Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is Thanksgiving here in the US.  And, while I know some of you have been up for hours showing off cooking, I wanted to share some helpful hints for a successful Thanksgiving, illustrated with some vintage photos, pictures and postcards, before it gets too late in the day. 

Helpful Hint # 1

As you and your friends and family gather to eat and smoke the after-dinner peace-pipe, wear clothes.  I wore this outfit last Thanksgiving and not only did it make our annual charades game more x-rated than it should have been, I dropped hot ash on the girls.  The girls do not like hot ash.

Helpful Hint # 2

Not sure what to wear now that the loincloth bikini idea has been nixed?  May I suggest a little shine and a face-framing collar?  It's festive, it's seasonally appropriate and it's turkey-approved.

Helpful Hint # 3

Be nice to your turkey.  Is it not enough that you've been eating his kin since you could chew solid foods?  Do you have to enslave him too?

Instead, you should purchase a lovely hat (or some spats, turkeys love spats) for your turkey.  It's just the polite thing to do.

Helpful Hint # 4

When you're nice to turkeys, they're nice to you.  Little known fact, wild turkeys often carve Thanksgiving greetings into pumpkins for those who've treated them well (and bought them spats).

And finally, I just want to wish you all a sunshiny heart and say that I hope your sunshiny heart ripens your Thanksgiving blessings.

See you all Monday!



  1. I think YOU have a sunshiny heart, Gracey. And I would love to see you in that bikini!
    Happy Thanksgiving. xxxx

  2. Heehee! What a great post. Hope you're having an awesome thanksgiving.

  3. Who doesn't love accessorizing? Even turkeys can appreciate a nice hat. What a helpful reminder.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving, love all those pics.

  5. thanks for sharing
    those are great, especially loved the top ones
    hope your thanksgiving was fabulous

  6. Haha:) Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you are enjoying the weekend.

  7. Haha you are too funny, love the loin cloth idea-yikes! haha. Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Amazing how times do (and don't!) change! What DID you wear? The postcards are hilarious and made my post-Thanksgiving- Day!

  9. Girl, you are missing your calling in life here. These posts are always the best! (Although, that outfit could make you quite popular at Twister!) Happy Thanksgiving dear. :)

  10. Er, what exactly is in the pipe? I wish I'd seen this post sooner, before I wore my bikini to my parents' house for Thanksgiving luncheon :P

  11. love this post! hope you had a wonderful holiday xo

  12. I adore this post. You are so creative. Amazing how things have changed and yet some things never do. I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving. I am just now catching up on posts.

  13. LOOLOLOL OMG how funny!!
    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  14. Gracey, I love you. This is hilarious! I will be sure to remember to wear clothes next Thanksgiving. Or a loincloth + Klaus Nomi collar? yes.
    ♥ laura
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    the shop of worldly delights


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