Thursday, January 20, 2011

Man Voice and the Meeting

Daily Outfit, 1/20/11

The Breakdown:
  • Peach ruffle blouse - Sunny Leigh - Nordstrom Rack
  • Red cardigan - Gap
  • Brown cords - Banana Republic
  • Light gold shoes - Kenneth Cole Reaction - ??? (v. old)
  • Cream/multi stripe scarf - ??? (v. old)
You can't tell this blouse is peach, but I swear it is.  It's a pale, pink-y peach.  With ruffles!  I know giants aren't supposed to wear ruffles, but I don't have a very large chest in spite of my overall size, so large, soft ruffles generally work for me.  The color of the cardigan is a bit off too, in these pictures.  Gap describes it as "soft red" but I'd call it coral - in the pictures it just looks bright red.  I don't think it looks bad with this blouse, it just doesn't look the way it's supposed to.  I agonized over which shoes to wear with this, but decided on the gold shoes to pick up the row of gold beads on blouse (you can sort of see them in the close up shot).  I actually quite liked this outfit, but not the way it photographed.  You'll just have to take my work for it that these colors worked well together.

Even though I am not at all well, I had to go into work today for a meeting/training.  It had been postponed for one reason or another for a couple months and now we were down to the wire.  Unfortunately, I was the one doing the training, so I had to talk for two hours.  Even more unfortunately, my voice has become low and hoarse due to this darned plague.  Darn you plague! (shakes fist towards the heavens)  Yeah, basically, I have a man voice.  And it is not at all pretty.  When I am not deathly ill, I actually have a fairly high pitched voice.  In fact, I've always wished for a sexier, huskier voice.  But, no.  No, this cold shot me right over sexy, straight into drag queen territory.  It was a great meeting.

But, at least I was finally able to post an outfit.

Happy Thursday, All!



  1. I would hate to not wear ruffles, so you should probably disregard rules like that. The ruffled top looks cute! And I really like the color of the cardigan.

  2. Pink and grey are always so pretty together!

    I have trouble with ruffles because I'm a busty giant. Too much going on in the boobage area and the girls can end up quite terrifying looking.

    And I just thrifted a Sunny Leigh piece, and had never heard of it before, but if they sell it at NR then it must be fancy! Now I know.

  3. I like these colors together very much. You're looking well. Sorry to hear about your voice. I have a low, husky voice that some people think is male on the phone, so I can relate.

  4. I would love, love, love a husky voice, Rad, but I swear, I completely overshot husky and am in man territory. It's horrible.

  5. Katie, I have one other Sunny Leigh piece that I got from Ross Dress for Less, of all places, so I don't know how fancy it is, but I like it because it usually runs a little bit roomy. Which, as a giant, I can appreciate.

  6. Ooh, this is a very pretty outfit! I like the ruffles. I think it's ok to disregard that rule ;)

  7. great outfit!! I love the red cardigan, really cute :)


  8. I love this blouse, you totally worked this outfit Sister!!!


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