Tuesday, February 21, 2012

WeeCap: February 18th and 19th

Wherein the Gracey the Giant meets Kelsey the CharmingPumpkin and it is awesome.

Saturday, February 18th

I spent Saturday with my best friend Jodee, shopping the Nordstrom Rack clearance sale, eating German food, trying and failing to make sense of H&M and finally (finally!) finding red tights.  I wore this

Yes, you are correct; I do have a lot of patterns going on.  I paired leopard and paisley and stripes.  But, I’m convinced it works because all of the patterns share a color palette and I kept the rest of the outfit simple.  For the not-so-simple portion of my outfit, I paired a striped tunic (Banana Republic) with a paisley scarf (Target) and topped it off with a leopard coat (Wet Seal, consigned).  The unseen simple portion is just skinny jeans (Macy’s) tucked into riding boots (Born Crown “Sosie”).

Sunday, February 19th

Sunday, Sunday was when the magic happened.  After a totes delish brunch with Jodee, I met up with the ridiculously awesome Kelsey of the Charming Pumpkin.  We were planning on doing A LOT of thrifting and laughing, so I dressed accordingly:

Here’s the thing folks; do you know what’s good for thrifting and laughing?  Leggings.  And leggings it was.  I paired some black leggings (Macy’s) with a printed chiffon blouse (Nordstrom Rack), a sleeveless black dress/tunic (Nordstrom), an orange cashmere scarf (Nordstrom) and my riding boots from the day before.  And I thrifted and laughed in comfort the entire day.

I’ll get to the thrifting in a second, but first, let me tell you about Kelsey.  I knew she was funny and smart and adorable from her blog, but she’s even smarter and funnier and more adorable in person.  Seriously folks, she is one bright lady.  And hilarious.  And irreverent.  And the best thrifting good luck charm.

We only made it to three thrift stores, but I found a ton of stuff.  Mostly a lot of floral stuff:

And 80s stuff, like this red, angora sweater coat of ridiculousness:

And other 80s stuff that you’ll have to wait until 80s prom to see.  Trust me, it’s so worth it.

We also found, but did not buy, sticky stuff (seriously, it was so disgusting)  and sexy nun stuff; we decided the floor length, long-sleeved grey dress with the rhinestone collar was the domain of Sister Elizabeth – she’s the sexy one.  And 80s prom dresses with butt bows the size of small dogs; sadly mine was too small and Kelsey’s was too big, otherwise that totally would have happened.

And then we met up with Mr. CP, who is also brilliant and hilarious, and had dinner at the Veritable Quandary which was delicious and funny and wonderful.

All in all, it was an absolutely fabulous weekend and I’m sorry I don’t have any pictures of Kelsey and I together, but we were too busy trying on stuff that didn’t fit and laughing to snap photos.

Next time though, I promise!



  1. Yep, love the pattern mixing in the top photo! Who would have thought that those three patterns would work together?!

    I've been wanting to visit Veritable Quandary for years! It's just the coolest looking building.

  2. I luuuuuuurve you, Gracey! I had so much fun with you on Sunday. I'm still giggling about Sister Elizabeth; Mr. CP is about reading to clock me over the head with an especially heavy book. Also, I'm still shuddering over the sticky clutch. Blech. That was so far beyond nasty.

    Anyway, I can't wait to get together again in May! =D My only regret is that you don't live closer... well, that and touching the aforementioned clutch. ::shudder::

  3. the pattern mix you created with the paisley, stripes, & leopard definitely works. it's an outfit i'd want to steal. your brown boots are wonderful, paired with the orange outfit too.

  4. I love your pattern mixed look from Saturday! I definitely think it all works together. That jacket is awesome.

  5. Love that paisley scarf. It looks so luxurious.

  6. I'm so jealous of your thrifting time! I wish I could be there. Sticky things at thrift stores is terrible. High five for having a thrifting uniform!

  7. Aw, dudesses--I love hearing about blog friends having a great time, because it gives me hope that if and when I hang out with any blog friends again it will be lots of fun and not stressful or awkward (as I tend to make all social interactions)! I can't wait to see you wear whatever-it-is there that has chrysanthemums on it. I'm a sucker for chrysanthemums.

  8. Awww, so glad you had a fantastic time together! I'm sure you had to laugh so much :)
    I can't wait to see all of your floral finds in outfits, they look amazing!

  9. uhhhh, loving the red sweater!! That looks so cool. Your first outfit looks so fresh and nice, could have worn this exact look last weekend as well. Great!

  10. I love the pattern mixing in the first pic, it looks great!
    It's always fun to shop with someone, unfortuantely I usually shop alone... I only have a handful of friends that like to shop in the same shops I do, so I get more done alone. Glad to see you had a great time!

  11. Gracey, I really love the red 80s sweater jacket thing you got! I would have taken one home too if I saw it while thrifting! And I LOVE leggings. Especially for class....as you saw from today's post!



  12. Yay, so glad that you guys had such a great time. Just read Kelsey's post too. You guys are cute :)


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