Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Hot, Rumpled Mess Sundae

I am a hot, rumpled mess today.  Seriously, if I were a sundae, I'd be on the menu as The Hot, Rumpled Mess and I'd feature vanilla ice cream and hot butterscotch topping on top a layer of crushed Almond Roca.  You don't believe?  Feast your eyes:

I mean, conceptually, it's good.  I like the my new-to-me butterscotch sweater (thrifted this weekend) with the cream crocheted skirt (thrifted).  And I like the addition of black tights (Spanx), the black, silk bow tie (Brooks Brothers, thrifted) and of course, the booties (80%20 “Tessa” via Piperlime, also worn here).

I just look so... rumpled.  Or, in sundae terms, melted.  My skirt is crooked, and I think all of my layers underneath this look (a long-sleeve tee, DKNY smoothies and a black skirt) make me look a bit lumpy.  Like this sundae also features hidden butterscotch chips.  Delicious?  Maybe.  But not necessarily the look I was going for.  But, hey, it was snowing, the lumpy layers were necessary.

Happy Tuesday, All!  I hope it's free of lumps!*


*Unless, of course, lumps are your thing.  Which is cool.  No judgement here.


  1. The pictures are not revealing your lumps at all Miss Gracey. I love that skirt way too much.

    The bow tie is killing me. I want to try and tie one of my scarves like that at some point and see if I can be as classy as you are.

  2. Not lumpy or rumpled at all! I love white skirts and black tights together so much.

  3. So freakin' cute. Seriously. And not rumpled at all--this is mixed neutrals at its finest, coolest, and most ladylike.

  4. so you have two layers from head to toe? double the goodness.

  5. well i like butterscotch sundaes. i covet your shoes.

  6. You are being way too hard on yourself! Your outfit looks cool and sweet at the same time, which, by the way, is not easily accomplished. I also agree with Teddi; the booties are indeed covetable.

  7. Pish posh. You look adorable.

  8. If this is rumpled, then I'm all for it. Lovely!


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