Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Put A Tassel On It

Turns out that I am a sucker for anything with a tassel on it.  Like this bracelet:

I got this bracelet and some tasseled carnelian earrings the last time I was at our local vintage store, Lil’ Gypsy.  And I’m kicking myself for passing up a tasseled lavaliere, but I think I’ll go back and see if it’s still there.  I’m telling you, folks, put a tassel on it and I’ll probably buy it.

Oh, I also wore clothes today:

Not nearly as exciting as the tasseled bracelet, to be sure, but probably more work appropriate than just the tasseled bracelet.  In addition to the bracelet I wore my black-and-gray twofer dress (Target) belted with a multi-colored cotton sash (thrifted), my purple-blue platform sandals (MRKT via DSW), turquoise bead necklace (rummaged) and vintage cameo bracelet.

I know my accessories look like a hodgepodge of colors, but although you can’t see it very well, the sash combines the black and gray of the dress with the purple of the shoes, the turquoise of the tasseled bracelet and necklace and the rose and cream of the cameo bracelet.  And in addition to be tied together with the belt, all of the accessories are similar in hue (or is it tone?) which helps unify the look without being matchy-matchy.

Today’s Takeaway?  Tassels rock.  That is all.

Happy Wednesday, All!



  1. Love the look.. Especially the bracelet with the tassels!

    All the best, Angel

  2. I have that dress! But, mine is pink and black. It looks great on you!

  3. That bracelet is beautiful and I love how you belted this!

  4. i love the tassel bracelets! it remind me of one we sell at the boutique i work at :)

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  5. I love all of the accesories. The bracelet rocks and so do those shoes!!

  6. Lavaliere! Like the twins have in Sweet Valley High! That's what I take away from this. Oh, the Wakefields...

    Oh, also, I love the way you tied the sash. Cute!

  7. Cute dress; In the first pic I thought it was separates.

    I am new to the tassle thing; I got some Fluevogs with tassles in June and thought I wasn't really going to love the tassle detail but I put them on and lo and behold, I am a tassle fanatic. Can't wait to get more.

  8. love tassles too! and you look fab. i like the "mish mosh" of color. the purple, the turquoise. it's all fabulous-ness!

  9. But, can you shimmy and shake and make those tassels spin;)

    Seriously, you look great in that dress, and I like the different colors together. Not matchy - matchy, which I know all to well is a very serious affliction.

  10. Gracey....those bracelets are beautiful! I really need to find me a great turquoise necklace like what you're's gorgeous! Love the simplicity of your outfit. Perfect for hot days! hugs to you!! ~Serene

  11. Is it weird that the post title made me think of Beyonce's "Single Ladies"? "If you like it then you shoulda put a tassel on it..."

    Purple shoes rock! I just bought a pair of purple flats.

  12. Ahhh. didn't even notice that the belt was multicolored until you pointed it out. Even if it didn't tie everything together, hodge podge jewelry is sometimes the best kind. Nonetheless, very clever to match everything with the belt. And I love the turquoise bracelet!

  13. Super cute outfit! I love tassels. I am working on a tassel belt right now! Can't wait to show it! Kiah

  14. Are those sandals not the best sandals ever invented? I can't stop wearing mine!

    Chic on the Cheap


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