Thursday, January 13, 2011

Look, Ma, no glasses!

Daily Outfit: 1/13/11 (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MASON!!)

The Breakdown:
  • Blue dress - Eddie Bauer - thrifted
  • Grey boyfriend cardigan - Gap (remixed here)
  • Grey tights - Nordstrom
  • Brown riding boots - Born - Nordstrom (here, here and here also)
  • Fuchsia scarf - v. old - Macy's
  • Trench - Kenneth Cole via Ideeli
I was getting ready to go to Jazzercise (which is the most hilariously awesome workout ever - I kid you not) and I had already put my contacts in when I remembered I need to take my outfit pictures.  I considered putting my glasses back on for continuity and whatnot, but figured a post or two without my glasses would be okay.  So, yeah, this is what I look like without my glasses.

I know I promised a copycat outfit today, but this this one is all mine.  Not that I'm terribly proud of it.  I was going to title this post "This outfit is boring, but Kathy likes it."  Because I do find it boring, but my friend Kathy did say she liked it.  I don't know why it's so boring to me.  It's not like I'm setting the world on fire with the rest of my sartorial choices, but this seems so average to me.  I think I thought it would be better, but better how, I can't tell you.  It's not unflattering, or uncomfortable, it's just boring.  Thank goodness for fuchsia scarves or I probably would have nodded off at my desk.

Do you guys ever have this happen?  Do your outfits ever not quite meet the mark for some unfathomable reason?  Do you fix them with fuchsia scarves?


(P.S. Mason is Kathy's son.  Today is his birthday.  He's seven and reads my blog with his mom, which I appreciate).


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MASON! 7 years old, and you already have strangers wishing you happy birthday-- not bad, right?
    Gracey, I love this outfit! I especially like how you showed it with the outer layer-- the dusty colors together with that pop of fuchsia really please me.
    Sometimes I feel like I've worn something kinda boring because I'm wearing a dress (1 piece) and not layering much (I usually run about 10 degrees hotter than anyone else in the room), so I love a scarf or just a dangling necklace to make myself feel like I've put in more effort.
    That said, I do think it's perfectly beautiful to let perfectly beautiful pieces stand on their own (or with a few well-suited friends, as you've done here).

  2. Perhaps adding a belt? The same shade as the boots?

    I'm with Kathy on this one though. I really like that dress

  3. Ooh - gorgeous trench (is it vintage? It's fab!) and I LOVE your boots. And I swear you have the most contagious smile ever!

    I fix all of my boring outfits with ridiculous floral headpieces, too many bangles and killer heels.

    Sarah xxx

  4. I think that anything can be fixed with a scarf, but that's just me. I think we all have those days where the outfit feels boring. To me, you look cute and chic. And I LOVE those boots! They look nice and tall, I always find it hard to get tall boots that are tall enough, ya know?

  5. I really like that dress, actually. It's one of my favorite colors. Have you thought about belting it? I think that might give it the oomph you were looking for. Audi and Sal both have EXCELLENT posts bookmarked on their sites all about how to belt. (Which sounds like such a DUH topic, but really, it helped me immensely to realize that belts can do more than hold up your pants!)

  6. Wow, I had no idea Jazzercise was still around! If my gym offered it, I'd be all over that.

    I definitely understand boring outfits. That's what accessories are for! Good choice with the bright fuschia scarf - it really livens the outfit up! What amuses me since I started blogging is that, often, outfits I wear that I find totally plain and boring are the ones that seem to get the most love. It's odd.

  7. I actually had a belt on and then changed my mind. This dress actually has an elasticised waistband, so the definition is technically there (althought you can't see in in the pictures), so I thought I'd be fine without it.

    Looking at the pictures though, I agree with you guys. I think a belt would have added a little more interest which is what I think is needed.

  8. Sarah, sadly the coat is not vintage (I would LOVE a vintage trench someday). I actually got this one online from Ideeli - it's Kenneth Cole and just happened to fit me, sleeve length and all, so that is sort of fabulous.

    As for the use of ridiculous floral headpieces, I'm going to have to look into that! I have one that I love but clearly do not wear often enough. I'll take your suggestion to heart.

  9. I agree with the other commenters about adding a belt. I think it would add more definition and visual interest.

    And I love the trench you're wearing, too. It's gorgeous!

    I just discovered your blog, I think it's fabulous. I'm 5'11" in my socks (and curvy) so I know the difficulties that come with trying to find the right sleeve, pant, top length and the right shape.


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