Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Burgundy and Orange

Burgundy and orange are one of those color combinations that look fabulous to my eye even if they don’t exactly make sense on paper:

I am especially fond of the plummy burgundy (which, yes, I call oxblood when I want to seem on-trend) of this turtleneck (Gap) paired with the bright, tangerine orange of this skirt (vintage via Goodwill).  I also wore a cream, cashmere sweater (Forte Cashmere via Ideeli), black tights (Spanx via Nordstrom) and snake platform pumps (Pierre Dumas via Piperlime).

Also, I didn’t realize it until today, but I’m a turkey decal away from being dressed like the Virginia Tech 2012 Russell Athletic Bowl Helmets.



And, in Great-Intent-Shaky-Execution News, I also wore this metal filigree necklace from Old Navy: 

You can’t see it in the other photos because there isn’t enough contrast between it and the turtleneck, and because my hair is in the way, but, I swear that I wore it and that it added pretty much nothing to the outfit. 

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!


P.S.  You're welcome for all of the football helmets I share.

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I couldn't find a similar necklace, but they have these in-store at Old Navy.

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  1. I really like this color combo! And that necklace is really cool, at first I thought it was actually lace.

  2. I love those color combinations. I'm a Hokie, so it is a must. :) The helmets are from 2013 Russel Athletic Bowl. I noticed the Sandy Hook/Virginia Tech ribbon on the back of the helmet. :(

    Love your blog!

    1. Oops, you're right. That was this year's bowl game; I didn't recognize the Sandy Hook/VA Tech Ribbon as such. I'll change it.

  3. Yummy combination. And how incongruous to find football helmets on a fashion blog. That's as weird as finding motorcycles on one. :)

  4. It IS a fabulous colour combination, Gracey! Why didn't I think of burgundy and orange? Cos I'm not as good at this stuff as you are, that's why!
    I adore that skirt. But I confess I didn't spot the necklace till you pointed it out... Nice though! xxxxx

  5. Oh, you're right; burgundy and orange ARE a great colour combination, and one I really should revisit, since it's been probably at least a year since I did that.

    I spotted the necklace, but honestly thought it was some kind of lace embellishment on the turtleneck. It's lovely!

  6. Love this mix - and I adore a pleated skirt like this one. Very timely football references : >

  7. Burgundy and orange is a perfect combo, in fact I just wore it yesterday! I love the necklace. I noticed it, it's a great way of subtly adding detail. I wish I could get my skinny belts to look as perfect as yours does. They slid everywhere on me.

  8. super fan of the pleated skirt and this color combination works very well together, even if I would never have thought to put it together
    I think I live too close to many VT fans, but now that I see it out of football context I love it

  9. I would never have thought...I love these colors together! You always come up with the most awesome color combos!

    Knocked Up Fabulous

  10. This color combination is glorious. :)And regarding the football helmets - maybe you'll start a fashion/style-blogging trend and folks will start using sports equipment for color inspiration? ;)

  11. Nice! I'm starting to wonder what I have in those colors that I could wear together. The cream sweater is a nice complement.

  12. Word on burgundy and orange looking good together! (I love how you use a little orange, the skirt is just the prettiest shade of orange ever!) I'm also pretty impressed over you finding that necklace at Old Navy, they never have nice jewelry when i go in there and certainly never anything awesome like that.

  13. This looks good to my eye, too. That is the most awesome-nest skirt evah. I like the bling. A lot :p

  14. great color combo! love that sweater! xo

  15. ha-ha-ha about the helmets! ;) looking lovely gracey. i say this is a winning outfit.

  16. Brown and orange are a great color combo but I'd be afraid to look like the Cleveland Browns or a Thanksgiving turkey decor.


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