Friday, April 8, 2011

Take that, Miss Hannigan!

A Daily Outfit Post

Apparently I own not one, but two, purple pencil skirts, both of which are closet orphans.  I decided to let the second one out to play today:

Goodbye Work!

Hello Weekend!

I have had this purple pencil skirt for probably two years now, and have never worn it, for the same reasons I never wore the other one.  It’s impossible to ride my bike in this and purple is just not a color I wear very often.  I also find pencil skirts to be a little bit formal, which I am decidedly not, and that also makes them hard for me to wear. Right now some of you are probably wondering why I have two purple pencils skirts when I don’t wear purple or pencils skirts.  Maybe I was trying to branch out?  I don’t know.  Don’t judge me.

So, today’s challenge was to wear this short, purple pencil skirt (I drove today), pair it with something that wasn’t black, and integrate it into a more casual outfit.  To that end, I paired the skirt (Ann Taylor Outlet), with a grey tee (Target), marigold cardigan (Tulle), yellow and plum Swiss dotted grey tights (Hue via Macys), cream and striped scarf (???) and riding boots (Born Crown via Nordstrom).  And I liked it.  Another orphan saved from the clutches of Miss Hannigan.

In other news, it was very sunny here today, but it was also only 32 degrees when I left the house this morning.  So, nice try, Mother Nature, but I am not bamboozled by your sunshine.  I’m still in tights and boots.  Speaking of which, these tights make my legs feel gross to the touch.  They feel like they’re covered in Black Swan-level goose bumps because the dots are woven in, not printed on top.  Sexy, no?

Creepy goose legs

Does anyone have any exciting plans for this weekend?  I’ve got a birthday party for a nephew, will be hanging out with my much-loved friend, B., going to a jewelry party at Lori’s and staying over with Jenny.  Busy, busy, busy.

Have a lovely weekend, Everyone!



  1. Love this outfit on you! especially the colors -- the mustard and the purple. taxes are planned for my weekend -- may try to go to Baltimore though. There is a mosaic artist who is having an open house.

  2. They might feel creepy and goose-bumpy, but I love Swiss dot so much I'd probably endure it, and they look very pretty. I like the outfit! Well done on rescuing a closet orphan.

    I'm off to the farmers market in a couple of hours, then have cooking and gardening and gadding about on the schedule for the rest of the weekend. Nothing much, just what I hope is a pleasant spring weekend ahead. I wish you the same!

  3. Great job styling this outfit! I think you were quite successful with the challenge:) The tights are great!

    I don't have any plans for the weekend. I kind of like it that way because I am free to sleep in and decide what I want to do (if anything) once I wake up! I'm really hoping for at least a little sunshine. Enjoy the birthday party and the rest of your weekend:)

  4. That outfit is perfect! I love when an orphan finally finds a loving home;) Purple and mustard yellow are great, and not in the crazy lady purple and red kinda way that makes me nuts. Apologies to all the red-hat society ladies out there ( I'll be one sooner than I'd like to admit).

    I'm just chillin here alone this weekend. Hubster is away on bidness, so its just me and the pups. p.s. - there will be ice cream served for dinner.

  5. That is a great purple pencil skirt and I think it's made a very snappy debut. I can certainly relate to how difficult it is to ride a bike in a pencil skirt. I tried it once. It didn't go well.
    I'm going out for Thai food tonight, and then maybe to a movie. Which is pretty exciting.

  6. I love an Annie reference :) This outfit looks great! Purple and yellow are such an awesome combination, and I really like how the scarf ties it all together.

    I'm seeing my friend from Ohio tonight, and meeting a friend's new baby tomorrow. Have a fun weekend!

  7. i love the goodbye week and hello weekend photos! so creative!

  8. it is such a cute skirt, but it totally look blue to me! am i colorblind?? :)

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  9. Love your tittle! Annie was my favorite movie as a child. Your title made me smile! That and your smiling face! You always look so happy in your photos. Love it!

  10. Love the purple skirt with the yellow cardi!!

  11. Cute outfit! Pencil skirts are my favorite. You should wear them more often! -Colleen

  12. I love this skirt! I love your tights and boots too. You look so cute! Kiah

  13. I took the weekend off to hang out with the dude and hike in a giant cave, go to a party, and eat LOTS of fresh mozzarella with rosemary olive oil. But I'm back and quietly dreaming of finding my own fantastic purple pencil skirt!

  14. Great use of color pairing that purple skirt with a yellow cardi! Hope you had a nice weekend. xo style, she wrote

  15. i absolutely love the purple pencil skirt with the mustard cardi - perfection!! love! you're amazing with colors gracey - teach me!


  16. @Kari - Oh, I love mosaic. Did you end up going?

    @Ana - so jealous of your farmer's market trip. Ours doesn't open until next month, and I can't wait!

    @Kristin - Weekends with no plans are pretty great. I'm a HUGE fan of sleeping in.

    @northeastchic - I like purple and mustard a bit better too - it's less jarring.

    @Allison - Right? It's very hard to ride a bike in a pencil skirt. I'm glad it's not just me. I was thinking maybe I was uncoordinated. lol.

    @Anne - I love Annie - and frankly, Carol Burnett's Miss Hannigan was perfection, in my opinion.

    @Camille - Ah, thanks, Camille.

    @Steffy - no, it's not you, I think it's my camera. I swear this is a dark purple skirt, but I took the pictures at dusk with my less-than-awesome camera and the skirt came out blue.

    @basiccravings - Annie was one of my favorite movies too - we watched it every time it came on. And thank you for the compliment on my smile!

    @Emmy - Thank you, Em!

    @SquirrelandStarling - Thank you, Colleen. Outside of the bike riding, I'm not sure why I'm so resistant. I did thrift another one recently, so we'll see at least one more.

    @From the 'Rez' to the City - Thanks, Kiah. These are definitely my 'go-to' boots - I wear them from September through May.

    @Katie - Oh, fresh mozzarella is the best. I am jealous. Not so much of the spelunking (is it spelunking?) because I'm afraid of the dark.

    @Style, She Wrote - Thank you. I did have a lovely weekend. I hope you did as well.

    @Marella - Thanks, Marella, it's such a fun color, isn't it?

    @Styled by 3 - lol. Liz, you crack me up, but to be honest I'm not even sure how I came up with this combination!

  17. I never thought of my dot tights as being creepy and goose-like, but now that is probably ALL I will think of next time I wear them!

    And I LOVE purple pencil skirts! I think You should wear Both of them more. I know they do have this very 'corporate' feel to them, but give it some time and you can definitely make them feel causal!

    Chic on the Cheap

  18. I LOVE the blue & yellow together. you look great! <3

  19. Purple and yellow = gorgeous combination. You look lovely Gracey!

    Sarah xxx

  20. @LyddieGal - I just happened to run my hands over my tights and was like "what the heck?" - they felt like they were covered in huge goose bumps!

    @Ruby Girl - Aw, thank you, Ruby Girl!

    @Misfits Vintage - thank you, Sarah!


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