Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Lucky Lamb

This outfit was directly inspired by an outfit that I saw in Lucky Magazine a couple of months ago.  And by a trick of Catherine’s at Not Dressed as Lamb:

A couple of months ago, Lucky suggested pairing a super-full skirt with a turtleneck layered under a printed shirt.  I knew immediately that I wanted to try to recreate the look but didn’t have a suitable skirt.  And then, a couple of weeks later, I found this skirt so I thought I’d give it a whirl:

And I love how it turned out.  In spite of it’s awkward length, this skirt has become one of my favorites to wear and today’s outfit is no exception.  I paired the skirt (Ralph Lauren via Goodwill) with a burgundy turtleneck (Gap) layered under a houndstooth shirt (vintage via Vintage by the Pound).  I also added a tie belt (DIY with belts from St. Vincent de Paul), tights (Hue via Nordstrom Rack), booties (Nine West Darsy) and a neon necklace (Target).

Although I do love the skirt, I was a bit iffy about the shirt.  It’s vintage and therefore has an appropriately crazy collar.  Which is where Catherine’s trick comes in; in this post here, she pins the collar of a shirt into a stand-up collar.  I did something similar with today’s shirt.  My collar wasn’t robust enough to pin behind my neck, so I folded the collar inside the shirt and used a stick pin to keep in place, creating a sort of mandarin collar:

And I think it worked.

So, thank you, Lucky.  And thank you, Catherine.  Also, a special thanks to my friend, Jeanne from I Dream of...{by Jeanne}.  She was with me when I bought this shirt and swore I could rock it.  Best enabler ever.

Happy Tuesday, All!



  1. Yay Gracey I love this eclectic look - and thank you for the mention! I'd forgotten about pinning my collar, you've reminded me to try it again...! The houndstooth and neon look gorrrrrrgeous together :))

    Catherine x

    1. Oooooh I've just realised I'm "in" your post name too! Eeeeeeee!!

  2. Thanks to you *and* Catherine! I have to try this trick asap for all those "wonky" collars. You look fab, love the skirt.

  3. great look! love the houndstooth! xo

  4. Awesome full skirt. Love how you styled it! xo style, she wrote

  5. I think this is such a fun layering tactic! I certainty never thought about anything like it before. Glad that you tried something new and different.

    Callie @ Coffee and Cardigans

  6. You have the most infectious smile. I smile just looking at you smile.

  7. love the pinned up collar trick
    looks like a great skirt find

  8. What an unusual combo, but it totally works! I am loving your use of a tie as a belt.

  9. Graceu...no matter what you put on, you make it look up to date, cool and cute.

  10. Awesome skirt, love the belt, having fun imagining the "appropriately crazy collar" and hope we get to see it sometime! :)

  11. you are so creative. I will have to try this!! I am feeling like I am in a fashion rut these days.. crappy weather and bike riding in office attire is not working for me lately... helmet head, wet boots.. urgh!! LOL spring has to get here sooner or later!! have a super day!!

  12. If we ever meet, watch out for me - I will be the one stealing this skirt for my own!

  13. Pure creativity! I love posts that feature outfits directly inspired by other bloggers or magazine "looks" etc. It's fun to get out of our comfort zones and try something different. I think this look is a huge success!! The skirt really is awesome and I love the way you did the collar of the shirt. Very inspiring.

  14. Great outfit! I never know how to wear multiple colors like that, without being all matchy-matchy. Any tips?

  15. What a lovely outfit, the skirt is really amazing on you! The belt idea is absolutely brilliant, something to take up for Christmas present when the time comes...

    I really love the combination of the shirt and the neon necklace as well! Did you ride your bicycle in this skirt?

  16. Gracey, this is adorable!!!! xoxo Lynn


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