Friday, February 11, 2011

My Clothes are Blue, I’m Just Tired

Daily Outfit, Friday, February 11, 2011

So, I went to Jazzercise last night (yay!).  But as a result, my body is exhausted today (boo).  Therefore I couldn’t think past comfort when it came to choosing something to wear today.  And I didn’t want to think too hard about matching either.

When it comes to comfort, these jeans are the best.  They’re Gap Long and Leans and they fit more loosely than most other Gap jeans on me, so they’re super comfy.  I paired the jeans with a long-sleeve tee (Old Navy) layered underneath a flutter-sleeve top (Flounce via Nordstrom).  I added a pale yellow polka-dotted scarf (Old Navy) and my low boots (Target) and I was done.  Simple and comfortable, but with enough color in the top and the scarf to keep it from being boring.  At least I hope it’s not boring.  I worry quite a bit about boring you guys.

Well, that’s it for me for this week.  It felt like such a loooooooonnngggg week too, so I’m glad it’s finally over.  And, I’m super excited for this weekend.  I’ll be shopping with Jodee, having a slumber party with Jenny & Lori and (finally) watching the Black Swan with Alex.   How about you, Style Nation, any big plans for the weekend?

I hope everyone has a great weekend, whatever your plans.



  1. Since blue is my favorite color (excepting the evil teal)I love it! Your legs are so gorgeous...they are just the long legs that I have in my dreams, instead my short little stumpy legs! And flutter sleeves are my perfect idea of short sleeves. Gracey, you are definitely one of my new favorite bloggers.

  2. Aw my girlfriends and I had a slumber party last night! It's so fun to do that every now and then.

    I like your layering under the flutter sleeve top, and the scarf really brightens the look up. It's not boring, but you shouldn't worry about boring us anyway. It's your blog, and honestly, sometimes we all dress boring.

  3. Thank you so much, Erin. That is so sweet of you to say - my long legs and I thank you.

    And thank you, Anne, I'll just embrace my inner boring and roll with it!

  4. The scarf is fantastic! And I worry about getting boring too, but truth is we all have t-shirt and jeans days and I LOVE seeing how others style them!!

  5. There's a lot of blue in my closet, I don't know what's up with me but I just end up getting blue things :P
    I LOVE your scarf, it's adorable!


  6. Monkeyface - thank you, that's a good point. We DO all have t-shirt and jeans days.

    Aline - after black, I think blue is the color I have the most of in my closet too. It's just so pretty.


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