Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Yellow Cords Redux – This One’s for Ferge

Daily Outfit, 2/22/11

It’s no secret that I love pairing bright colors together.  I love it, but apparently some others hate it with the same fiery burning passion that they hate these pants.  I don’t understand hating these pants (they’re awesome) or pairing bright colors (double the awesome), but my friend Ferge hates them both.

So, Ferge, this one’s for you…

The cords are, of course, my mustard-yellow, cropped cords from the Gap, the tan/cream tunic is Old Navy, the blue sweater is Beth Bowley via Nordstrom Rack, the boots are Born Crown via Nordstrom, the scarf is very old and I can’t remember where I got it from and the belt is Mossimo (Target).

This outfit makes me very happy.  For me, yellow pants = happiness and the multi-colored belt increases the happiness quotient by 10 (Ferge rolled her eyes when she saw it).  Adding to the happiness is the fact that this is one of my all-time favorite cardigans, and you all know how much I love the boots.  The outfit is bright, but I don’t feel like its over-the-top because I’ve paired it with cream and tan and brown; for me, this is perfect.

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!



  1. What wonderful britches! This color suggests happiness to me also!

  2. I love your yellow pants!! I love yellow but it doesn't love me. But if I wore yellow on my bottom half, then perhaps that would work....
    Awesome outfit! Tell Ferge I said so ;)

  3. I ADORE those yellow pants. And, like Terry, I shall now call them britches. And since that's all English of me, I say "Spit spot, tally ho, well done ole chap, and God Save the Queen (and possibly get her a pair of awesome yellow pants, too)!"

  4. I think we should all call them britches from now on! Because that is fabulous. So, thank you, Terry, for calling them britches and thank you, Katie, for being so willing to also call them britches.

    And Allison, I will be sure to tell Ferge she's crazy for hating my awesome yellow pants. And yeah, if there is a color that doesn't work near your face, try pants or a skirt; that's what I do!

  5. These Gap cords keep haunting me today. I almost bought them, but I couldn't decide what color. The bright red looked way fun, but I didn't think I could pull it off. Then I never committed to the black or navy either. Since then, I've seen you in your fun yellow ones and the black ones in another blog. So tempting!

  6. Not over the top at all! Those pants are amazing, and you've styled them brilliantly. They don't overwhelm at all, they just work.

  7. I also love these pants! Silly friend for not appreciating them in all their sunny glory!

  8. Such a cute outfit - I love color as well, but have never been bold enough to wear colored pants! Maybe now I will - they're super cute! Thanks for commenting on my blog!
    xoxo Emily

  9. Woah! I never would have thought of wearing yellow cords except that now that I've seen it, I want it! They are Happy Pants. Who doesn't need happy pants? You'd make the best neighbor, I'd love to see those pants on my street!

  10. Yeah those pants look great with the boots. Such rich vibrant colors. Color is a girls best friend!

  11. @Rebekah - I actually purchased the red cords from Gap, but they didn't fit me in the waist so I returned them. I wanted them sooo bad though. For now, I just console myself with these yellow ones.

    @Ana - thank you, Ana, I feel the same way. Not overwhelming, just good.

    @Anonymous - thank you!

    @Erin - I informed Ferge that she was a silly friend for not appreciating these pants, but I don't think she's coming around. Oh, well, her loss.

    @Emily - thank you so much for stopping by! And I definitely encourage colored pants for everyone!

    @Fabienne - they're totally Happy Pants! For the viewer and the wearer!!

  12. Thanks, Ola. I'm beginning to think these boots look good with everything, but do definitely work with my Happy Pants!

  13. i love the yellow pants, especially with those brown boots! they are so bright and spring-ish!

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    <3 steffy

  14. Thanks for stopping by, Steffy - I returned the compliment!

  15. Rockin' britches in gorgeous colour and LOVE all of your accessories. You look gorgeous!

    I am wearing canary yellow today - nothing is more fun than yellow!

    Sarah xxx

  16. I agree, Sarah, yellow is the absolute best!

    Especially now that it's the middle of winter here - I need all the cheeriness I can get.

  17. Love those pants...Now I want to branch beyond my recent black skinny pant purchase into yellow!

  18. Thanks, Emmy. I say go for the yellow skinnies - they are so fun to wear!


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