Monday, July 25, 2011

Long Weekend, Lazy Monday

It really was less of a long weekend and more of a looooooooong Saturday.  My friend Alex and I headed up to Portland early on Saturday morning, had breakfast at Gravy, visited the Mississippi Flea Market and then hit every vintage store we could find.  On Mississippi, we went to Flutter and Animal Tracks.  On Alberta we had lunch at Petite Provence and went to Billy Goat Vintage and The Factory.  And downtown, on 10th, I think, we went to Fat Fancy and Ray’s Ragtime.

Sadly, neither of us were very successful in finding anything; although I did purchase an amazing clutch from the Mississippi Flea Market (I love clutches, I have a couple dozen of them) and Alex found a gorgeous dress at Flutter.  Luckily, our trip to Portland was two-fold; we were also going to an 80s concert in nearby Canby that night.

The concert was absolutely fabulous.  It was outdoors at a bar called The Wild Hare Saloon and it was great.  It was $12 for three bands all of whom played 80s music.  The first group was Radical Revolution; they play 80s pop and are the same band that played at our 80s prom.

The second group was Stone in Love, a Journey tribute band:

This is the poster from the concert.

And the night closed with Hair Assault, a hair/metal group:

This is their promotional photo and yes, they really dress like this!

We had the best time, but didn’t get home until nearly 1 am.  Therefore I spent most of Sunday lazing about the house and re-watching Casino Royale (it’s one of my favorite movies and I adore Daniel Craig).  I think I was still tired, or maybe just uninspired today, because I couldn’t come up with anything to wear besides this:

Oh, no, it’s not bad, I know that.  It’s just so neutral.  And I am not a neutral kind of gal.  But, I liked this outfit in spite of its snooze-fest of a color palette.  The black jeggings (Gap Outlet) are super comfortable, as is the embellished tank (Design History via Ross) and the wedges (Bamboo via TJ Maxx).  I added simple gold hoops and a vintage cameo bracelet and pedaled my tired little heinie to work.

Today’s Takeaway?  For all you color-lovers out there; neutral isn’t bad, it’s just neutral (and that's okay).
Happy Monday, Everyone!



  1. That sounds like an awesome weekend! I love Journey, and 80s tunes in general.

    I hear ya about neutral outfits. I'm trying to wear neutrals more often and keep it simple, but I don't feel like myself without some color.

  2. Ha, I wish I looked this good after a night at a concert!

  3. Wow, what a fun weekend! I don't know what kind of restaurant Gravy is, but it sounds good.

    Chic on the Cheap

  4. the shirt is pretty, sometimes neutrals just work!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  5. Sounds like a great day! Too bad you didn't find much while shopping. Flutter is one of my favorite stores (as is Billy goat vintage). Last time I went to Flutter, I scored 4 awesome throw pillows for $10 each (regularly $78 each)!

  6. Gracey...I'm SOOOOOO with you on this! As a former, "It has to be black and white" girl; I do so love color. However,I give myself permission to just go neutral sometimes. There is just such an easy feel to it. This looks wonderful on you and the shoes give it the "UMPH!" that keeps it from being "just neutral". Hugs! ~Serene

  7. you look so cute, I am glad that you have great time :)

  8. You do neutrals very well, and it sounds like a great weekend.


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