Tuesday, January 10, 2012

EBEW: Black and White

What with the holidays and everything else, I actually almost missed today’s Everybody, Everywear Challenge.  But, as luck would have it, I thrifted this black and white dress last weekend, just in time for the EBEW Black and White Challenge:

My favorite way to wear black and white is in a bold, graphic pattern or design, like the one on this dress.  Because the embroidered design is so bold, I kept the rest of the outfit simple.  I layered the dress (Guatemalan, thrifted) over a black turtleneck, doubled black tights and added black wedge booties (Nine West “Peekaboo” via Piperlime).

I considered adding a belt, but all the belts I tried did funny things to my boobs.  The top of the dress already makes the girls look like they’re heading south for the winter and all of the belts I tried just emphasized that.  Personally, I don’t want the southward migration of my bosom being emphasized in any way, so, I surrendered my middle today.  (Although, my middle did chime in that my tummy wanted it noted that there is some question as to whether or not wearing doubled tights can be called “surrender.”  So noted, Tummy, so noted).

For more black and white looks that probably don’t discuss boob migration or conversations with tummies, head on over to Everybody, Everywear and take a look at what everybody else wore for the challenge.

And have a Happy Tuesday, All!



  1. Wow, that print is great. I agree, I love a good black-and-white graphic pattern, so much so, that you'd think I'd have more of them than I do. Another item for the thrift list, I think!

    Looking lovely!

  2. Gracey! Of course you can use one of my photos! I'll be emailing you a little later today

  3. I think you're allowed to surrender your middle when double-tighting. I believe Sal has nicknamed what would otherwise happen "segmented worm syndrome."

    Such an adorable dress, and right in line with your style aesthetic. I love the pattern and the slightly retro vibe!

  4. I really like the square neckline between the solid and the pattern. :D I totally bonked up EBEW this time.

  5. I love dresses like this and I have one in white with bright embroidery I've never worn on the blog, but this is so different with all the white embroidery. Very striking.

  6. I am dying over that dress. So fantastic. What are doubled tights?

  7. Hi Gracey, Your dress is very pretty, and your smile...BEAUTIFUL!!

  8. that dress looks so cozy and i love the pattern!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  9. Oh how I love this dress-at first glance I thought it was a wide strap dress over top of a tee but then realized they were connected. I have a thrifted dress with a similar pattern-so bold and fun!

  10. Black and white is my absolute favorite color combination in the world. Love the print on your dress. You can talk about "boob migration" all you want, it happens.


  11. This photo is gorgeous! Really nice post, I like it!

    Take a look and if you want we can follow each others: Cosa mi metto???
    Win an amazing dress by entering the Free People giveaway on my blog!

  12. Ah, tummies. They do tend to talk back, don't they? Mine is complaining that I didn't put enough sweet into the oatmeal cookies I just made. Shut it, tumster!

    Uh, anyway. Sweet dress--I love the loose, caftan-y look. You look so breezy, which isn't something I would expect to say to someone with double-layered tights!


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