Thursday, January 24, 2013

Arbitrary Neon

Arbitrary Neon is going to be the name of the band I start after Neon Peach goes up in flames because the bass guitarist thinks she should be a solo artist.  It also describes my accessories today:

Although you can’t see it very well, I am wearing a neon necklace.  This neon necklace: 

Long Epoxy Link Necklace -image via

Why?  Because it made sense this morning and who am I to ignore morning inspiration.  (Also, Morning Inspiration is going to be the name of my 70s soft rock cover band).  In addition to the arbitrary neon necklace (Target), I also wore dark leopard skinnies (Old Navy Rock Star), a sheer, printed blouse (Liberty Love via Nordstrom Rack), an oversized blazer (gifted J. Crew; thanks Alex!) & boots (MIA “Roam” via Piperlime). 

Full disclosure, I love this outfit.  I love the weird color combination (tobacco, blue & fuchsia?), the pattern mixing (of course) and the arbitrary neon necklace.  It’s randomly cohesive, which is totally my thing.  As of right now.

Happy Thursday, All!


Shop the Look:
Neon Target necklace
Similar blouse
Old Navy RockStar Skinnies
MIA “Roam” boots
I couldn't find a similar blazer, but I'd suggest thrifting something; thrift stores are full of oversized blazers.

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  1. I really love the print combo. The two pieces just work together and the camel jacket holding the bold pieces together.

  2. love the boots, the pattern mixing and the title of the post!

  3. Love the Neon! A friend and i were discussing band names on FB yesterday. We have decided our band will be called The Unnecessary Texans. With our hit song "I messed with Texas,(and now she's pregnant)"

  4. I'm going to start a three-piece combo called Tobacco, Blue and Fuchsia. I can't play or sing, so I hope the other two will be able to.

    I love blazers, and now I know what to wear tomorrow!

  5. Randomly cohesive - that is definitely your thing, Gracey!
    Love the mix going on here, the prints, the colours, the neon, the smile!
    Oh no, please don't say Neon Peach are breaking up... I may need counselling. But if Arbitrary Neon and Morning Inspiration rise from the ashes, I will be OK. Can my band, Idiot and Labia, be your support act on your world tour. Thanks! xxxx

  6. My husband and I have a band called the Transmorals. I play the "hands" and he plays the "bass hand." And I love that blazer.
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

    the shop of worldly delights

  7. I think this is my favorite look so far from you! Can I be in your band? I can't play any instruments, or carry a tune, but I look cool holding a guitar.

  8. hooray for loving your outfit! nice band name. it reminds me of the real band name neon trees. i bet that's what you were thinking too, right gracey?. ;)

  9. I love it too, especially the blouse which is just divine. x

  10. You have the best band names, not to mention the greatest stylins! I love how it all goes together. Kudos, Morning Inspiration! I'm beside myself to jump in as backup with some "doo-doos" and the "ah-ahhs," I shake a mean tambourine. :)

  11. I looove your blazer! I've been looking for a camel blazer for ages, and can't find one that fits AND is within my (very small) price range. Yours is perfect!!

  12. I would come and see the (re-formed)Neons! Great pattern mixing, the colours go so well I didn't notice they were both pattern-y at first.

  13. Yes! Thrift stores have TONS of blazers! I think all of mine came from there...make sure to check the mens and boys sections, too!

    Knocked Up Fabulous

  14. Lovely neon necklace! Amazing how well it goes with this beautiful outfit. I wish I could have some great morning inspirations too!

  15. There should be a webpage for all the bandname ideas, where uninspired bands could go for inspiration. I'd love that! You could be a very prolific contributor. :)

    I love the touch of neon by the way!
    And when did I miss that I can follow your blog with Bloglovin? I'm heading there right now. :)

  16. lmao that's a lot of bands... but awesome names ;)

    I hate when neon doesn't photograph very well. I hardly opt for a subtle or arbitrary neon. It's usually a top or bottom and is FULL neon. Perhaps I should work it in with more subdued colors.

  17. In blog photos, that neon necklace looks like lovely brushed gold metal.

    Plus, you are always wearing that fabo neon smile.

    Excited to show off my new-to-me vintage dress with pleats on the blog later this week, a purchase inspired by all of your great vintage dresses and true to The Source: GoodWill :D

  18. that is a great necklace - and i've been known to throw on the arbitrary neon accessory as well.
    Chic on the Cheap

  19. haha love your opener! great mixing of patterns xo

  20. You are a print mixing master! That necklace is awesome, I really need to jump on the neon bandwagon because I love how much fun it adds to an outfit! Have a great day!
    xo Hannah


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