Monday, April 4, 2011

Do These Shoes Make Me Look Skinny?

Daily Outfit, 4/4/11

Spring still hasn’t quite sprung in Oregon, so I’m still combining my brights with black.  Today it was citron and teal with black:

And it was a combination I actually rather liked.  I wore my black-skirted Mossimo “2-fer” dress (Target) under a citron and white abstract-patterned cardigan (Target) with a multi-colored scarf (Ann Taylor Outlet), black shoes (Kenneth Cole Reaction – thrifted), and a black bracelet (Macys).  I'm also wearing my Kenneth Cole trench (via Ideeli).  The tights were a last minute addition, but think they were a good choice in that they are some of my favorites and they pick the teal in the scarf up quite nicely.

But, the question of the day is not whether or not these tights were a good choice (I believe they were).  No, the question of the day is: Do these shoes make me look skinny?

These shoes are chunkier than I usually wear and took a little getting used to.  I thought I would try them though because I think they work with this outfit, but also I read somewhere (The Sartorialist, I think) that it is a good idea for larger women to wear a heavier shoe to help balance their heavier bodies.  And that a delicate shoe on a larger woman just makes her look larger. 

I have to be honest; this is not something I had ever consciously considered before.  But, I do think maybe I am subconsciously aware of what my shoes do to and for my body.  For example, I do prefer my skinny jeans with boots because in that instance I do think they help to balance my thighs, but I wore skinnies and flats on Saturday and really liked that look.  Was that a no-no?  Were Saturday’s shoes a miss?

What do you all think?  Do you select your shoes based on your body type?  Do you think a delicate shoe makes a woman look bigger?  Does a heavier shoe help balance a heavier torso and/or thigh?  Is this something I should be putting more thought into?  I’m very interested to hear what you all think about this.

Happy Monday, All!



  1. This outfit reminds me a lot of spring. I love your trench coat. Thanks for the sweet comment and recommendation. I almost bought Water For Elephants. I heard it was really good and they are making it into a movie. I think I might read it...still debating. Haha!

  2. Hummmm. I never really though about shoes being proportionate to the person, and i've seen some pretty miniscule bloggers clomping around in their Jeffrey Campbell Woodies to say that I don't think anyone cares.

    Though I can't say I'm in love with these particular shoes, and I do think Saturdays were adorable.

  3. i adore your scarf, and the blue leggings and the cardigan! it all just feels right together!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  4. I LOVE this look and I think the chunky heel looks great! I think any shoes you pick would look awesome with this cute outfit though! I like chunkier heels for the very simple reason that they are easier to walk around in all day long at work!

    I've been trying to wear new heels to work lately and it has been painful. It kind of blows that you never know which ones will be good until you've worn them about 3 or 4 times.

  5. Just e-mailed you the link for the shoes and the somewhat sad info on them...

    I'm so cryptic, aren't I?

  6. I like the scarf and the top -- really pretty colors, especially how the scarf ties in the colors -- you have a knack with that. But Gracey -- I can't figure out where this bit about your thighs comes in ... I honestly don't. They look fine to me (and I'll let you in on a secret -- I am sensitive about my thighs -- they used to call me thunder thighs in high school ... :-)I think your thighs are fine. And I think your shoes are kind of cute -- they look like schoolgirl shoes. sweet ...

  7. I really love your scarf. It's so lovely. And that citron colored sweater is nice too, especially with those bright blue tights.

    As for the shoes, well they look great. But to answer your question, honestly, I dunno that I've ever really thought too much about that in terms of body type. Usually it's more like, does it balance out the outfit... you know, if it's a girly dress I love to wear a motorcycle boot.

    Anyway, those shoes are cute. But you'd probably look fab in a pair of delicate ones too!

  8. the scarf with this sweater is a most excellent combination. i own a pair of mary janes like this and I really like them for comfort, for teaching days when I'm on my feet all day. I know when I wear flats, I always think my legs look heavier.

  9. LOVE the tights! I really like the blue and yellow together. Hmmmmm - I have never heard of that shoe theory, but it's very interesting. I just wear the shoes that make me happy:)

  10. I like the shoes a lot, and think they look great with this splendid outfit, regardless of any slimming effect they may or may not have. I tend to think any higher heel makes the leg look slimmer, honestly.

    My hips and thighs are relatively slim and my calves run chunkier and more muscular, so now I'm wondering if I should try balancing the slim upper legs or the chunkier calves!

    Oh, and while we're talking about balance and proportion, this is why I very seldom carry a small handbag. I feel like a bigger bag balances with my bigger, taller, body, and small handbags can look kind of like toys instead of proper accessories on me. Well, that, and I carry a lot of stuff.

  11. First of all, this is a great outfit. I love that trench. I've heard something similar about shoes and balance, but don't pay too much attention. I wear skinny jeans with flats and with boots, and think your skinny jeans and flats combo along with this chunkier shoe combo are winners.

  12. I had a (somewhat) similar discussion with my mom last night. I was picking out some clothes online, and selected a vaguely French striped 3/4 shirt (you know, the kind that's gotten so popular lately). And my mom said, "Oh, no, you don't want to wear horizontal stripes, darling, it'll make you look wider." Now this is common fashion "wisdom" about plus size girls. But like I told my mom, "I defy your fashion rules!" (She rolled her eyes at me, and just looked at the next shirt.) I think everyone should wear what makes them feel pretty, or cool, or awesome, or neat, or whatever adjective they're going for. I think your shoes are adorable. I think your boots are rocking. I think that YOU should wear whatever YOU want and can walk in. Even if it's orange. ;)

  13. I think you look great - love those tights!

    As far as shoes go, I wear a 12N and cute shoes are hard to come by, so I don't worry about proportion. If they fit my feet, they're in!

  14. @GretchTM - You really should read it - it's quite good. I resisted reading it because I don't really go in for love stories, but I liked this one. As for the movie, I'm really not sure about the casting...

    @LyddieGal - that's a good point. Those tiny bloggers do wear so very big shoes. But, do they do it to make them look even tinier? Hmmm.

    @Steffy - thanks, Steffy. I think it all came together quite nicely as well.

    @Linz - I'm the same way about heels. They seem like they MIGHT be comfortable and then I'm crippled for three days after wearing them. These were definitely comfortable, but most of my shoes are.

    And thanks for the cryptic shoe info. lol.

    @Claire - well, I'm glad I'm not the only one not thinking about it. I'm like you - I usually wear the shoe that gives me the look I want with the outfit. I was just worried I was missing something.

    @Terri - I don't think your legs could ever look heavy, but I do know what you mean. I won't wear a shoe with a high vamp for the same reason - I feel like Stumpy Legs McGee in them unless they've got a pretty narrow cut and some sort of heel.

    @Kristin - Thank you! I love these tights too - such a fabulous color!

    @Ana - I agree that some sort of heel, even a baby wedge helps slim and lengthen the leg.

    It's funny that you mention purses - I'm the same way. All of my handbags are quite large and even my clutches are big. I have a couple smaller ones (like one from the 40s), but most of them are nice and big so I can carry stuff, but also so I don't have total manhands when I'm holding them.

    @Allison - thank you, Allison. As much as I love my persimmon trench, this classic beige has been very handy.

    @Erin - first of all, I never listen to my mom, so I totally support this story. Second of all, I couldn't agree more about dressing for the feel you want.

    @Nerd Girl - Thank you! And wow. Size 12N? My sister is a size 12 and it's difficult to find her shoes, I can't imagine adding the narrow factor into it.

  15. I'm not sure about the slimming effect of the shoes, but YOU are looking very slim. You are so toned!

  16. Hi Gracey, thanks for your recent comment on G&G.

    This is an interesting question. Ultimately, we should all wear what we want, but certain shoe styles can enhance or detract from a woman's stature and her outfit. For example, I don't really look good in flats. My feet and my legs look better in heels. That said, pairing chunkier, more substantial shoes, or ones with a thicker with platform with wide leg pants or flares makes sense...they balance the volume. Spindly shoes (e.g. a kitten heel) with big pants (or on a heavier woman) do throw the proportions off. I think it makes sense to balance the whole package with the right footwear. And these days, the variety is totally astounding! There's something for everyone.

  17. Hmm...interesting. I choose my shoes soley (pun?) based on my outfit. Like...I tend to wear ankle straps with short skirts to bring less attention to my legs and classic pumps with longer skirt to enlongate the legs. I don't think you wearing smaller shoes is necessarily a no-no. Depends on the outfit!

  18. the blue tights are perfect here--they make the outfit so nicely balanced! and the scarf is such a nice extra bit of pattern!

  19. @Anon - Why, thank you! I guess I should probably credit Jazzercise, but I guess it could be the shoes.

    @Grit and Glamour - I understand having a preference - thinking your legs look better in one style over another - but I just can't believe it's a hard fast rule. And as Jill points out in her comment I imagine it matters a great deal on what you're wearing with your chosen shoes.

    @Jilliebeanie - this makes perfect sense; really more than saying you can't wear a shoe based on your size.

    @dotty - thank you, Dotty! I think this is probably my favorite pairing with these tights.


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