Monday, April 23, 2012

Words, Not Pictures

So, I have no pictures of today's outfit.  I did wear clothes and they were good, serviceable clothes, but the photos were an epic fail.  Basically, it's sunny here today and that threw a bit of a monkey wrench in our picture-taking endeavors.  (We don't know what we're doing).

Therefore, for today, we just have words, not pictures.

Speaking of summery weather, this past weekend was gorgeous.  We actually made it to the 80s.  In April!  In Oregon!  And it was glorious.  As predicted, I did some reading in the sun but I also was actually surprisingly busy given my natural inclination towards laziness.

Let's see.  On Friday night I went out with my friend, Alex to a local bar to listen to a local band.  The band is called Rock n' Roll Cowboys and they are country rock?  I don't know, but I believe this is a thing.  We mostly just went for the rock portion, but the band is a lot of fun and we danced most of the night and even ended up singing along to "God Bless Texas" because the chorus is extremely easy to learn.  Really, in spite of our lack of familiarity with the country portion of their performance, we ended up having a great time.  We're actually planning on seeing them play this coming weekend too.

On Saturday, Alex and I went thrifting where I got a silk tee that I am actually wearing today (don't worry, it'll surface again), a vintage top, a skirt that I've already hemmed and a prom dress for 80s prom for my little sister.  It's awesome.  Which reminds me, I found my prom dress a couple of weeks ago and it's gorgeous and hideous at the same time.  It's less prom than last year's but very, very 80s.  I'll try to remember to give you guys a sneak peek soon.

On Sunday, I read in the sun and then went for a long (hour-and-a-half) walk around one of our local parks with a friend.  The park was unsurprisingly packed but it was still fun.  Sunday evening I went to the "Club Dance" workout and it basically kicked my heinie.  Seriously, I haven't popped my booty that much since my college days.  Between the booty-popping, arm-waving and hip-thrusting, I am sore as heck today.  But, I will definitely go back; it was hard, but it was so much fun!

Oh, and I almost forgot one of my favorite things I did over the weekend was to watch that new HBO series, Girls.  Natasha Fatah talks about it a bit on her post, here, but basically, I thought it was pretty great.  I didn't love it unreservedly, as it's not always easy to watch, but I'll definitely watch it again.  Have any of you seen it?

Happy Monday, All!  I'll figure out how to take pictures in the sun tomorrow (or you'll just get really, really bad pictures).



  1. I really gotta get HBO. Between Girls and Boardwalk Empire, there's at least two shows I really want to see.

  2. fun all writing blog post. i think that girls show is supposed to be like sex in the city, conversation, & content wise, but without the cool fashion. agree or disagree? gracey have you ever heard of the product called the booty pop? i did NOT make this up. i did a blog post about it in 2010. look here.

  3. Okay...yay for great weather. Thanks for "blessing" us here in Texas! And a silk tee sounds exciting...does that make sense? LOL! I guess it's exciting for me b/c I really want a great-fitting one. Can't wait to see yours!

  4. Great weekend recap! I love listening to local bands -- great way to find new talent! x o style, she wrote

  5. I'm sorry your photos didn't work out today! I'm glad you're enjoying some of the same sun we're getting up north, though. It sounds like you had a great weekend ;)

    Lindsay Living

  6. I took my photos at, like, 7:30pm. Much more normal lighting, haha. I can't believe how gorgeous it has been and I will no longer feel out of sorts when the rain comes back tomorrow! (:

  7. You should organize a link up where people share their old prom dresses! Yes?

  8. I really like the idea of a pictureless outfit post! Sounds like a challenging piece of homework for a writing class... I think I'll give it a try too! :D

    You must show us your prom dress! :)

  9. Oh man do I ever sympathize about the photos. I had a bout with that about two weeks ago. Well if a picture is worth a thousand words, then the words in your post must be worth at least one picture, but who's counting?!

  10. That sounds like a pretty fabulous weekend. Music, rest, thrifting and friends. Color me green with jealousy.

  11. As an actual child of the 80s, describing an item as both "gorgeous and hideous" only makes me long to see it more :P

  12. I found my actual prom dress the other day! It still fits decently and is so pretty (and about as un-prom as you can get) so I may have to wear it for my birthday in September before I give it away to someone who will use it more often than twice in seven years.


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