style and an amazing voice! (I am slightly jealous now!) And thats really cool that shes nice in real life like that.

  2. There's nothing wrong with taking a day off! Looks like you had a great time! I think your pictures are beautiful!

  3. That concert sounds so awesome and now I know we would be great friends in real life because that Killers song is my #1 favorite song right now! Is there any chance you're also enjoying Ho Hey by the Lumineers and Some Nights by Fun?

  4. how fun! summer concerts are the best. and yes, the killers are so awesome! glad you're enjoying you weekends!

  5. Looks super fun but I have to admit the 80s cover bands one sounds like it would be to die for! Kiah

  6. Looked like you had a blast. Missed you, but glad you got away from the computer! Bloggin' sucks you in, right?

  7. take days off! it feels great!! looks like fun gracey :)

    Steffys Pros and Cons

  8. Wauw that are quite some busy days you are spending :p I would love to see Florence&theMachine too! Great blog btw, I like the way that you write :)


  9. The bridge is awesome! I love bridges-- my instagram feed is practically full of them.

    I've heard Florence + the Machine is absolutely amazing live. She played a concert in an awesome venue in DUMBO (where I work) earlier this year but I didn't get to go :(

  10. Whoa, that bridge is so neat! The architectural detail is just breathtaking.

    And Yay Florence and the Machine!! I'm going to see her this Tuesday! Woo! :)

    Cup of Tea

  11. I am unbelievably jealous that you got to see Florence! I love her. She's my favorite female singer.

    And I'm glad you liked Cathedral Park! It's quite stunning. I should go back there for more outfit photos soon.


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