Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Floral Moment

The always lovely Stacey from Gray Skies (whom you should absolutely read if you don’t already) said she was “having a floral moment” last week.  And I thought, “well, what about me?  I like florals, I want to have a floral moment too.”  And then I remembered that I don’t actually like florals that much because they’re often too pastel for my tastes.  And then I found this vintage skirt:

And, et voila, I was having a floral moment of my own.  I found the skirt while I was thrifting with Kelsey (Hi, Kelsey!) and took it home, hemmed it, washed it and had to wear it right away (as one does).  I decided to pair it with a black v-neck sweater (Hinge via Nordstrom), a cream bow blouse (Old Navy), red tights (DKNY via Nordstrom) and brown, lace-up booties (Nine West via TJ Maxx).

Why that combination?  This photo doesn’t show it very well, but the skirt is actually pinkish-red, black and brown:

So I wore the black sweater to pick up the black, the brown booties to pick up the brown, the red tights because I finally own some and the bow blouse to keep the top from looking too dark in connection with the tights and booties.  And, frankly, I love it.  Even though this skirt is not remotely good for riding a bike in, it’s a floral I can do and do happily so you’ll definitely be seeing it again.

How about you all, do you have floral moments?

Happy Wednesday, Everyone!



  1. Gorgeous floral skirt. It looks great with the bow blouse and sweater. And all of it looks fab with your smile.


  2. WOWZA! That print is amazing, you could easily dress it up with a sequin or silk top for a night out or with a sweater or blouse to wear to the office. I love it! Great find!

  3. Beautiful skirt! Love it - and love that blouse as well:)

    1. Oh it's beautiful! Great find! I don't think I own anything floral!

  4. Here you are combining two of my favorites: printed skirt and colorful tights. What could be bad? As I commented on Miss Pumpkin's blog, so glad you had fun. Thrifting adventures can NEVER be bad.

  5. I feel like I would wear the heck out of that skirt if I owned it.
    You look great!

  6. Great thrift find! Love how you put this outfit together. :) I always say I don't care much for florals, then end up wearing something floral on my blog the next day ... :)

  7. OMG! I love this skirt, Gracey! It looks so amazing on you! =D

  8. I'm glad you're having a floral moment too :) The pattern on that skirt is really pretty! What store did you thrift it from?

  9. I love this outfit, it's extremely flattering, and the skirt is just lovely! Plus, I'm a sucker for the bow-tie blouse :)

  10. so cute! you really rock your height! it makes me happy to see you stand out because i know so many tall girls who dont embrace it!! good for you!!


  11. yay florals! almost spring! and amazing boots!

    Steffys Pros and Cons

  12. so cute! i love the combo look.



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