Monday, February 28, 2011

The Most Monday of Mondays

Daily Outfit, 2/28/11

Ugh.  I have such a raging case of the Mondays today.  And it was the most Monday of Mondays.

This is a close-up of the fabric of the skirt.  See?  Shiny.

Today’s outfit was built around this Jones New York skirt.  I thrifted it a couple of weeks ago and was excited to wear it because it was brand-new, tags-still-attached, fully lined (more on that later) and shiny.  I’m not great with shiny for the daytime but this is subtle, so it’s still within my comfort zone.  I paired it with a lace tee (The Limited) layered over a cami, with a black cardigan (Gap), layered tights (black crosshatch (Assets via Target) over olive (Hue via The Rack)) and my go-to black booties (BC Shoes “Swear” via Piperlime).  I wanted to wear my agate sweater clip, but it didn’t quite work with the cut of the sweater, so I wore my necklace from Special, which I love.

After all that excitement, I’m not sure I like this skirt.  Or maybe just not this outfit.  Or maybe it’s just Monday.  I thought this would be cuter, but it’s just not.  I think I look blocky and strange.  Maybe I should have worn a belt – belts make everything better (true story).  Or maybe I shouldn’t have tucked in my top – I feel like this skirt is screaming “Look at my belly!”  Or, maybe, it’s just Monday.

Today really was the most Monday of Mondays.  It has finally warmed up enough to rain, but now it is POURING.  Rainy days are always a little more difficult for me in terms of taking my outfit pics and getting to work.  I have to get the dog where he needs to be, go to the garage (sadly not attached), get my bike, park my bike under the eaves of the garage, shed the coat and scarf, get the umbrella, set up the camera and take the pictures.  But, because it’s Monday, none of what should happen on a rainy day did.

When riding my bike on rainy days, I have the additional step of wrapping my purse in a waterproof bag before placing it in my basket so it doesn’t get wet.  Today, I was in the garage, bagging my bag when I realized I didn’t know where my camera was.  I wasn’t sure if it was still in the house or if it was in my purse.  I was already running late (because it’s Monday) and didn’t want to have to go back in the house.  I also didn’t want to have to get my purse back out to look for the camera that I wasn’t sure was even there.  I decided to just take my pictures later, once I found my camera.

So, I wheeled my bike out of the yard, and as soon as I threw my leg over my bike, I heard a tearing sound.  Panic!  Now I’m thinking I’m going to have to take time to go change and I’m already late.  This is the first time I’ve worn this skirt, and I thought the cut would allow me to wear it while riding my bike.  It turns out that the cut of the skirt does; but, the cut of the lining does not.  Yep, the tearing sound was the lining, not the skirt, but needless to say I was freaked out for a moment.

Sadly, the bike ride did not get any better.  It was pouring rain, it was windy, I forgot my gloves so my hands were freezing, and I had to ride through “puddles” that stretched over entire streets.  I tried coasting through them by tucking my feet up, but still got splashed.   I arrived at work with cold hands, soaked legs and raccoon eyes (rain + mascara = raccoon).

Yes, it was the most Monday of Mondays.  How about you guys?  How was your weekend?  And more importantly, how was your Monday?


P.S. Fergita Pepita said the reason I don't like this outfit very much is for the same reason she loves it; it doesn't have any color.  Fergita Pepita - hater of color, but kind enough to take my outfit shots.  Thanks again, Fergita!


  1. I really like the lace top. I pretty much love all things lace. I had to laugh because I tweeted about having a case of the Mondays myself. It was definitely one of those days.

  2. That skirt is all that and a bag of chips. And the only thing it's saying about your belly is "check out how flat and streamlined this area is."

    Today sucked, to be sure, and your biking to work story will probably give me nightmares. But perhaps the loveliness of your ensemble will mediate the winter-biking horrors!

  3. Well that sounds like quite a day! You're a brave lady for biking in the rain - I don't know if I could hack it!
    I love your skirt. I've had good luck with Jones New York. I think the outfit works very well and that you don't look blocky at all. A cropped cardigan might highlight your waist a little more, but it looks very nicely defined in this skirt!

  4. Aw, sorry about your cold, wet bike ride this morning! I think I have it bad walking in crappy weather, but there's at least a bus to save me on days like that. My Monday was very Monday-like. Too much work, and some weird realtor drama going down. Here's to a better day!

    Getting past all of that, what a cute skirt! I love the pleating, and that's some fantastic - yet subtle - sparkle.

  5. i love the shiny fabric of the skirt and those shoes are just to die for!!

    <3 steffy

  6. @Rebekah - yeah, lace is good, even on horrible Mondays.

    @A-Dubs - thank you. I'm sure I'm being too hard on the skirt. And yes, winter-biking is not for the faint of heart!

    @Allison - please, girl, you run in what appears to be 18 feet of snow. A little wind and rain can't stop you. And yes, a cropped cardi might just be the ticket - I'll try that next time.

    @Anne - Thanks, Anne! And so far Tuesday has been loads better for me - I hope it's been better for you too!

    @Steffy - thank you, Steffy, I love these shoes too. I swear I wear them all the time.

  7. shiny :D
    I really like your white blouse, I'm in desperate need of a cute white blouse... maybe something like this :)

  8. i love that look on you! the texture contrast of lace vs. tweedy shiny skirt, the 'vintage-y' touches of the shoes and skirt pockets, the way the black - shoes and stockings, cardi, and hair - contains the newts of white and grey.....the neutral palette also makes your skin the only color, and it looks so smooth against the lace!

    needless to say, i'm all for this one - but then, i do love me a little newt....have you ever tried tubing mascara? Clinique makes one, it's the only mascara i can use without big old raccoon eyes. hope your week is getting better! steph

  9. @Aline - thank you! I'm the same way about white blouses, but I have been very happy with this one.

    @Steph - hi! I'm so happy to hear from you!! And thank you for your kind words about my outfit - I think I was just too grumpy from the comedy of errors that composed my morning to appreciate it. You're right though, I *am* the color in the outfit, so it's not as boring as I thought.

    I haven't ever tried tubing mascara. I might have to give it a shot when my Lancome runs out - I hate having mascara under my eyes and by the end of the day I usually do.


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