Monday, February 21, 2011

Weecap: Leggings, Sequin Jacket, Leggings

President's Day Weekend in which Gracey wears leggings, does some minor thrifting, goes dancing in a vintage sequin jacket, sleeps late and wears more leggings to do absolutely nothing.

Saturday, 2/19/11:

Saturday I ran some errands: banking and thrifting mostly.  I wore grey leggings (Target), a black sweater dress (Macy's), a red (I know it looks orange, but it's red) scarf (Macy's) and my cap-toe Born boots (Nordstrom).  It was sunny, but cold, so I topped it off with a grey/black vintage coat.

Saturday Night, 2/19/11:

This is what I wore on Saturday night I went out for drinks and then dancing with my friend, Mary, and some of her friends.  It was a pretty simple outfit - skinny jeans (Flirt, Old Navy), black tee (Target) and black wedges (Vince Camuto via Ideeli), but I increased the interest with my vintage black sequin jacket (gifted from my mom) and these amazing earrings.  They are the "Hooded Wonder" earrings from Betsy and Iya, made by local Portland artist Betsy Cross, and if you're interested you can find your own at her Etsy shop.  The ring is from Nordstrom and the clutch is from a little boutique on NW 23rd in Portland, called Galore.

It was great to catch up with Mary; she works in a different building now,  so I don't get to see her regularly.  And we had a lot of fun at the club; it was a good crowd and I was afforded ample opportunity to yell "Jersey Turnpike" while watching people dance.  The only downside was that we didn't know a lot of the songs the DJ was playing - I guess I'm getting old...

Sunday, 2/20/11: Sorry, no outfit pics.  I didn't actually leave the house.  I cleaned up a little, hung out with my nephews and just relaxed.

Monday, 2/21/11:

I didn't do much today, either.  Some laundry, a little grocery shopping and that was about it.  It was a very low-key day and my outfit is appropriately low-key.  Black leggings (Hue via Nordstrom), raspberry skirt (Target), raspberry long-sleeve tee (Gap), black sweater (Jones New York via Ross), black slouch boots (Chinese Laundry via Piperlime) and multi-colored scarf (v. old via ???).

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  And thank you all for your suggestions regarding my brown slacks - I've definitely got some ideas now.



  1. Aspects of all three looks I like, but Saturday night's outfit is a knockout! Admiring the coat in the first look and the raspberry color in the third.

  2. Wow - three great looks in one post! The sweater dress looks awesome on you, the sequin jacket is perfect, and I love the raspberry and black combination with the slouchy boots. Much inspiration in this post!

  3. Thanks, Terri; I really liked how Saturday night's look turned out too. I think it's the earrings - I always feel so Billy Bad-Bottom in them.

    And thank you, Allison; the jacket *is* pretty perfect, isn't it?

  4. I went dancing on Saturday night too! And laundry and grocery shopping today too! It's like we have the same calendar.

    I LOVE your Saturday night outfit. You were definitely ready for out a night out on the town!

  5. Woo-hoo! You look so hot in the Saturday-night outfit!

    I like the black top and boots with raspberry skirt. It's an unexpected reversal of the bright-on-top-dark-on-bottom look.

  6. Well, Anne, they do say that great minds think alike! And I hadn't been out forever, so I was VERY ready for a night out on the town!!

    Aww, thank you, Sue! I suppose it's poor form to toot my own horn, but I felt hot in the Saturday night outfit! You can't go wrong with sequins and long earrings.

  7. Wow, you've had an incredibly stylish few days here. I really love the raspberry on you in particular, and the sequins are totally fab.

  8. WHOA Sat Night Gracey is a fashion force to be reckoned with! I'm kinda jealous of her but Monday Gracey looks so sweet and down to earth that I can't be hatin ;)

  9. All the outfits are great, but I am in LOVE with your Saturday night look! Perfect!

  10. Thanks, Ana. I was obsessed with raspberry a few years back, now I don't think I wear it enough. I might just have to dust it off...

    Thank you, Monkeyface, for participatin' instead of playa hatin'. ;-)

    And thank you, Sarah, I'm sort of in love with the Saturday night look too. Sequins are fabulous!

  11. Stopping by via House in the Clouds blog.
    2/19 day outfit Love the coat and pop of color of the scarf.
    2/19 night outfit the sequin scarf is hot, I love the shine.
    2/21 The pink in your outfit with the hint of pink in the scarf is so chic.


  12. JTWisdom - Thank you for stopping by and commenting, I appreciate it. And Monday's scarf is pretty awesome - I can wear it with almost any color - I love versatility like that!


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