Monday, May 23, 2011

Sunburn, Rain, Rain, Rain

Sorry I didn’t get around to posting a WeeCap this weekend, but I’ve included it all here in a super-sized post.

I had Friday off and it was gorgeous.  I think it got up to the mid-70s which we haven’t seen yet this year.  I love the sun and had nothing else to do so I spent the entire day (seriously, like six hours) sitting in the sun and reading The Help.  I know the book came out two years ago, but I just read Water for Elephants recently too.  I don’t worry too much about reading something as soon as it’s published – I’m pretty confident I’ll get around to it eventually.  The Help was a lovely book though and I absolutely suggest it to anyone else who hasn’t read it yet.

On Saturday, I realized I was a bit sunburned but the weather was back to being sort of rainy and not very warm so I couldn’t do any more damage.  I decided to do some damage to my checking account instead and went thrifting most of the day.  I actually didn’t spend that much, but realized that I may have a slight obsession with gold clutches and day dresses.

For Saturday’s thrifting, I wore my olive skinny jeans (GAP), pink ditsy floral tank (Frenchi via Nordstrom), oatmeal cardigan (Eddie Bauer, thrifted) and my pale gold flats (Kenneth Cole Reacation):

On Sunday I did some more thrifting, realized my obsession with day dresses may be more than “slight” and did a little laundry.

For Sunday’s thrifting, I wore lightweight wide-legged pants (GAP), an orange, striped tee (Old Navy), bronze sandals (Target) and pink drop earrings (Alberta street vendor):

My sister took my pictures on Sunday and insisted that we try to perfect our jumping shots.  Perfect they are not, but you can't say we didn't try our best:

Today it was supposed to get all the way up into the high 50s (exciting, no?) and rain much of the day, so I just gave in and resurrected the riding boots (Born Crown via Nordstrom):

I wore them with a red jersey dress (Banana Republic) layered under a navy cardigan (Urban Outfitters) and a studded belted (Michael Michael Kors via Nordstrom).  Basically, I now realize that I’m probably going to need these boots to get me through the summer – it’s a good thing I like them. 

Also?  Bloomers:

I love bloomers.

I hope everyone had a lovely Monday and didn’t have to ride their bikes home in the rain (luckily I missed the promised storm, although it is raining pretty hard now).



  1. Gracey,
    so happy you enjoyed your day off! i LOVE your last outfit.. and the thrifting one is just perfect for a comfy day of thrifting!

    <3 steffy

  2. I loved The Help---it's set in my old hometown (and some in my old neighborhoods). I like all the outfits but my fave is the Friday casual outfit---you look super happy and confident (and awesome of course!).

  3. I'm glad you got to enjoy the sun on Friday. I was stuck at work all day and by the time I got home, it was cloudy. Summer will be here soon enough (right?). Love your outfits - especially the red BR dress!

  4. Hello hello!! Ok, so this is the second blog entry I read about The Help, ahhhh, I was going to buy the novel, read the back, seemed interesting, but then I decided not to! Grrr, should've bought it!

    Also, you have such a lovely smile it's contagious ;)

    Oh and I enjoyed reading you previous post as well!


  5. always love the olive skinnies on you. perfectly paired with that floral top. i've tried to do a jumping shot too and only a few times has it worked (though i never ended up using one of those photos). love the navy and red. that's one of my fave color combos! you look great in all three of these outfits. and i gotta read the Help. i have the book, just need to have some down time to start it!

  6. I loved The Help too - just finished it this fall. I hear they are making a movie of the book too. Looks like you had a very styley weekend! Love the red dress and I wonder where I can get some bloomers?!

  7. I especially love that last outfit -- the navy, red and boots look great together. But all of them are great. Nice jump shot!

  8. You always look so pretty, Gracey!

    Nice to hear that you enjoyed some sunshine and a good book. I'm like you, I don't worry about reading things as soon as they are published -- there are too many books out there to keep up with, many of them classics! I'll have to check out "The Help."

    Those bloomers are ADORABLE on you!

  9. Water for elephants was a good read, must check out The Help. I see that you also are feeling the Born Crowne lovin. They are so comfy no?! You look picture perfect in each of those picutes. I feel that many of my weekend looks would not be blog worthy. *hangs head in fashion blogger shame*

  10. that last look is totally perfect! the colors are all great, and the laying is wonderful! lovely as always. :)

  11. all great looks! i especially love the olive drab with pink ditsy - and the RED BLOOMERS! yee haw, you should wear those to your next speed-dating event ;) steph

  12. I likey the triple feature!

    I don't think I would be brave enough to ride home in the rain, but maybe those amazing bloomers would give me courage.

  13. I love that orange shirt on you, its a great color! And the red dress outfit is awesome for the weather. Sorry to hear it is not too warm there :( We are in the 80's but the humidity is insane!


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