Friday, February 18, 2011

Static Cling

Daily Outfit, 2/18/11

I’ve had this dress/tunic for years (via Ross) and I love this color – I think it’s so pretty.  I wore it layered over a long-sleeve tee from Old Navy, my INC leggings (Macy’s) and with my Born Crown boots.  And my orange cashmere scarf; because orange goes with everything.  But, I think it looks especially good with this blue, in part because the hue of the tunic and the hue of the scarf are similar in intensity.

Thankfully you can’t really see it in this picture, but this outfit suffered from serious static cling all day and it was very irritating.  Especially because I didn’t have any way to get rid of the cling.  I don’t use hairspray so that was out; and last time I borrowed some but I don’t think it worked.  Do you guys have any suggestions for dealing with static cling? 

Goodness, I am so glad its Friday.  I locked myself out of the house, again, this morning.  I’m going to tell you all a secret – I’m a bit scatterbrained at times and have locked myself out of the house at least five times since we moved there in July.  It’s completely embarrassing, but sort of hilarious too.  I had to run over to my sister’s job (less than a block, thankfully), borrow her keys, take my pictures, run her keys back and ride to work in freezing cold rain.  Not my best Friday.  But, it is Friday and that makes me very, very happy.

And it’s a three-day weekend!  No big plans for me this weekend, except for going dancing with my friends Alex and Mary on Saturday night.  Which should be fabulous – I haven’t been out dancing forever.  Do you guys get three days this weekend?  Any exciting plans?

Happy Friday, Everyone.  And thank you all again for your kind words on my FBFF Body Image post.  I'm not going to stop blogging, I just need to get used to it.

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  1. I love the orange with the blue, it's fantastic! I haven't locked myself out yet, but my husband has been known to leave the house and forget the dogs in the backyard.
    As for static cling, this stuff is the best. I get it at the drug store and spray the inside and outside of the garment. Works like a charm.

  2. Thank you, Allison, I'll have to give this a try.

  3. I've definitely kept dryer sheets on hand, which would help. I actually use them in the winter when my hair gets really dry and full of static.

    The color of that dress is SO pretty! So bummed that we don't have Ross here in the midwest.

  4. I was wearing a ridiculously staticky dress last week at work, so I tried rubbing a little lotion on the inside of my dress and on my tights, and it did the trick. Had I the option, though, I definitely would've gone with static guard spray as Allison suggested. But lotion worked in a bind.

  5. Cute! I like that umbrella too. OMG, one time my landlord locked me out of my old apartment. ( I don't remember if it was me or her, but I'll blame her) and I had to stand in the rain, on the front step with all of my clean laundry!! I had to cover it with an umbrella the best I could!

  6. I love the blue and orange together, great colors!

    For static, if I remember at home, a quick wipe along the offending surfaces with a dryer sheet works wonders.

    Also in emergencies the same treatment with a wet hand in the office bathroom can be helpful, but only with garments that won't show the water soaking through.

    I'll have to try the product mentioned above too.

  7. Anne - It's really too bad you guys don't have Ross out there - you can find some really great stuff. If you're ever out here on the West Coast, and you get the opportunity, you should try one.

    Rebekah - I never thought about lotion. I'm going to try Allison's suggestion for work, but if I'm out and about lotion might be it. I always have some in my purse.

    Erica - your story made me laugh. It reminds me of the time I locked my keys in my car (seriously, scatterbrained) and had to stand in the parking lot in the pouring rain waiting for a locksmith.

    Thanks, Janna! I love blue and orange (well, really, any color and orange) together too! And a wet hand just might have worked. I'm sure I'll try all of these at some point.

  8. A lot of the products sold as eliminating static are actually pretty toxic. If the fabric won't be damaged by it, try a very fine spritz of water.

  9. Hey Gracy girl!! that blue looks really great on you and love the color of the scarf you paired it with.. of course the umbrella is a super accessory as well.. might as well be fashionable even in the rain!! LOL you are too cute... love the high boots on you too.. you are really getting the hang of this!!! xoxo J

  10. Beautiful blue!
    The fella left his keys one night because he can use his phone to buzz himself in...forgetting that his phone was not charged much, it died while he was out. I was fast asleep and he was stuck outfit at 2 in the morning, trying to figure out where he was going to go, when finally someone else opened the door to the building. Ahhh. Not quite the same as yours, but your story reminded me of that.

    If you ever find a quick cure to static cling, please share. I find cling to be the worst when I am wearing tights and I don't know what to do about it.

    The Auspicious Life

  11. Thank you, Science Geek. I had no idea. I'll make sure a super-fine misting of water is my first option for dealing with cling.

    Thank you, Jodi! I think these boots make everything better!!

    Linda, I laughed so hard at this story. Your poor husband! And I get bad static cling too when I wear tights, so I usually wear a slip. But with leggings, I'd feel silly wearing a slip, so I'll try water if my fabrics can stand it and Allison's suggestion if they can't. I'll let you know how it goes.


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