Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pretty Shiny Sparkly for Giants

This is not me:

Photo by and property of Kristina Medhus/Pretty Shiny Sparkly

This is the lovely Kristina of Pretty Shiny Sparkly.  I’ve been following Kristina’s blog for some time now and love her fashion-forward but still accessible style.  Add to that the fact that she incorporates shine into a lot of her outfits, and my magpie-like self was hooked.  If you don’t already read Pretty Shiny Sparkly, stop by.  It’s well worth it.

As I said, I’m a big fan of Kristina’s outfits, but when I saw this one, I knew I wanted to try to recreate it for giants.  It incorporates a lot of spring trends into a single, comfortable, well-conceived outfit.  Neutrals.  Brights.  Florals.  The 70s.  It’s all here. 

Smocked Top in Warm Floral - Old Navy - up to XXL:

Don't be scared by the skinny straps on this floral top - the cardigan will cover them nicely.  And the shape of the top makes it easy to wear both tucked or un-tucked.

Mossimo Rolled Sleeve With Tab Drapey Cardigan in Camel - Target - up to XXL:

I chose this particular cardigan for a few reasons.  One, I own it and can attest that it's nice and comfy.  Two, it's not warm enough in Oregon for short sleeves, but the three-quarter sleeves on this cardigan a perfect for what is still early spring in Oregon.  And three, the cut helps elongate the body.

Wide Leg Trouser Jeans in Dark Wash - Gap - up to size 20 (up to size 16 in Tall):

Just like the cardigan I selected, I own these jeans and I can vouch for them.  If you're tall, these are a great jean.  Nice and long and a fairly high waist, but not too high waisted.

Mossimo "Wilette" Nailhead Heeled Sandals - Target - up to size 11:

Like Kristina, I chose a platform sandal to balance out the width of the legs on the jeans; and the grommets on these play up the 70s feel of the jeans.  If these don't appeal to you, a wedge sandal would work equally well.

Coral Belt with Grommets - Style & Co. - Macys - up to size XXL:

I love the color of this coral belt and think it would look fabulous with the floral blouse and camel cardigan.  However, if you are still uncertain about wearing a bright color at your waist, the brown belt will also work well and you can't get both for $20 at Macy's.

To finish the look, take a cue from Kristina and accessorize with necklaces, rings, bracelets and a clutch.  I imagine that everyone probably has pieces that would go well with with this outfit.

So, what do you all think?  Is this something you would wear?  It's definitely something I would wear, and in fact, I'll be posting my version of Kristina's outfit later today.



  1. I actually like the two belts together, and both would look great with that top.

  2. I just ran across Kristina's blog last night. I was so excited to find it, mostly because she's Norwegian! Well, for other reasons too, but there aren't a whole lot of Norwegians out there in blogland (well, there aren't a whole lot of Norwegians, period!). I do like the way you created this -- I'm not a giant, but I think it'll still work on me. :-) I love those sandals.

  3. @Rebecca - I agree,the two belts do look good together.

    @Kari - I suspected that was something people looked for in the blogs they viewed - a shared heritage, or a shared something at least - but it's interesting to hear you mention it.

    And I think you should give this look a shot. Kristine is not a giant either, but I really do think this look works for both tall and less tall people.

  4. Hi Gracey:) thanks for the comment. My boyfriend’s sisters are 6feet 1 inch and 6feet 2inch. Pretty tall! I’m sure they’d love your sight:) they don’t have blogger accounts but I’ll let them know!

    Now, that top is to die for! And you don’t even know how jealous I am of your tallness! I’ve been called short, pipsqueak, teapot (short and stout), and vertically challenged. I wish I could wear long skirts, those jeans, and just long, looking clothes hahaha but everything just makes me look so crumpled.

  5. Great look! I really love the floral top.

  6. @Gracey -- yeppers! I definitely look for some connection in the blogs I peruse. I really need to go through my list and organize them better. I peruse some because the people are Scandinavian. Some because their coloring is similar to mine (redheads), I peruse some because their age is near mine, I peruse some because they are so thrifty and adept at putting ideas together. I peruse some because they are just fun. Lordy -- I collect blogs just like I collect things ... aggggh!


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