Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Green Pants, Part 2

Daily Outfit for Wednesday, April 13, 2011

After the muted colors of yesterday’s grunge look, I wanted to wear something more spring-like.  Unfortunately I was exhausted from speed dating last night, and all I could come up with was this:

The good news is: I actually like it.  It’s super comfortable and the colors are very spring-like.  Do I look a little bit like one of those giant talking flowers from Alice in Wonderland?  Indubitably.  But, that’s a small price to pay for finding yet another outfit that incorporates my green pants.  Along with the green pants (New York & Co. via Ross), I wore a pale pink blouse (Sunny Leigh via Nordstrom Rack), my coral cardigan (Gap) and black and silver flats (Mossimo/Target). 

I also wore on of my favorite vintage bracelets; turquoise glass beads on a silver coil with rhinestone dangles:

I apologize for the short post today – I didn’t get home until late last night and am really too tired to do much more today.  Don’t worry though, I promise to put more effort forth tomorrow.

Happy Wednesday, All!



  1. As long as you don't look like the hookah smoking caterpillar, I think you're doing just fine!

  2. i still love the green pants, and i love that top with them!

    <3 steffy
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  3. Ooh I really like this outfit! the colors look great together, and your shoes are so cute! how was speed dating anyway? i've always been curious about it, but didn't have the nerve when I Was single.

  4. oh my. oh my. speed dating? speed dating? and you came home tired? Ok. Inquiring minds want and need to know more, because ain't making it :-)! As for the green pants -- it seems like everything I wear lately is with my green pants! they seem to go with everything, and frankly, my dear, I'm tired of them (on me, that is :-). Love the color of your cardigan, and love your bracelet, and have you seen the umbrella at MOMA? it makes me think of you.

  5. Loving that bracelet!!

    Monique xx

  6. I appreciate the green pant inspiration! I have green pants that are looking for new ways to be worn. The top and cardigan are very spring like and I love that bracelet!.

  7. Gorgeous, dear! And you would need petals in your hair to be a flower, BUT those flowers in Alice were much too mean for you to be one of them. That part always made me sad, that the flowers were such mean bitches.

  8. For an outfit that you just threw together after being tired and worn out, I stand and applaud you - I love the mix of colors - and I can't wait to get into a more detailed conversation re: dating. Its one of my specialties;)

  9. The neckline on the top is really flattering. And the color combo's great--it makes me want a coral cardigan for the spring. (Must . . . not . . . go online shopping now . . . must get back . . . to work . . . must . . . not . . . look for coral cardigan . . .)

    I never had the courage to try those speed-dating things because it's tough for me to think of small-talky things to say at the very beginning of any conversation with someone I don't know. How did you find that part of it?

  10. I've always wanted a pretty umbrella but have never gotten around to picking one up. I guess it seems pointless in sunny, CA (even though there is a rainy season and it can be really bad in January and February). The rest of the year is just so nice I never get around to it!

  11. Super pretty color palette. I wish i could find a pair of nice pants

  12. You did great!! I love that bracelet and your top is adorable!

  13. the coral color and green are fantastic together! and the polka dot umbrella is so cheery!

  14. @Katie - I was totally going to dress like the hookah smoking catepillar today. Thank goodness you mentioned that was frowned upon.

    @Squirrel and Starling - thank you, Colleen!

    @Steffy - Thank you, Steffy! Is your boy home yet?

    @Anne - Thanks, Anne. Glad you like the shoes, because I'm wearing them again today (still tired). Speed dating was good. I met 14 people I otherwise probably never would have had the opportunity to. And I even liked some of them.

    @Kari - Which MOMA umbrella? They had one last year that was black with white splotches that turned colors when it got wet and I totally loved it.

    And yes, speed dating is tiring. It took about 2 hours, and you have to be 'up' the whole time, even when the person across from you didn't warrant it. Exhausting, I tell you!

    @Monique - Thank you, Monique!

    @Allison - You have green pants too? You must wear them - I need more ways to wear mine.

    @Erin - That's hilarious. The flowers totally were mean bitches, weren't they!

    @northeastchic - Thank you! And yes, you, Kari and I are going to have some fabulous conversations about dating - I'm excited!!

    @Sue - I think you need a coral cardigan too. This thing has been super versatile. Does that make me an enabler? If so, sorry.

    The men have to go from table to table, and that usually prompted them to do start the talking when they sat down. Most people just asked if I was having fun (not really) and why I was doing speed dating (why not). A lot of them asking what I like to do for fun as a leading question or where I work and it went from there. Mostly I just asked them whatever question they had asked me. I'm a lazy speed dater, I guess.

    @Mary@Stylefyles - I definitely get a lot of use out of my umbrella, and when they break or I lose them, I have to replace them right away given the amount of rain we have here. It must be nice not to need one.

    @Rebekah - thank you, Rebekah. It's more flowy than I usually wear, but I really like it.

    @Marella - Thank you, Marella!

    @Destrehan's Daughter - Thank you! I got lucky with these pants. They are longs, but I got them at a discount store (Ross). I usually can't find pants though.

    @GretchTM - thank you, Gretchen!

    @Dotty - I loved the coral and the green together too. I wasn't sure I would, but I think it worked out very well. And a cheery umbrella is a must with all this darned rain we get!

  15. I want to hear all about the speed dating.

  16. The coral and green are a great combo. And, I love that you paired it with a pop of turquoise!


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