Friday, April 22, 2011

This week has been brought to you by the letter P

Daily Outfit for Friday, April 22, 2011

I was getting ready to title this post "Peachy Keen" in honor of my peach-striped sweater, when I realized that would have been the fifth title beginning with the letter 'P' this week.  I've been Prim, Proper and Pleated, Puffy and Plain, a Pretty Shiny Copycat and done some Preppy Pattern Mixing.  And today I'm wearing Peach:

I paired my peach and white striped sweater (Old Navy) with my olive skinny jeans (Gap), silver Sperry Topsiders (via Ross) and clear blue belt (Old Navy).  If yesterday's look was my attempt at preppy, today is my attempt at the tomboy look.  I was physically comfortable in this look, but it's not an emotionally comfortable look for me.  With my height and size I am hypersensitive about appearing mannish in any way and rarely try anything androgynous. And frankly with my "curvy" build, I don't think I pull it off well anyway.

I liked this look well enough though.  I don't think I looked mannish (right? right.) and even though I'm not sure androgyny is right for me, it's an aesthetic that appeals to me on others so I try it every once in awhile.

How about you, dearest Reader Friends, are there any looks you admire but don't dare try?

Happy Friday, Everyone!  Have a wonderful weekend!!



  1. I agree with you. I like wearing girly things and just feel a little self-conscious and not pretty if I'm in more gender neutral outfits. Although I'm sure I look fine--just feel a little off or something.

    I guess a rocker, badass look makes me uncomfortable, too, but I think it looks cool on other people. I have a faux leather vest that I kind of like, but I've never worn the faux leather jacket I bought (on clearance luckily).

  2. I'm really chuckling because you don't look anything even close to androgynous or mannish in that outfit.

    In college I delivered pizza in the evenings to make ends meet and wore my dad's old WWII-era U.S. Navy wool sailor shirt when it was cold. I had very, very short hair then, and more than once got mistaken for a guy.

    I don't feel like I can wear floral prints of any kind--small and ditsy, or big and bold, or in between. If I try them on and look in the mirror, it just doesn't seem to fit with my image of myself. Oh, and puffy sleeves of any kind, either.

  3. I agree with Sue -- I don't see anybody looking mannish or androgynous here. And I also agree with Sue -- I am not a puffy-sleeve or frills or bows or anything too lacy -- I think I would end up with hives in that case. But it's not a look that I particularly care for either. I would love to have a real edgy look to me -- rocker bad girl. But I think that people would look at me and laugh. Every once in a while, I would try and talk dirty to a boyfriend, and he would laugh. Maybe my pole dancing class will help :-)

  4. i love peach and i love stripes! i feel like a while back you said you were having trouble matching with green pants (or olive maybe?). you sure are doing a great job. and you NEVER look mannish. a look i love but having to pull off? there are many. i have big shoulders, so i can't wear certain adorable tops because i look like a linebacker!

  5. You look so comfortable in this cute outfit!! I gave you an award on my blog. :)

  6. I like the androgynous look, but to my eye this doesn't qualify. The top is a color I can't even imagine on a guy.

  7. This does't look mannish at all! The cropped pants and peachy tones add femininity. I love really drapey and romantic styles on other people, but don't feel quite right in them myself.

  8. You all are cracking me up. Of course it doesn't look mannish - that's why it's my version of androgyny. If it was true androgyny, I'd be even more uncomfortable than I actually was. This is pretty much as androgynous as I get - although I am considering an outfit with a tie. We'll see if that happens.

    @Terri - You really think a man wouldn't wear peach? I think J. Crew might disagree with you on that. ;-)

    @Kari - Are you really taking a pole dancing class? Good for you. I loved taking mine, I can't wait to hear about yours!

    @Sue & Kari - I was anti-puffy sleeves up until this last year, now I'll wear a subtle puff. Not sure what changed my mind though.

    @Allison - I'm with you on the drapey, romantic stuff. That's another thing I don't feel comfortable in. Basically I'm middle-of-the-road. Not too ladylike, not too androgynous is my comfort zone.

  9. You are so cute Gracey, and I love your pretty smile. : ) xxx Happy Easter.

  10. No, I don't think you look 'manish' and you are one pair of heels away from being all kinds of weekend chic. Slouchy peach striped top and skinny pants are not manish at all.

    Speaking of manish, I checked out your other blog, and I share your frustrations. Why is is so hard to find a guy? And very importantly, Where do you even look. I recently got the book "Hunting Season" and it's full of all sorts of actual hunting references (not what I was expecting) but doesn't really address finding a guy outside of a bar, and really what guys in bars are looking for relationships that last longer than an evening?
    I hope you find some good potential guys on match - good luck!

  11. So pretty! I love peach -- and that outfit looks fabulous on you. Your smile is the best accessory - it's beautiful! :)

  12. I love how these pants fit you! That peach stripped top is adorable. You look great! Thank you for all of your sweet comments! HAPPY EASTER! Kiah

  13. I hear you on emotionally uncomfortable outfits. HOWEVER, I think it's your height that precisely lets you pull almost anything off because no matter what you wear, you're stately, statuesque, and you command attention in the best way.

  14. ♥Nice post.) Love your blog.))♥

  15. Peachy ;) Looking lovely.

    I adore figure hugging bombshell dresses but they don't tend to suit girls like me with bust-lite. I used to stay away from girly dresses (all I seem to wear nowadays!) because of my height. I also thought pink was only for petite girls. Well, I clearly got over that one ;)


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