Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Blue Collar

I wanted to title this post “Working Girl” and then I remembered that, in the American lexicon at least, working girl means something completely different.  And, like V.D., it has a rather unsavory meaning.  Why does ‘working man’ mean a blue-collar physical laborer and ‘working girl’ mean a hooker?  Like that’s the only work a girl, or a woman, is good for?  Seriously, that’s some BS right there.

But, let me climb down from my soap box and we’ll talk about my outfit.  This outfit:

It got very cold (though thankfully clear) here in Oregon last night and today, so layers were in order.  I layered my chambray tunic (Old Navy) over a long-sleeve tee (Old Navy) and layered a pleated, plaid skirt (vintage, thrifted) over blue tights (DKNY).  I added wool socks and my trusty riding boots (Born “Sosie” via Nordstrom).  I was actually still cold but there is really no way of getting around that when you ride your bike in the middle of winter.

Happy Wednesday, Everyone!



  1. Happy Wednesday! cute look love that skirt! xo

  2. Love this outfit, Gracey! It's striking me as a really creative one - far outside what I would be able to put together. :)

    And I have thought about the "working girl" issue as well. Aside from being an appropriate term for certain outfits, nothing seems more appropriate when I'm looking forward to a summer of outdoor manual labor 40 hours a week. Maybe it's time to reclaim this one.

  3. I think that plaid pleated skirt in the perfect storm of awesome. I think you are very brave to ride your bike in the cold. I don't like walking out to my car when it's below 45. But, I am a southern weather wuss.

  4. Guess what! I am alllllmost 6'0 tall myself! Go tall girls!!!

  5. Wow, I love chambray, but often have trouble mixing it. Why did I not think of brown as contrast?

    Looking awesome, Gracey!

  6. on my blog, i post a lot of my work outfits, to showcase integrating personal style into the traditionally drab attire of corporate world... anyway, i almost always title something "working girl," especially when i am writing at night....

    then i remember. sigh, connotations.

    great boots!

  7. haha...I totally know what you mean about the double standard between working gir & guy but I never really thought about it before until reading your post. I just found your blog and your outfit is really cute, the denim top is perfect!

    Following you now

  8. Gracey, I was at kohl's today and I saw your vintage skirt or one similar to it hanging there tempting me but I had to walk away. I love this look on you. Thank you for dropping in darling. I am catching up. Congratulations on 200 girl! Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  9. I just posted an outfit featuring chambray as well. :) Never thought about pairing it with brown or plaid - very cute combination!

  10. cute outfit! i want a chambray shirt! :]

  11. I think it might be "workin' girl"? The dropped G makes all the difference. Either way, you look like you've rolled up your sleeves and are ready to get down to business! (Ahh, get out of my sentences, double entendres!) No-nonsense and awesome.


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