Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Yes, this is a muumuu and I think it's terrific - hence muumuu-rific.

Daily Outfit, Tuesday, 2/1/11

The Breakdown:
  • Black turtleneck - Old Navy
  • Vintage muumuu - thrifted (label says Punahou Apparel)
  • Studded belt - Michael Michael Kors - Nordstrom
  • Black leggings - INC - Macys
  • Riding boots - Born Crown - Nordstrom
  • Scarf - gifted (thanks, Kathy!)
  • Trench - Kenneth Cole - Ideeli
I don't know why I love this muumuu so much, but I really do.  I like that the length, the pattern and the colors are all atypical.  It is very voluminous, so not belting it was not an option if I wanted to have any sort of waist.  As it is, with this much volume, I still only have sort of a waist but I still really liked this outfit.

Last time I wore this I wore it with black tights and my double strap brown shoes (seen here) and it was just too short.  If it were less full, I think it would be okay with just tights, but this much volume and this little length, I am far more comfortable with leggings instead of tights.  Especially riding into work.

Speaking of which, the ride in was freezing today!  I forgot to cover my ears and regretted it immensely when I got to work.  At least we're not getting the snow storms much of the nation is getting.  As you can see from the pictures (blurry though they are - I'm working on that, I swear), it was very sunny today.  Very sunny and very cold.

How is the weather where you are at?  Are you getting tons of snow?



  1. It may be Hawaiian, but in my opinion that is far too nice for the term "muumuu" (which I always associate with those polyester housecoats sold by Haband Direct from ads in the back of the Sunday newspaper supplement). It's a really cool tunic, and looks great with the boots. Over here in Massachusetts we're wearing blizzardwear at the moment . . . come to think of it, I'd even wear a flouncy calf-length Haband muumuu if it'd magically transport me to Hawaii.

  2. Well, I'm glad this muumuu makes a believable tunic (it doesn't sound like the polyester housecoats would quite do the job) because I love wearing it as one. I'm sorry to hear you're stuck in a blizzard - blizzardwear does not sound fun!!

  3. I'm always trying to find a cool muumuu, but I have so far failed miserably! I think it would rock sublimely to wear such a cool one as this! Cool looking AND comfy? Sign me up for a bunch of those!

  4. I think it's terrific. I especailly like it with the trench coat and fancy scarf. Lots of snow in my neck of the woods today! I might have to forgo fashion and pull out the snow pants!

  5. I agree with the Anonymous comment, I wouldn't consider this a "muummuu". The print of the not-mummu-looking-like-a-tunic is so pretty!! Those boots look great with the outfit:)


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