Monday, January 24, 2011

Winter Patriot

Daily Outfit, 1/24/11

The Breakdown:
  • Vintage plaid skirt - thrifted
  • Lace blouse - The Limited
  • V-neck cardigan - a.n.a - JC Penney
  • "Footless" tights - v. old - ???
  • Riding boots - Born - Nordstrom
  • Scarf - v. old - Macy's
  • Trench - Kenneth Cole - Ideeli
I have to dress like an adult this week (yes, this is my "adult wear") because we have a very, very important series of presentations with some high muckety-mucks.  Said high muckety-mucks happen to be with the Feds, so I thought red, white and blue was tres appropriate. 

Ordinarily, these colors remind me of summer, for obvious reason.  But I also really like these colors together (its a combination on flags all over the world for a reason).  I don't think this outfit is summery at all, and was a great excuse to wear my new sweater.  Which, by the way, is not a "tall" but fits me perfectly in the arms.  I love it when that happens, especially when the perfect fitting sweater only cost $6.97.  Seriously - if you have one, get thee to a JC Penney.  Darn near half the store is on sale for $6.97.  Macy's is having a pretty good sale too - a lot of their clothing is 75% off.

Did you guys find any great sales today or over the weekend?  Share.



  1. Great outfit - I especially love those divine boots (I bet they weren't $6.97!). I do red white and blue all year round too - it always makes me happy!

    Sarah xxx

  2. Oh, Sarah, I laughed so hard when I read this, and my laugh is not pretty right now. You know that cartoon dog, Muttley, (with Dick Dasterdly)? That has that crazy, raspy laugh? That's my laugh right now. And yes it's awesome. And no, the boots did not cost $6.97.

  3. Uncle Sam would be proud!

    I adore the skirt, and I wish those boots were $6.97!

  4. Ah, you were wearing red, white (cream) and blue yesterday indeed! I think this is a pretty classy take on the color combination. I like the belted cardigan, and wow, what a steal for $7!

    I broke down and bought a few new spring tops at New York & Company over the weekend, and they ended up being pretty cheap after sales and coupons. But not as good a deal as that cardigan.

  5. Gracey, dahling, you are rocking the tall woman's wear! Seriously if it wasn't for your blog title I wouldn't know you were a giant - you wear it well :)

    Also, those riding boots are STUNNING. What a rich color and texture!

  6. Thank you, Monkeyface. As most of my readers can attest, I love these boots and wear them very frequently (aka all the time).


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