Monday, May 16, 2011

WeeCap: May 14th and 15th

A busy weekend in which Gracey goes to a track meet, visits a flower garden and goes on a date. 

Sadly I only have pictures of the track meet outfit and the flower garden, but the date was just a brunch date and wasn't anything stellar (The outfit, I mean.  The date was fantastic).

Saturday, May 14th

Today I went to the track of a local college (Willamette University) to watch two of my nephews run 4 x 100 relays:

They both did extremely well with Dominic's team coming in first and Damian's coming in third.  I was definitely the proud auntie.  To watch them I wore my Real Straight jeans (GAP), a white tee (Target), olive jacket (Old Navy), leopard scarf (???) and gold flats (Kenneth Cole Reaction).

The Willamette University track is located practically in a park called Bush Park.  I walked through Bush Park on my way back to my car which I had parked at historic Deepwood Estates.  It was a lovely walk and because I didn't get a photo of my brunch date outfit from Sunday, I'll share some photos of the park and gardens with you all.

I hope everyone had an absolutely lovely weekend!



  1. Glad your date went well! I love that jacket a lot, and isn't it nice to be seeing flowers again?

  2. Such a lovely polished look, as per usual! I admit, I would have probably decked myself out in Prefontaine memorabilia. :)

  3. i LOVE the cropped jacket paired with the scarf! hope you had a fab weekend, it sounds liek you did :)

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  4. Hey Gracey, tks for visiting my blog too... ")

    I love nature, specially flowers. Those in 1st n 2nd pics seem lavander, if I'm not they have a good smell.

    Ur outfit is really nice, I like scarves very much n this one with animal print was perfect!
    Also liked ur hair 2day.


  5. Ohhh I love this look! Gald to hear the date went well and yay for your nephews!

  6. Pretty setting for a track! Glad their races went well.....and I Love that scarf! You're so put together for a sporting event!!!

  7. I LOVE this outfit on you! Those jeans are super flattering, and that scarf is the perfect detail! You look awesome :o)

  8. Your hair looks great! I'm glad you had a nice weekend - those flowers are gorgeous!

  9. super cute outfit, Gracey! love the jacket especially. oh, and that animal print scarf is pretty darn fab. glad you had a great date this past weekend!!!

  10. OMG! I LOVE this outfit on you! Absolutely gorgeous! Now that's a great way to wear jeans yet still look uber-stylish. :)

    And aren't you the sweetest Aunt?! Your nephews are lucky.


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