Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dear April, You Are NOT March

Daily Outfit for Thursday, April 14, 2011

April doesn’t seem to be satisfied with just having showers to prepare for May flowers.  No, apparently it’s decided to emulate March and also come in like a lion.  Seriously, it was so windy today I thought I was going to fall off my bike.   And of course I was riding into a headwind.  I tell you what, if April doesn’t follow up on this copycat mess and go out like a lamb I am going to be very put out.

You hear that April?  You have two weeks to get it together.

Windy days naturally necessitate wearing pants for me (my skirt got blown up once and while it was hilarious, it was also very embarrassing), and the grey skies suggested grey denim:

I figured if I cooperated with the weather it might cooperate with me, so I took that suggestion and went with my grey skinnies (Target) today.  I paired them with about seven tops because it was cold.  Okay, I exaggerate; I only wore three tops.  The first layer is my brown tunic (New York & Co via Ross), worn under my ditsy floral blouse (Old Navy) which in turn was worn under a cardigan (Old Navy).  I wore my Mossimo (Target) flats again today because I like them (and Anne does too).

Please note, if you are a reader named April, I am not yelling at you.  I promise. 

Happy Thursday, All!



  1. OH I know what you mean about the weather.. its crappy up here on the west coast of Canada too... LA NINA... she is a b*tch alright!! :) nobody is happy about this cold weather. I froze my hands and butt off tonight during our run... it was sooo cold!!

    okay, now on to your outfit.. that floral top is really cute, very subtle and feminine and looks cute on you!! Wish I could layer. I look huge when I layer !!

    have a good one.. catch ya next week!! xox oJ

  2. Oh yes, the weather is insane in NY, too. I just covered my lettuce plantings with cloth for the night because it's supposed to get below freezing. Ugh...

    I like your outfit; it's very relaxed and cute. Simple, effortless layering always looks awesome!

  3. I came across those skinnies at Goodwill in Tall (!), but the fit seemed all wonky. They also still seemed a little on the short side. But you look adorable enough that I'm tempted to go back and try them on again...

  4. love the top! sorry to hear about the wind, try april heat in fla! no fun!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  5. @Jodi - Yes, I swear the temperature drops 20 degrees at night - I can't imagine running in this weather. I also can't imagine that you look huge in anything - you always look fabulous.

    @The Waves - We have had a couple nights recently where it dropped below freezing so we're having to keep an eye on our garden too. So far so good though. Fingers crossed.

    @Katie - I may just have a wonky body, but the only thing I don't love is the low waist. Otherwise, I find them pretty comfy and definitely long. Maybe you found a misfit pair?

  6. Cute! I really like the cardigan! I know what you mean about the wind. It was super strong over here too!

  7. i love gray denim (i need to get me some!). and how cute are those shoes?!! oh man, i'm glad you didn't blow over!

  8. We're all about otherwise lovely days spoilt with high winds around here, at the moment. I like how you're dressed for your difficult weather; brown & blue is such a favourite colour combination of mine!

    I wore my grey skinnies the other day, and they should be up on my blog tonight, probably. It's an idea I totally took straight from you -- I thrifted a cheap pair of Gap skinnies in the short length, figuring I could tuck them into boots, and it's worked beautifully, so thanks!

  9. @GretchTM - I saw your windy pictures - I guess April is acting up all over the place.

    @Claire - You do have to get some gray denim - it's super versatile.

    @Ana - I'm beginning to like brown and blue a lot more lately. And I'm so glad my advice to buy short pants and tuck them into boots worked for you - I can't wait to see them!


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