Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Eighties Town

As I mentioned in my WeeCap, I had a bit of an 80s moment while thrifting with Kelsey.   I think I was still in the throes of that moment when I put this outfit together this morning:

Does it feel a bit 80s to you?  Because it feels a bit 80s to me.  Maybe it’s because my skirt (vintage, thrifted) photographed neon red, or because I paired my bright-ass skirt with a bright-ass sweater (Old Navy).  Or maybe it’s the black; maybe it’s the turtleneck (Gap), tights (Spanx via Nordstrom) and boots (Naughty Monkey via Nordstrom) that push it into Eighties Town

Not that I’m saying Eighties Town is a bad place to be.  I probably wouldn’t live here, but I think it’s become obvious that I like to visit periodically.  Like today.  Today I am visiting Eighties Town and I’m enjoying the scenery.

Happy Tuesday, All!



  1. I love it, great color combo. One of my favorites. I love the 80's too. 1985 to be exact. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  2. Your skirt reminds me of a coral one I just got at Target, but your's is definitely cooler being thrifted AND vintage. Well done!

  3. The blue and the red look great together. And it is NOT 80s, no shoulder pads.

  4. Well I love it so I don't mind if you chill in Eighties Town for a while. I'm in the middle of listening to Ready Player One right now, and I have to say that if you did yellow instead of blue you'd look a bit like the cover... (awesome book, by the way, it's loaded with 80s pop culture references!)

  5. Eighties Town is definitely not so bad for a day trip! I wore an outfit a bit like this the other day (well, "like this" in that it had black underlayers with a hot pink sweater and a bright yellow skirt on top), and it's kind of fun to play with the aesthetic. :)

  6. Color blocking perfection. Primary with black? Why yes. That is all.

  7. Haha, it is so wonderfully 80s. I love the colour blocking though, and brights look great layered with black. Super chic.

    <3 Cambria

  8. I cant wait to see this outfit in spring without the turtleneck! I think each of these pieces you are wearing will serve you well!



    1. Ha! Having lived through the 80s I can say Yes, that is an 80s outfit! Very cute and I much prefer your hair to the hair bear hair so popular back then :D

  9. I have no idea what an 80s outfit would look like, even though I lived through it. but I love this -- love the colors.


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