Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Yesterday and Today

I am, once again, a day behind on my posting, so I’ve combined yesterday’s and today’s outfits into a single post to get caught up.

Yesterday it was sort of chilly much of the day and even a little misty in the morning so I took the opportunity to wear something with sleeves for the first time in what feels like ages:

I paired a tunic (Gibson via Nordstrom) with black skinnies (Gap) and black snub-nose mini-wedges (Jessica Simpson via Nordstrom).  I added hot pink drop earrings (street vendor) and probably should have added a bracelet or three, but I was running late.

Today was chilly again in the morning so I decided to break in one of the pairs of new shoes I bought for fall:

I love blue shoes.  I read somewhere that if you like red shoes, you have a fiery spirit.  Does my love of blue shoes mean that I have a damp spirit then?  If so, that’s okay – I’ll take a damp spirit if it comes with blue shoes.  Today I paired my new blue suede booties (Dolce Vita DV “Wyatt” via Nordstrom) with a tan linen skirt (Jones New York via Macy’s) and red and white striped tee (J. Crew Outlet).  I felt sort of sporty (spice) so I kept the accessories to a watch (for timing my sporty activities) and gold hoops (surely the sportiest of all earrings).

Although I love these shoes and all of the elements of this outfit individually, I’m not sure it works.  Or, rather, I’m not sure it works for me.  I don’t think I’m a very sporty gal in spite of having played three sports all through high school.  Or maybe it’s just this skirt – I don’t think I’ve ever styled it in a way I really liked.  I like the skirt itself, but I can’t seem to style it for anything.  I’d give it a couple more tries, though, before donating it. 

So, if anyone has any suggestions for styling the skirt or the booties (which are not on the chopping block, I just want to wear them every possible way), I’d love to hear them.

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!



  1. HOLY SMOKES. Those booties are rockin! I love them with the stripes and linen, but I'd wear them with those jeans too, with the ankles rolled just as you have them now.

    I think the linen skirt is fabulous. Have you tried tucking the shirt into it, or belting? Maybe that would make you feel for structured?

  2. Loving the tunic and skinnies!

    I am a huge fan of a bootie, and of colored shoes, so this one is fabulous! I like to see more leg when booties are worn. They tend to cut the leg off, so having more leg showing is always a great way to go.

  3. You know, when you put the two outfits together, I'm so struck by the contrast. Way to rock two totally different looks back to back! I really like the skinnies and tunic combo. The accent colors in the tunic look so great on you!

  4. Those blue shoes are giving me palpitations. Be still my heart! Gracey, your sense of style has evolved so much over the last year, I am just wowed. I really look forward to reading your blog every day, as it is such a good dose of eye candy and you always have something interesting to say.

  5. You know, Miss Gracey, for all your issues with your thighs, I have to tell you that you look AWESOME in your skinnies, thighs especially. And those blue booties? Pair 'em with the black skinnies for a girly Elvis look! I think you're unsatisfied with the second outfit because of the combo of the booties and the skirt. The skirt might call for flats or more sandal-ish type heels. I think the booties (while totally adorable) are a little too "fall" for the linen skirt.

    Feel free to ignore all suggestions though, and wear whatever makes you smile!

  6. I love the blouse in outfit no 1! And your new booties are to die for. They are absolutely fabulous :) x

  7. love the striped shirt with the beige skirt :)

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  8. I am in love with the second outfit. The stripes and the boots--ahh! Love!

  9. What does it mean that I prefer no shoes? If I could spend my life barefoot (on soft and padded surfaces, of course) I'd be as happy as a no-shoe clam (and it would only be the one absent shoe, as clams only have one foot). But if you must be shod, those boots are a fine solution!

  10. Pretty tunic! Liking blue shoes doesn't mean you have a damp spirit--it means you have depth and hidden mysteries like a deep blue ocean. Either that or you're an Elvis fan?

  11. What sports did you play? I'm so curious!

    I just acquired a skirt that looks a lot like your linen one (though decidedly un-linen) and I'm planning on wearing a button-front blouse of some sort tucked into it with a belt on top so that I can pretend I have a new shirtdress. It sounds dorky, but I'm excited! Haha.

    As for the booties, I'd say pair 'em with a shorter skirt, maybe a dark one, and a blue top. I don't think that would be blue overload. ;)

  12. Oh, I love those blue booties!!

  13. I love the top from the first outfit and the skirt from the 2nd... great pieces! :) And those boots are pretty killer as well.

  14. Loving your black top, plus I think I need those boots like, now! If the colour theory is true we must have the same personality, blue shoes all the way! Eh except for the red ones I'm wearing right now... :)

  15. the skirt would probably look great with your tall brown Born boots!


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