Friday, July 29, 2011

Just Enough

I’ve worn this necklace three times this week which some people may believe is too much, but I insist is just enough: 

It’s not the necklace’s fault that turquoise, like orange, goes with everything.  Yesterday I wore it with other brights; today I’m wearing it as the only bit of color in an otherwise neutral outfit.  And I think it works equally well both ways.  Today I paired the necklace (rummaged) with a grey and white striped maxi (Gap), pewter sandals (Lovely People via Ideeli), a white belt (thrifted) and large silver hoops (Nordstrom).

Does anyone have any big plans for this weekend?  Tonight I’m going to a local winery (we have quite a few here in the Willamette Valley) to listen to music.  And Saturday and Sunday is the Oregon Brew Fest in Portland.  In addition to a lot of wineries, Oregon also has A LOT of microbreweries, so the Brew Fest is always a fun weekend.  I’m not sure that I’ll be going this year, but it’s definitely an option.

Today’s Takeaway?  Oregonians believe strongly in fermentation as a scientific process.

Happy Friday, Everyone!  Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. i feel u, i hardly have any accessories and i re-wear the same ones literally every day! they never get old tho :) cute necklace, keep repeatin it!

    <3 steffy
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  2. Goodness, you are so adorable. You always have such a gorgeous smile on your face! I love how the turquoise necklace adds a perfect pop of color! And the simple maxi dress is really beautiful. I hope you enjoyed the winery!


  3. Nice outfit!

  4. You quoted Oscar Wilde, who said that too much of a good thing is just enough.

    We have a finite number of accessories so repeating them isn't a problem if (1) they're cute (like this necklace) and (2) we use them in different ways (which you did). No problem here!

    Enjoy your weekend activities. My 80-year old dad is coming up from FL (to NY) to visit for a week.

  5. I live in a small city with five breweries, so we like to celebrate the beer, too. Shame I don't drink...

    Your grey and white dress has me jonesing for more grey striped items, and I already have four! In that case, too much might just be too much.

  6. You look so great in this dress! The style makes you look so long and lean, the colors are perfect on you, and the turquoise necklace is a nice touch.

    I love a good microbrew. Did you know that Chicago has a budding microbrewery business too? There's 2 wonderful craft breweries within walking distance of my house, as well as a distillery!

  7. Nice! I approve of stripes, as you know. And that necklace is not being worn too often; it's clearly a workhorse accessory.

  8. you look amazing in this striped dress! i've always wanted to visit oregon, ive heard great things about it. not much going on here this weekend, just relaxing and doing stuff to get ready for the wedding as always. <3

  9. My big plans for the weekend are to finish grading all papers on Ibsen's A Doll House (50 of them), compute grades, and meet a future father-in-law (of one of my daughters) tomorrow sometime. I like this grey maxi. I have one like it in a camel stripe that I'll be busting out in August.

  10. OH MY GRACEY!! You look STUNNING in that dress!! I die! Love that necklace with it and you are so right in that it matches so many things. What a great piece! You can rock it daily if you choose to girl!! I will admire it each time you do! ;-) Kiah

  11. Gracey, I ADORE that necklace! I've commented on it before and I just think it looks striking on you! I did a lot of hiking this weekend and am now enjoying relaxing on the couch. Hey, have you ever eaten any Western Hazelnut bread? I think it's by Franz Brothers or something like that. Oregon is the only place I've ever found it and it is WONDERFUL! If you haven't already, you must try! Big hug Gracey! ~Serene

  12. Such a gorgeous dress, the necklace is the perfect pop of colour for it! :) Bottoms up!


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