Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Burgundy & Blue

We’re entering that confusing time of year here in Oregon where it’s really sunny and things are starting to bloom so you think maybe it’s Spring, but then, in the middle of your bike ride it drops 15 degrees and starts hailing.  

As you can imagine, that sort of weather can be hard to dress for when you commute by bike.  Therefore, I’m back to my old standby of dresses, cardigans, tights and riding boots:

What can I say?  It dries easily and is warm enough but not so warm that I overheat during the sunny moments.  Also, it’s easy to put on when you're to tired from staying up late reading the Game of Thrones books to think of anything else.

For today’s version, I paired a blue dress (vintage Karin Stevens via Salvation Army) layered under a burgundy and blue cardigan (Gap Outlet).  Today’s tights are burgundy and today’s riding boots are Born Crown (“Sosie” via Nordstrom).  Et voila, simple, effective and quick-drying. 

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!


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  1. As a bonus, the pattern on your dress looks a bit like hailstones, so you're good to go! Never let it be said that we can't accessorize for the weather.

  2. It's the perfect look for the time of year (we are having similar weather conditions) and a favourite look of mine too.
    Gorgeous polka dot frock and I love the colour combination. xxx

  3. What a great dress! And I love colored tights so I obviously am a fan of this look! :)

    Stay warm, and dry!


  4. Ooooh which book are you on? I read 1-3 and had to take a break. But they're sooooo good!

    Also, this outfit formula would serve me well in SF most days, too. I think I need more cardigans in my life that go well with dresses... I like how this one is longer. Also, love the color combo.

  5. Great outfit formula for your commute, Gracey - and I love this combination today. Dots + tights + groovy boots are so flattering.

  6. I love this uniform. I'm thinking dresses, cardigans and tights will have to be my wardrobe next fall/winter/spring.

  7. Those boots are totally gorgeous. They look amazing with burgundy tights.

  8. Cute and fully functional, I never see gals looking this cute riding home from work...if I ever see you~ you'll know it, I'll be leaning out the window....HEY GRACE!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This dress is so sweet on you and the smile for miles is your best feature:)

  9. I hear ya! I have stopped bringing gloves with me everywhere and nearly froze my hands off walking to the outer parking lots today after work! Loving those burgundy tights :)

  10. Hey Gracie ... you looking fabulous! I love your outfit ... the dress is divine and could you just pop the boots in the mail for me!

    Sorry for the weather extremes. I feel rather spoilt that ours is not at all extreme. We have such mild winters and our autumn just fades into winter and our spring into summer. That's one of the things I miss about Europe, you could tell the seasons apart.

    Have a stunning day

  11. Gacey, you are the most stylish cyclist commuter I know (my bike only comes out at weekends and I shall steal your outfit ideas for then)... x

  12. cute dot dress! it's the same here too- one second sunny and glorious and the next second freezing and foggy!

  13. Cute, cute, cute! I love the navy with cognac. One of my favorite looks on you ever!
    Weird weather down here, too. Hail, frost, wind..then the next day it's 70!

  14. me too!! I have this very same problem... and theres also the helmet hair issue!! we are starting to get some cherry blossoms here so hope this means its getting warmer. I love that polka dot dress on you.. love it!!

    xox oJodi

  15. This dress is absolutely adorable and you styled it so well
    biking in hail, can't imagine that is fun! Ouch

  16. Oh no! Bike riding in hail sounds horrendous. I hope the weather mellows out for you! At any rate you look cute as a button. The polka dots are perfect and the color of your tights spices things up a bit!

  17. I can only imagine how crazy riding a bike through hail was, earlier this winter I was walking home and it started to hail and I took cover in an ATM until it passed! I love your dress and it looks great with the warm brown boots and bright tights.

  18. That is such a cute dress, and I love the combination of navy and burgundy. I never thought of wearing riding boots when riding my bike!

  19. Boots, dress, colored tights, and a cardigan is always a winner in my opinion! Your version is so pretty!

  20. Oh man, the weather here drives me nuts this time of year! It'll be sunny outside, and I'll go out for a walk, and then it will suddenly start pouring and I'll be freezing.


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