Thursday, February 17, 2011

Gracey and the Crazy Bird Scarf

Daily Outfit, 2/17/11

This outfit is the result of several events that transpired this morning.  The first thing that happened is that I wanted to get my weekly red in today.  So, I wore a red tunic with black skinnies and a grey "military-inspired” jacket.  The jacket was too short for the length of the tunic, so I decided to try a grey cardigan.  That didn’t work either and I realized it was the tunic’s fault.  That darn tunic made me look plump (not saying I'm not, but I don't always want to look it), so that was out. 

Then I thought I’d wear a red shoe – that’s a nice pop of color, right?  But what to wear it with?  All black?  Black and grey?  Bright blue?  So many questions.  And then my eye went to my beloved crazy bird scarf, that thrifted fashion miracle, and I knew I had to wear it.  The result was this outfit, which I rather like.  The jeans (Gap) fit well and look good with the red shoes (BC Footwear “Swear”).  The button down is a thrifted men’s button-down, the sweater is from Old Navy, the earrings were gifted (Thanks, Mom!) and the crazy bird scarf is crazy awesome. 

I like to imagine that the designer of this scarf had an affinity for birds and synchronized swimming and a dream to combine the two.  The end result is a scarf patterned with birds engaged in synchronized perching.  I actually think I might have bought the scarf because it was so crazy and different.  Do you guys ever do that?  Think “Holy crackers, that’s insane – I have to have it?”

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thursday; the weekend is nearly here, thank goodness. 

As always, thank you for reading!


And a special thank you to Fergita Pepita for taking my outfit photos for me.  All that indecision was making me late for work so I had to take them at work instead of beforehand.


  1. Love that bird scarf! Great thrifting score! -Colleen

  2. I love that scarf with the synchronized perching birds! I think it looks great paired with the simple jeans and button down. I always look for crazy and fun scarves when I'm in thrift stores. And I usually always fine at least one!

  3. " affinity for birds and synchronized swimming" - HA! That made my morning.

    I like your weekly red, though initially I thought your shoes were orange (I'm viewing this in my phone so the colors might be a little off) and I thought to myself what don't you own in orange?

  4.'s like the designer was tripping on LSD and suddenly saw some birds! You look great, so happy and long-limbed. (Dude, seriously, my stubby little arms and legs are wailing away.) And those shoes are AWESOME! I've had people say my new neutral must be red. It could be true if I got those shoes!!

  5. Yes-- sometimes the "Holy Crackers" factor is just what pushes me to buy it! I bought a flouncy blouse covered with penguins from Nordstrom Rack a few weeks ago for that reason.
    I am convinced that this tendency will someday make me the crazy old lady in the grocery store with the beret and the brooches, the scarves, the bangles, the plaid flannel pants, and the shirt covered in penguins, but don't we all love that crazy old lady?

  6. Colleen - thank you, I was quite excited to thrift this.

    Katie - all I can say is: I know, right?!!

    Allison - I think it was probably best I kept the rest of the outfit simple. I didn't want to compete with the craziness of the scarf.

    Anne - I think they look orange as the result of my cruddy camera and even cruddier (is that a word?) photography skills. But, I swear, this time they're red.

    Erin - I agree completely. I think drugs definitely played some sort of role in the making of this scarf!

    Tegan - my goal is to become that woman. I always announce to my friends that I'm going to be the best old lady ever because I'm going to wear whatever the heck I want and no one can say anything. So excited!!! (Also, I'm probably going to go to Nordstrom Rack and look for a flouncy penguin shirt now).

  7. Scarf! Scarf! Great outfit as a whole, but I have major scarf envy.

  8. Ana, you crack me up! I'm fine with you just focusing on the scarf - I did too.

  9. I really like the shoes!!!! So adorable and it goes great with the scarf. Loved it :D


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