Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tried and True

As much as I enjoyed dressing outside my comfort zone the past couple of days, it does take more effort for me.  And, as work has taken a turn for the crazier, I need to save all my effort to keep from running from my cubicle screaming.  So, I’m back to the tried and true:

A-line skirt?  Check.  Patterned something or other?  Check.  Layers?  Check.  Color?  Check.  Boots?  Check.  For today, the A-line skirt is grey (Banana Republic), the pattern and color comes from the silk blouse (Banana Republic) layered under the apricot sweater (thrifted) and the boots are, of course, Born Crown “Sosie” (Nordstrom).  I added olive tights (Hue) because it made sense in my head, a watch and a couple bracelets because the blouse is three-quarter sleeves and some gold earrings (a Crafty Wonderland purchase).

Nothing too terribly exciting, but it works.  And it allows me to concentrate on work.  And the effort I saved in deciding on an outfit can now be expended to keep from curling into a ball under my desk and sobbing.

Happy Wednesday, All!



  1. Orange! Your favorite. Great outfit. Orange and grey is always a winner.


  2. I love the print on that blouse so much, and I really like how you've got grey and olive paired with the orange.

    Hang in there & I hope there's no sobbing!

  3. Looking good! Apricot is lovely on you, and this look is so polished. I know what you mean about work! Hope it doesn't last long...And I hope you're staying dry! The other night we got flooded right out of the exhibit opening at Mission Mill Museum! Had to wade through the parking lot...heh! I want more snow...

  4. Sorry to hear your work is overwhelming. At least your outfit is cute. I love the color and neckline on the sweater.

  5. Orange and olive is definitely one of those color combos that is just so you. :3 I would like to channel you some day and give it a shot. ^-^

  6. That sweater is super pretty, and it's a great colour on you!

  7. It totally does work! Loving the mix of colors! (Especially the tights!)

    - Justine

  8. loving the layers and the color! what a fab combo. those boots are so great too!

  9. your choice in tights and boots is impeccable it us your Signature look.... pdog


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