Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Squeaky Shoes

Daily Outfit for Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I love the color of these shoes, but they’re squeaky.  I hate squeaky shoes – I like to be all stealth and sneak up on folks.  These darn shoes didn’t allow me to sneak up on anyone today, in spite of my best efforts.  Boo on you, Squeaky Shoes!

In addition to my squeaky teal flats (Target), I wore cropped navy pants (Banana Republic), a silver-greige tunic (Target) and a yellow bracelet (Mississippi Street vendor).  I think that I’m not wild about the color of the tunic; well, I am, but I’m not.  I think it’s a lovely color, for a neutral.  I’m just not sure it’s a lovely color on me.  My skin generally gets along better with brighter colors; however, I think the shoes and the bracelet give me a little of the color I crave so I was good with this outfit.

Also, and this is going to sound weird, but my face has been driving me crazy in photographs lately.  I don't know what it is, but, just like the color of this shirt, I haven't been wild about my face lately.  That's a sort of weird thing to say, I know, but if anyone else has been thinking my face has been looking crazy as of late, I wanted you to know that you're not alone.  I'm here for you.  If you weren't thinking that, please don't feel obligated to think it now. 

And, finally, I wanted to apologize for all the short posts lately – my brain is on overload as of late and I feel lucky that I’m even posting at all.  And that the pictures are right-side up. (Not good, mind you, just not upside down).  So, thank you all for your patience and your continued reading.  It means an awful lot to me.



  1. I think the squeakiness may be worth it for that gorgeous color :)

  2. Your face is lovely, as always. I know what you mean about not-quite-right-neutrals; it's like me and beige.

    And to combat the squeakiness, you just need to find a way to raise the ambient noise level around you at all times so the squeak is drowned out. Or, start working around mice.

  3. I agree with Katie, your face is indeed lovely. The shoes are awesome! Too bad they're squeaky...I had squeaky shoes once and they really cramped my stealthy style :)

  4. hahah omg too funny that they squeak! i used to have boots that jingles and my bf called them "the jingle boots"

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  5. Ah, Gracey, you crack me up! I think your face is just as smiley and nice as always, but now I'm going to have to think of you as Grazyface Gracey, and laugh out loud by myself in Starbucks. Ahem.

    I was in Salem today on business, and thought of you!

  6. I can't wear that shade of grey because it totally washes me out, but I think it looks good on you! And I guess you can't be a ninja with shoes like that, since you'd lose the element of surprise.

  7. you're so funny, Gracey. your face so doesn't look weird. and i'm loving those shoes! sorry they squeak, but i can't hear them from this blog so i like them a lot.

    i think you asked me about my gladiators being squeaky (the DV ones from Target) and they don't squeak on me BUT i will say they do stab me in the back of the calf. that sorta hurts and i can only wear them one day at a time. i will wear them though lots because i seem to be okay with suffering for fashion. i know, kinda lame, but can't help myself!


  8. Your face definitely doesn't look weird; your smile is as lovely and sunshiny as usual. I think that greige is a very hard colour to wear, but I think you're doing fine with it, and squeaky or not, those shoes are gorgeous. Maybe they just need breaking in?

  9. Your face is lovely. As are those gorgeous pink flowers behind you. Love the bright shoe!

  10. In the photo you have a neat color triad--the teal of the shoes, the yellow of the bracelet, and the pink of the flowers! Whatever you think about how the color of the shirt looks on you, it's a nice photo.

    I wonder if the crazy-face thing similar to how you can look at a word long enough and it ceases to mean anything and just starts sounding or looking weird. Like, if you stare at your face long enough, will it stop looking like a normal face and start seeming odd? (Maybe this is one experiment I *shouldn't* try today . . .)

  11. I love the simple colors of the clothing with the pops of color in the bracelet and shoes! very cool!

    and BOO for not being able to sneak-attack anyone. :( I feel your pain!

  12. Yet another adorable outfit, Gracey! I too love the color of the shoes!

    Glad you're blogging even if only short posts. Your readers would miss you! Hope you're feeling OK and things lighten up soon!

  13. I recently got rid of a pair of squeky shoes. I loved the look but the noise drove me nuts! (Now I can sneak-attack people. Win-win, then.)

    I agree with Sue, btw, about staring at something for a while, and it (whatever the it might be) will just look weird. There are times when I need to flex my fingers after typing, and if I look at them while I do it, I swear I feel like my hands turn into two weird alien creatures. Yes, I am weird. :)


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