Thursday, March 28, 2013

Birdie Awesomeness

As an Oregonian, I am, of course, unable to resist anything that has a bird on it.  So this shirt?

Yeah, this shirt was destined to be mine.  Not only does it have birds on it, but it fits my long arms even though it’s not offered in “Tall”.  Those two qualities alone are reason enough to love this shirt.  But then you add the fact that it looks adorable layered under my apricot sweater and it is birdie awesomeness at its best.

In addition to the awesome bird button-down (Caslon via Nordstrom) and the apricot sweater (Worthington via Goodwill), I also wore flared jeans (Gap), camel wedges (Corso Como via Piperlime) and neon studs (Kate Spade NY via Nordstrom).  

Friend Ferge thinks the neon studs don’t make sense with this look.  She is wrong.

Happy Thursday, All!


Shop the look:
Exact Caslon button-down (other prints also available)
Similar neon studs (save, spend)
Similar Gap flares (Tall available)
Similar apricot sweater (here, here and here)
Similar camel wedges

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  1. Loving the little detail on the collar of your sweater and the sweet print on your blouse! Great combo!


  2. Adorable birdy shirt! The sweater is a perfect layering piece for it too. I love when clothes fit just right.

  3. So perfect, and I am loving birdie things now too. You look adorable!

  4. Beautiful combination of sweater to go with birds. Or is it birds going with sweater? No matter. Sweet with very feminine looking trouser jeans and unexpected camel shoes.
    Very pretty visual treat!

  5. LOVE the shirt! plus it's a button-up, a style i love! the color combination is wonderful, too!!

  6. Birdie awesomeness indeed. My man who is 6"5 and is slender with 'loooong' arms seldomly finds shirts that fit it arms ... its an ongoing struggle.

    Hope you have a Happy awesome Eester Gracey.

  7. I love this, it has a bit of a 70s vibe going on, I think, must be the jeans. Great birdy print and the little sweater over the top looks lovely.
    I have ridiculously long arms too, most of my coats are too short in the sleeve. I blame the length of my arms for my poor hand-eye co-ordination, they are just too far apart to work happily together! xxxx

  8. Oh, bog off spammers (a few comments above). Mine keep warning me about stretch marks! Very nice woolly jumper-tee x

  9. How adorable is that shirt! I also love the trouser jeans, I've been lusting after a pair myself.

  10. love how you paired it with the little crop sweater
    such cute detail on the sweater
    hope you have a great easter weekend

  11. LURVE this colour combo....(autocorrect keeps trying to change the word combo into Congo). I also love your colour Congo. Very on-trend this season, and I love anything with a bird print. Score.

  12. Love it!! I thought of you this weekend when I bought a birdie shirt at JCP!!

  13. Hi Gracey! It fits you like glove and the pattern is subtle and special.

  14. Love how you say you can't resist a top with birds on it, I can relate there are certain styles that are so appealing!

    Great post and the layered sweater over the top is perfect for spring!


  15. Those earrings look awesome with that sweater. I don't see th' problem. Maybe matchy-matchier than you usually are? Nothin' wrong with that.

    Gracey, I'm crazy about bird and dog prints, but haven't scored anything, used or new, with those prints. I see them, I want them, and then usually, if they are really cool and popular, they are sold out in my size or all sizes. But I haven't given up hope. One day I'll be rockin' a dog or bird print shirt, or scarf, or dress, and hoping I look half as good as you do.


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